Student Testimonial : Nadia Do Prado Pereira from Brazil

Here at EC Language Centres, we meet people from around the world, and some truly remain in our memories! An example of this is one of our awesome Brazilian student, Nadia Pereira. Nadia studied English with us in our 30+ programme here at EC Vancouver and had a lovely time participating in the various social and outdoor activities. With that being said, here is what Nadia had to say about her visit and studies at EC Vancouver: “I chose EC Vancouver because I already knew the school when I took classes in Toronto. Actually, I came in 2019 and decided to come back to Canada because its an amazing country. I was very lucky with EC because I had the opportunity to improve my English, specially due to the 30+ classes because they have career focused subjects and lessons. The teachers are amazing, they know how to talk to us and they have so much patience. There’s alot of homework and dialogues in class so its impossible not to improve! The schools support goes beyond the language. They teach us about the Canadian culture, how to take the public transportation, and anything else we need! I have no regrets and I have no doubts that I made the best decision coming to Vancouver!” Needless to say, we will miss you, Nadia, and hope to meet you again in the future! Do visit us if you’re ever nearby the school!   EC Vancouver is a Languages Canada member in good standing – DLI#O19280217882. We provide ESL classes and test preparation programs for all levels and ages over 16 years old.Otherwise, the province of British Columbia proudly hosts many ESL schools in Vancouver. But none stands out like EC! Contact us today or visit our social media websites to learn more about our … Read more

Student Testimonial – Marco Aurelio Fernandes

Hi guys! My name is Marco Aurelio, I’m from Brazil and I have studied at EC Vancouver for 3 months. My time here and the experience studying abroad was the best I ever had! There were good teachers to help and support you and the activities to do during the week were awesome. My English is much better! I made a lot new friends, learned about new cultures and my host family made me feel at home the whole time. They were amazing! I loved all the places that I visited in Canada, such as Joffre Lake, Rocky Mountains, Stanley Park, English Bay, Lighthouse Park, Deep Cove and Banff. Vancouver is gorgeous!         I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be here in Vancouver and I hope to come back one day.   Looking for IELTS preparation in Canada?Come to Vancouver and study at EC Vancouver English Centre!  

Sabrina’s story at EC Vancouver

My name is Sabrina and I’m from Germany. After working for 9 years in the same company in Germany -I work in a conference hotel at the front desk- I decided to learn English in Canada because I needed better English skills for my job., so I come to EC Vancouver. During the last 12 weeks I took a General English course and focused on English for work. I really loved this course because I could learn a lot about how business in Canada works. After my course I was looking for a new challenge because I have 5 weeks more in Vancouver before I have to go back to my country. I was interested in doing an internship and I was searching for a place to do so. Now I’m here in the school and I’m supporting the front desk team. This opportunity is a big chance for me to improve my English and also to work in an international office abroad. I’m looking forward to the next 5 weeks at EC Vancouver.

Thinking about driving a plane?

Alberto left us a couple of weeks ago after a few months studying at EC, here you can see how much he loved this city. “This photo is a summary of my amazing experience: I’m driving a airplane…!!! I like Canada a lot and at EC Vancouver everything is possible!! Because I came to learn English in Canada, in EC Vancouver, on 15 of August and I didn’t speak English at all, and now, sometimes, I do not remember some words in Italian ….. Wowwww!”

Fumiko Maruyama: “I totally recommend EC to my friends…”

Fumiko Maruyama, who is one of our student ambassadors, shares her EC experience while studying English in Vancouver, Canada. While I was looking for a language school, I focused on the distance between students and teachers, the strictness of speaking English only and whether there are some academic courses or not. Moreover, the balance of nationalities to practice listening to different pronunciations. All the teachers at EC who I have met so far are truly sympathetic. They always cheer us up and try to keep our motivation up to study English. The best memorable experience at EC will be the many opportunities to make friends and the precious time with them. Also, managing to deal with difficult content gave me confidence in improving my English. I totally recommend EC to friends because of its excellent environment for studying. Speaking your own language is prohibited and it has a friendly and warm atmosphere. Furthermore, since all the students are friendly and cheerful, you will be impacted positively by them. ====== Are you interested in studying in an English school in Vancouver?