Banff, Alberta

Banff is a resort town and one of Canada’s most popular tourist destinations. located in Alberta’s Rockies along the Trans-Canada Highway, known for its mountainous surroundings and hot springs, it is a destination for outdoor sports and features extensive hiking, biking, scrambling and skiing destinations within the area. Sunshine Village, Ski Norquay and Lake Louise Mountain Resort are the three nearby ski resorts located within the national park. Banff is the community with the second highest elevation in Alberta after Lake Louise.     The area was named Banff in 1884 by George Stephen, president of the Canadian Pacific Railway, recalling his birthplace in Banff, Scotland. The Canadian Pacific built a series of grand hotels along the rail line and advertised the Banff Springs Hotel as an international tourist resort. The Banff townsite was developed near the railway station as a service centre for tourists visiting the park. It was administered by the Government of Canada’s national parks system until 1990 when the Town of Banff became the only incorporated municipality within a Canadian national park.   – Planning to come to Canada to improve your English skills? Find out more about English Courses in Vancouver!

Dr Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden and Park

Located within Chinatown, the gardens are accessible from the lane off Carrall Street, between Pender Street and Keefer Street. It is about a 15 to 20 minute walk from the city center, or the closest SkyTrain station is Stadium. Alternatively if you’re on a hop on hop off tour bus, these will stop here. This was the first full-size Chinese garden to be built outside of China and was built between 1985 and 1986 with its opening in time for the Vancouver Expo 86. The gardens and park and named in honor of the nationalist leader, Dr Sun Yat-Sen, who is considered to be the ‘father of modern China’ with their objective being to “maintain and enhance the bridge of understanding between Chinese and western cultures, promote Chinese culture generally and be an integral part of the local community”. The Dr Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden and Park uses the philosophical principles of Taoism and Feng Shui and hence attempts to achieve balance of opposites and harmony, where different elements are used together.   Planning to come to Canada to improve your English skills? Find out more about English Courses in Vancouver!

Orpheum Theatre (Vancouver)

The Orpheum is a theatre and music venue in Vancouver, British Columbia, it is part of the Vancouver Civic Theatres group of live performance venues. It is the permanent home of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. The Orpheum is located on Granville Street near Smithe Street in Vancouver’s downtown core. It opened as a vaudeville house on 7 November 1927 (its first concert took place the following day), and went on to host performances by Charlie Chaplin, the Marx Brothers, Rudy Vallee and other performers affiliated with the Orpheum Circuit. The Orpheum displays much of its original splendour since 1927 despite some loss of detail and some updating for acoustics and patron comfort. Its style is an exuberant and eclectic mix of Romanesque, Moorish, Gothic and Spanish Renaissance elements, making it Canada’s best example of the exotic phase of cinema architecture which was the fashion in the larger North American cinemas in the late 1920s. Disparate elements are linked through the effective use of repetition. The overlapping arches that encircle the ceiling, for instance, visually link the oval dome to the curves of the organ screens on either side of the elliptical proscenium arch. The theatre was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1979.   —– Planning to come to Canada to improve your English skills? Find out more about English Courses in Vancouver!

Mario Koeppel from Switzerland: “My Experience at EC Vancouver”

Mario Koeppel from Switzerland shares his experience while attending English courses including IELTS in Vancouver at EC Vancouver.  Hello everyone! My name is Mario Koeppel and I came from a beautiful small country in Europe called Liechtenstein. As Ernest Hemingway once said: “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” My journey at EC Vancouver is almost over now. However, I would like to share my experience with you about the amazing time that I have spent here in Vancouver. Last year, I had already attended EC Toronto for 6 months. I had an incredible time there, met a lot of people, who became good friends of mine, and of course I also made huge progress in my English skills. Still, my English was not at the level that I wanted or that I needed for my future. So, I travelled to Canada again, the country that I have fallen in love with. This time, however, I went to the west coast of Canada and I have been living in the beautiful city of Vancouver for the last 5 months. I started in General English before I attended the IELTS preparation course for 2 months. I have really enjoyed the General English and the IELTS courses. Both have helped me to improve my English further. The classes at EC are always great. I think they have a really good mix of serious teaching as well as some fun activities during the classes. When I was not at school, I was exploring the city of Vancouver and its breathtaking surrounding areas. From watching a soccer game at BC stadium, or going to a Canucks game at Rogers Arena; to making a skiing trip to one of the local mountains or … Read more

Rosaura Olivia De Leon Diaz: New EC Vancouver Student Ambassador!

What is your name? – My name is Rosaura Olivia De Leon Diaz. Tell us something about you. – I would describe myself as a friendly, optimistic, and helpful person. I like to meet new people, learn about other cultures, experience, new ideas, and simply make new friends. Why you choose to be a Student ambassador? – I chose to be a student ambassador because I think this is a great opportunity to improve my English skills and it can be a great opportunity to share ideas to help improve new projects at EC Vancouver. What is your job as student ambassador? – Come to introduce myself every Monday to the new students. – Come to the graduation and participate in the picture taking. – Organize special events and local excursion for the students. In your opinion, what is the best activity at EC Vancouver?  Why? – I think EC Vancouver offers a range of activities that allow students to learn through different ways. I personally to attend conversation and pronunciation club and also enjoy the movies on Mondays. ===== EC offers various English Courses, including TOEIC in Vancouver.

Burak Kilic from Turkey: “EC English is the best English Language School in Vancouver.”

Hello, dear readers. I would like to talk about life in Vancouver, EC English School (in my personal opinion, it is the best one in Vancouver) and a class called IELTS class, in which I study. My name is Burak and I am from Turkey. I have been in EC Vancouver for 5 months. After I graduated from university, I immediately came to EC. I think that I made the right decision choosing EC. To tell the truth, there are a lot of reasons to come and study in Vancouver and, of course, in EC. To begin with, there are a lot of attractions and places for sightseeing in Vancouver. Therefore, nobody recognize that time goes too fast until receiving a graduation certificate. Anyway, let’s talk about interesting places in Vancouver. For example, the steam clock and Harbor Centre (I strongly recommend going to Harbor Centre and taking a beautiful photo of Vancouver) are some places where Downtown can be seen and visited. Moreover, you can easily notice that many people in Vancouver like the Vancouver Canucks ice hockey team.  Please don’t say anything bad about  the team to anybody, because sometimes they can be very sensitive about it. By the way, life can be more colorful if you want. I mean that there are plenty of pubs and night clubs in Vancouver, yet Malone’s pub is our favorite one. If you like drinking and singing karaoke, I recommend going there. I just prefer drinking! I usually stay away from singing karaoke, since my voice is like a raven. And….other places to go? There are the Rocky Mountains, Grouse Mountain and Victoria Island. You can go snowboarding and skiing if you like. Apart from these, you can go to Stanley Park. Actually you have to go to Stanley Park! If … Read more

HSC IELTS Exam Preparation

Are you interested in taking an IELTS course in Vancouver? The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) assesses the English language proficiency of people who want to study or work where English is used as the language of communication. English knowledge alone is not enough to prepare you for the IELTS exam; you must have specialised skills and testing strategies to improve your final score. EC English School courses will cover: speaking, listening, writing, and reading, of which a strong focus is placed upon learning effective exam techniques. Our specially trained teachers at EC Vancouver English School will give you all the knowledge and skills you need to be confidently prepared for your IELTS exam.