Learning vocabulary words expands your speaking

Vocabulary boosts your English Learning more words in a language helps make it more beautiful and tonefull. Vocabulary makes the conversation more interesting because if we repeat the same words it may sound redundant. In other words, using the same words over and over again maybe limited or boring. Take English courses in Vancouver and expand your speaking, writing, reading and listening skills.   Below is a list of some vocabulary words that you may encounter in your in Canada and English speaking countries: Appease: to bring a state of peace, calm Reckon: believe, expect Whittle: cut small bites Uniform: clothing of distinctive design worn by a member of group Industrious: characterized by hard work Adverse: in an opposing direction Advantages: giving a benefit  Appropriate:  suitable for person, place or situation Enthusiasm: a feeling of excitement Capacity: capability to perform Artificial: contrived by art instead of nature Independent: free from external control Faithful: loyal and reliable Petulant: easily irritated Nauseous: causing a feeling sick Strengthen: make strong Conform: be similar Describe: giving a statement representing something Discord: lack of agreement Perplexing: lacking clarity in meaning Attention: the act of Concentrating on something Vocabs can make you sound more proficient Nonetheless, there are endless vocabulary words that you can use in your daily life. Learning more of them may help you expand your learning and ability in speaking and using English fluently. Likewise, you can learn different words regarding different topics and specific matters to make your speech sound more interesting! Dictionaries are one of the best resources that you could find. However, the best way to actually learn them is to use them. So everytime you hear a new word you don’t know, write it down, then use it in your sentences so that you can create meaningful ideas! So … Read more

5 Benefits From Studying Abroad and Making Friends

There are many benefits from studying abroad and making friends from around the world. Studying in a foreign country may sound difficult, but it is actually easy because you meet great people and have amazing experiences that helps you grow as a person and human being! Canada is an amazing place to study and live in. There are many benefits from studying English at EC Vancouver as well. We cater for our student experiences and offer a community for people to explore the city and make lifelong friends! Our English classes offer the best educational methods and teachers who are interactive and always helpful.   1 ) Share and make happy memories! It is all about learning and enjoying yourself at the same time! The best of two worlds! Here at EC, we make sure that you meet people from around the world and have the opportunity to experience the city!   2 ) Enjoy the city with the company of people and friends! Studying abroad can be tough for certain people because we can’t live away from our families or friends.. However, when you meet new people abroad, you feel that you have made a new family and friends that you can count on! You will be shocked to know that you may share similar likes of music and movies!   3 ) Practice English and study together! It is important to practice English. It is even better to practice with someone who is in the same class as you because you share and learn similar material!     4 ) Building connections for future work and opportunities. Making lifelong friends and sharing experiences with others is important. You can find your next international business partner or peer. You’ll never know! 5 ) Meet friends in their home countries. … Read more

4 Ways to Learn English Around Vancouver

  When choosing the destination in which to learn English, it is important to ensure that the school you are going to has high academic standards. It is also important that the city you will live in can contribute to your learning process. For example, EC English not only cares that the methods used by its teachers are the latest in teaching, but also ensures that you will feel comfortable in the city where you are. Among the many destinations that you can choose to learn English in, today we will talk about Vancouver: a charming city that is located on the Canadian west coast and that we’re sure will dazzle you.   Vancouver is the third largest city in Canada. In recent years it has been considered one of the safest cities worldwide. Without a doubt, its landscapes, its people and its culture will make your experience abroad unique. Here are five tips that will help you maximize your Vancouver experience and help you take your learning out of the classroom. Learn English and the Local Culture Vancouver is a young and culturally rich city with festivals, concerts and other cultural activities happening all year round. To fully explore and enjoy this destination, we recommend that you participate in the “English in the City” special focus classes. Its purpose is to help students immerse themselves completely in the fabric of the city and learn more about its culture. With thematic classes and a specialized curriculum, “English in the City” transforms you from students to locals. Ask Teachers to Recommend Activities In addition to being your teachers and helping you learn a new language, they are also familiar with the city. More than anyone, they will know what the best activities around the city are. With these activities on your … Read more


5 Mistakes When Learning English

Many people often ask themselves: “Why can I not learn English?”. For example, a person has been studying English for many years, but still does not have the desired result. What is wrong? If you are studying at an English school in Vancouver, this article will help you to learn what the most common mistakes people make in their learning, and how such mistakes can affect their improvement. Mistake # 1: Not Doing Homework Doing homework is 50% of success. When doing homework, you should remember the material, and once again repeat what was learned in class. This also allows you to immediately find the material you do not understand. When you work with a teacher, everything seems easy and understandable. But as soon as you are left alone with the material, you may immediately have moments where you feel like you are struggling. If you do not do your homework, you take the risk of not knowing about your lack of understanding. And at this point, there may not be a teacher around who can explain and go over the material with you again. Mistake # 2: Ignoring Mistakes Very often people do not pay attention to gaps in their knowledge. They think that they know the language well at a certain level, but in fact they do not. Sometimes we are lazy to go back to the material we have covered already. But if you keep ignoring the mistakes, it will be harder and harder to learn the new material. You will simply get confused. Mistake # 3: Studying only the words Instead of studying individual lexical units, it is necessary to focus on memorizing ready-made phrases, the way kids do. Remember, you did not learn in childhood structure like “do-did-done”? That’s right, you immediately memorized whole phrases … Read more

Vancouver Public Library

Vancouver Public Library

Vancouver Public Library is a library system with more than 20 branches located throughout the city, and the main building is located in the Library Square. It includes a 9-storey library, a high-rise building with offices, as well as a social service center, shops, restaurants and underground parking. Library visitors can get a library card and use the library services free of charge, including not only access to the full collection of books, but also to the Internet, computer programs, etc. With that in mind, books can be returned to any department, each of which has special return cells near the entrance, which makes the use of the Vancouver library system even more convenient and mobile for readers. The library has all the necessary conditions for studying: tables and chairs located near the sockets for laptops, peace and quiet, computers and free wi-fi. Everything is close by and at hand. The atmosphere is conducive to intellectual work. The Vancouver Public Library’s Central building houses more than 1.3 million publications, and the total number of publications in the entire library system is approximately 3 million. Access to the library and its services are free of charge. If you are taking English courses in Vancouver, the public library is great place to do your homework or read some books.

Tongue twister

Don’t twist your tongue, twist your brain!

English tongue twisters are not just comical phrases and poems, but also a popular tool for practicing pronunciation. When we begin to get used to foreign sounds, it is difficult to pronounce them because they are too unusual for the brain and speech organs. It is not enough just to know how to pronounce sounds, you need to practice their pronunciation, so that the brain has learned to form the necessary signals and organs of speech to make the required movements. Tongue twisters are exercises that accelerate this process.   You can, of course, learn the rules of reading and pronunciation without tongue twisters by reading out loud and listening to the speech of native speakers and then repeating after them, but with tongue twisters, it is quicker  We have collected tongue twisters of different levels for you, from easy to difficult. You can just repeat them from time to time, but it is always a good idea to memorize a few. It is interesting and most importantly useful for your English. It makes no sense to translate tongue twisters as they are based on wordplay and are often meaningless.  Red lorry, yellow lorry  Truly rural  I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream  Rolling red wagons  Red blood, bad blood    Blue blurry vines blind   Betty loves the velvet vest best  Barber baby bubbles and a bumblebee  Burnt base, vicious  vase  Vivacious Val vacuumed Violet’s very vivid vehicle    A big black bug snoozed on a big black rug  He threw three free throws  Thin sticks, thick bricks  Fred fed Ted bread and Ted fed Fred bread     King Thistle stuck a thousand thistles in the thistle of his thumb. A thousand thistles King Thistle stuck in the thistle of his thumb. If King Thistle stuck a thousand thistles in the thistle of … Read more

Main Street

One of the greatest perks of learning English at EC Vancouver is that our school is right in the centre of downtown Vancouver. When at school, you’ll never have to worry about long walks to the nearest pub or restaurant. But did you know there’s more to this vibrant city than just Downtown? Try visiting Main Street. This hipster-esque street of joy will bring you and your friends enough happiness to spend an entire day at. Here are some hidden gems, for after your EC English Courses in Vancouver!   Brunch and Shop Start of the day with brunch at the Wallflower. The poached eggs are delicious and will energize you for the next couple of hours. That energy you need across the street to indulge in some vintage shopping at F as in Frank Vintage. Franks store specializes in 80’s and 90’s clothing and has a secret little room in the back were the prices are just too good to ignore. After shopping, you can treat yourself at Liberty Bakery – a couple of blocks uphill. Make sure to get a cardamom cinnamon bun, because those are to die for! When you’ve boosted morale with sugar and coffee, try Neptoon Records right next door for some funky tunes. It is the oldest independent record store in all of Vancouver and it has the largest selection of used and new vinyl in town. A nice treat  Hopefully five will be in the clock by now, so you can have cocktails at The Shameful Tiki Room. Without any windows, this Polynesian inspired place might be a little hard to find, but the search is rewarding. If it’s your first time here, share a mystery bowl full of juices, rums and secret spices. After the first sip it’s easy to imagine yourself with … Read more

Jorge Londoño shares his EC experience!

My name is Jorge Londoño, I’m 24 years old and from Colombia. I spent the last semester of 2018 studying English at EC in Vancouver, and it was the best experience of my whole life. At first, when I was planning my trip, I had been thinking about the best choice about the school and specially the city. I was sure about the school because a good friend of mine had recommended me EC, but the other decision was harder. You can choose a lot of beautiful cities around the globe, and EC has many schools in cities like Malta, San Francisco and Cape Town so I was confused about the country, but I’m glad that I chose Vancouver as my main destination. One of the world’s most liveable cities, Vancouver can offer stunning places, the politest people, a respectful and modern diversity and the best and most unique mix between mountains and ocean. I feel so lucky that I could meet the best people, friends, teachers and staff. Thank you, EC, for the great opportunity, and I’m looking forward to meeting you all and to visit again my beloved Vancouver. Thinking about taking an IELTS test? Take IELTS preparation courses in Vancouver!    

Student Testimonial – Marco Aurelio Fernandes

Hi guys! My name is Marco Aurelio, I’m from Brazil and I have studied at EC Vancouver for 3 months. My time here and the experience studying abroad was the best I ever had! There were good teachers to help and support you and the activities to do during the week were awesome. My English is much better! I made a lot new friends, learned about new cultures and my host family made me feel at home the whole time. They were amazing! I loved all the places that I visited in Canada, such as Joffre Lake, Rocky Mountains, Stanley Park, English Bay, Lighthouse Park, Deep Cove and Banff. Vancouver is gorgeous!         I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be here in Vancouver and I hope to come back one day.   Looking for IELTS preparation in Canada?Come to Vancouver and study at EC Vancouver English Centre!  

Student Testimonial – Hana Inoue

Hello My name is Hana Inoue from Japan and I want to talk a little bit about my experience studying at EC Vancouver. Every member of EC staff is very friendly. They always help us! I have met many friends in EC. My English is improving because I try to talk to them in English. There are people from a lot of countries, from all over the world. They are super kind. I make friends as soon as I talk to them. They celebrated my birthday with me in a traditional way and I had a great time. I love learning and using everybody’s name because their names are from other countries and they can sometimes be difficult for me but practice makes perfect. We teach and correct each other which really helps us to improve.       I try to make conversations with many friends and we go for lunch after the school. We also enjoy going to many touristic places in Vancouver. I am enjoying a super great school life in EC. Hana Inoue – Japan Planning to come to Canada to study English? Come to Vancouver and study at EC Vancouver English Centre!