Student Testimonial – Juan Pablo Rueda Ramirez

Juan Pablo Rueda Ramirez from Colombia would like to share his experience while learning English in Canada! I’ve been in Vancouver and EC for six months. I’ve been studying English and meeting new friends in EC all the time. EC is the best choice I could’ve made and I say it because I started in Low Intermediate and I am now in the Pre-Advanced. In total, I’ve moved 4 levels up which means I’ve learnt so much! Thanks to this wonderful school. The EC Staff is always attentive and helpful. In fact, they can help us (the students of EC) with any doubt or problem we have. I’m glad to say that this trip has been the best I’ve ever done.

Christmas at FlyOver Canada

Have you ever tried FlyOver Canada at the Canada Place? It is one of the most spectacular attractions in Vancouver that you can experience an amazing virtual flight ride. While on-board, you will feel like you are truly flying with the motion seating and terrific effects including scents, mist, and wind! Soaring from east to west side of Canada, you will see the most outstanding scenery! The attraction lasts approximately 25 minutes including the pre-show and pre-flight briefing. Also, Christmas at FlyOver Canada is coming soon from November 27 to January 5, 2016. For more information about their hours of operation and ticket price, you can visit their website or speak to ClubESL people on the 3rd floor! ====== Do you want to learn English in Canada? EC offers many English courses in Vancouver.  

See what Manuel has learned from Canadian culture

I have made lots of friends form different countries. I’ve learned to travel by skytrain and tried different kind of food. I’ve have read lots of books. I have a new family thanks to my homestay. And EC Teachers have showed me how to express myself in English. I’ve visited lots of new places. I am glad of having chosen EC to learn English.

Donggyun Kim from Korea shares his story in Vancouver!

Donggyun Kim from Korea shares story while learning English at EC English school in Vancouver. I’ve been here for 16 weeks. I think it was a pretty long time to make good memories. Strangely, I got along with many Swiss friends without any Korean friends. Actually nowadays, it is not true but for two months, it was true. In contrast with Korean, most foreign friends don’t stay here more than two or three months… Consequently, all of my foreign friends left earlier than me. But with them, I spent a lot of time and have variety memories.  Every Tuesday, we went to the Cambie Pub to play Beerpong and to drink beer. My beerpong team, called Fishympics(Fish+Olympic) and made up with three Swiss men and I as players and one Swiss girl as a coach, was really perfect and good at the game so that we were champions. Every Thursday, we went to Library square Pub. Usually we enjoyed beer and met other friends, also we liked to dance on the stage in a big circle. Our group looked for exciting activities like Lazer tag, Archery tag, and Extreme trampoline. Sometimes it was disappointing but we kept looking for new one. I’m so sad to let many friends go, but it was a really unforgettable time. And now as I changed my class to FCE, I should concentrate on the studying.

Learn English at EC Vancouver: Mana Koma

Mana Koma from Japan wants to share with everyone about learning English with EC Vancouver. I am Mana. I have been studying English at EC Vancouver for about 4 months.I have met many friends and made precious memories with them. Everything is new and vivid for me. I want to improve not only English but also myself. I hope I will become more confident in myself when I go back to my country.I will do my best to improve my English and have a good time with my friends and the teachers in EC.

Student Testimonial – Milee Kim

Milee Kim from Korea would like to share her experience in Vancouver while learning English with EC. Hi my name is Milee Kim. This is my story about my life in Vancouver. I like it here because I have met so many friends at EC Vancouver. And my life has changed.. When I was in Korea, I didn’t know how important it was to travel around the world.. but I know now. I can meet new friends and learn about their cultures. Sometimes, I have some problems with them but it is one kind of experience for me. But saying good bye is so difficult .. I miss my friends who already left Vancouver…I will never forget them.

A great alumni story by Fatma Boz

Fatma from Turkey shares her learning English experience in Vancouver with EC! She stayed with EC for 3 months and has improved her English from Elementary to Pre-Intermediate! “I studied in Vancouver. I arrived here 3 months ago. I love Vancouver more than America. I studied English in EC language school. The people are so friendly, kind, and peaceful at the school. Vancouver is more expensive then Turkey but I enjoyed staying here.”      

Yeonho Jeong from Korea shares his learning English experience!

Yeonho Jeong from Korea came to Vancouver to learn English and enjoy a new experience!   “I arrived in Vancouver around 3 months ago.I am in a new place and it feels like having a new life! Vancouver is a very peaceful city with many friendly people. Three months ago, I started studying English at EC Vancouver and I was so excited about it because I could make new friends from other countries and speak English everyday! My teacher is very humorous and can explain things clearly and easily.”  

A great alumni story by Serthan Gurturk!

Serthan Gurturk would like to share how much he enjoyed his stay in Vancouver while learning English at EC Vancouver! “When I came to Vancouver, I didn’t know anything about Vancouver. But we searched where to visit in Vancouver on the internet and we went almost everywhere! EC has amazing teachers and they are also friendly. I have improved my English a lot and met great people here. Thanks for everything.”

A great alumni story by Aylin Balcioglu!

Aylin Balcioglu from Turkey talks about why she liked learning English in Vancouver with EC! Aylin chose EC Vancouver because her best friend went to EC Malta 2 years ago and she recommended the school to Aylin. She thinks that the teachers are her most favorite thing at EC because they are very helpful. Also, she would recommend EC to her friends as the school is very organized and the teachers are kind, friendly, and helpful! She has been here only for 2 weeks but she is looking forward to having more great experiences and meeting new people!