Parks in Vancouver

It smells like Summer! Summer is full of surprises and fun! The weather of Vancouver is awesome all year-long, specially in the summer. So with that being said, there are many places to go to in Vancouver given its beauty and nature! There are endless parks, beaches and gardens to explore in Vancouver. Most of the parks are catered for families and nature lovers. People have many activities to do in the park like hiking, walking, running, cycling, or simply spending time with family and friends. There are number of events and festivals that are held in various parks throughout the year. Below is a short list of some of the popular parks in Vancouver :   Stanley park: Stanley park is the most popular park in Vancouver., also one of the biggest in the area. It’s near to English Bay beach with many amenities close by. The beach is usually crowded in the evening because of the sunset but its definitely worth it because of the beautiful view!   Queen Elizabeth park: Queen Elizabeth is one of the most popular parks in Vancouver as well due to its beauty and nature. It is well maintained and simply beautiful. The park is also known as the heart of Vancouver.   Lynn Canyon park: Lynn canyon park is a beautiful catered for locals and tourists. In Lynn Canyon park,you will find the mini suspension bridge and heartwarming waterfalls beneath your feet.   Sunset Beach park: Sunset beach is also popular specially in the summer. Most people play soccer and volleyball there. Walking around and sun-bathing is also a popular option there.   Nonetheless, study English in Canada with EC Vancouver and explore the beautiful city and province of British Columbia. Contact us via our email or social media platforms to learn … Read more

5 tips to keep on improving your English after EC

5 tips to maintain and keep improving your English after your course at EC Many people want to learn English. And that’s great and very important because it is beneficial for personal as well as their professional careers. People usually learn English by taking classes. However, after completing their courses, people rarely practice speaking or reading the language daily. Due to this, some people can’t maintain their English language and have problems improving. So with that being said, below are some tips for you that can be helpful for maintaining and improving your English language skills after finishing your course with us here at EC. Practice – The first one is probably very obvious. It is the use of English language in daily life. Done by practicing speaking and all skills altogether. We can achieve anything with practice! As they say, practice makes perfect. So practicing is the best way to improve your language and any skills in general!. Writing – You can also write blogs, a diary, essays or anything that is interesting to help you improve your writing. Watching movies and listening to music – this is the interesting and entertaining method. You will learn English by watching movies and listening to music. It works mostly on your listening and speaking skills if you consider singing out loud! Games – There are many games on the internet that can help you improve your language skills, whether its word games or the endless online MMORPGs that exists in the world wide web. Many of them are based in English and can be quite entertaining. Reading books, magazines and newspapers – Reading articles or your favorite authors while commuting on the bus or train is useful because you spend alot of time traveling to work and school. Take courses of … Read more

Shopping Malls in Vancouver

Shopping Malls in Vancouver   Many people love shopping. And we hope that you are fond of it too! With that being said, there are many interesting shopping malls and areas in Vancouver like Metropolis at Metrotown, CF Pacific Centre, Park Royal, International Village mall, Richmond center and so on! You can find all things you need or want at one place. You can find numerous brand shops like Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, Prada, Adidas, Nike, Champion and not to mention the food courts! Below is a short list of some malls that are in close proximity of EC Vancouver Metropolis at Metrotown: Metropolis mall is the largest mall in British Columbia. This 3-storey shopping mall complex at Kingsway is unique to its own nature due to its location and variety of shops.With over 450 stores and services, it is probably the most popular mall in town. The best honest feature is accessibility, placing it exactly next to Metrotown Skytrain station. CF Pacific Centre: CF Pacific Centre is in downtown Vancouver and it is the largest shopping mall in the area. It is near to two Skytrain stations, Granville and Burrard station. There are over 100 shops and stores to visit! Not to mention that it’s connected underground to Nordstrom. International Village Mall: This mall is unique and holds many things in one place. It is located in Chinatown, near to BC place. It has over 60 shops and it has only one of the two Cineplex theatres in the region. Richmond Centre Mall: Richmond Centre mall is the largest mall in Richmond. It has over 250 stores and a variety of services for phones. This is the busiest mall in the area because its accessible to the neighboring areas. Take English classes in Vancouver with EC language Centres and kick-start … Read more

Vancouver Public Library

VPL – Vancouver Public Library Are you fond of reading books? Do you like architecture? Or simply enjoying being in the middle of books and knowledge? If so, then Vancouver’s public library is thee place to go to! It’s a great spot where you can read, use the internet and enjoy the surroundings. Vancouver’s main public library is located in the heart of Downtown Vancouver. You can read and borrow any book, newspaper, or magazines that you’d like. You may also use the computer, print out some documents or speak to a librarian about antique books. There are also some shops and stores nearby for you to check out and explore. The Vancouver Public Library has different sections and areas like for instance, the lower level has a spot for kids that is very beautiful. it also has a toddler play area, including story time programs, coloring and many other activities specifically for children. You can request a library card that is beneficial to borrow a book or partially anything from the Library. There are plenty of spaces to sit and read so you can work and study without noise. The Vancouver public library is a large library that carries all kinds of books in different languages that are regularly updated and checked. VPL also has more space outside the library so you can sit outside if you want to enjoy the weather or take photos. Nonetheless, VPL is the best place to read and learn something new and broaden your knowledge. Take courses of English in Vancouver and explore a new city and country! Vancouver is located on the western part of the country with beautiful parks, mountains and endless trails to hike! Contact us or visit out social media profiles or website to learn more about our ESL … Read more

Useful Idioms to boost your English level

Useful Idioms to boost your English level Idioms are very important to speak English like a native speaker. And idioms might just make your sentences more colorful and interesting! Below is a list of idioms and their meanings along with some examples that can be used in daily life. At the drop of a hat: without any hesitation/ She picked it up like at the drop of a hat. Best thing since sliced bread: A good idea or plan/ I have the best thing since sliced bread. Can’t judge a book by it’s cover: Can’t judge something primarily on appearance. Costs an arm and a leg: When something is very expensive/ This jacket costs an arm and a leg. Feel a bit under the weather: feeling slightly ill or tired/ She didn’t sleep very well so she feels a bit under the weather. Hit the nail on the head: Do or say something exactly/ The instructor asked a question to the students and no one gave the right answer, but she still hit the nail on the head. Piece of cake: A task or other activity that is easy or simple/ Waking up in the morning is a piece of cake for me because i’m used to it. Bed of roses: An easy life/ Everyone’s life is not a bed of roses. All ears: Listen carefully/ fully focused/ if you will not be all ears in listening then you will lose your marks. Couch potato: a lazy person/ he do not work on time because he is a couch potato. Cat nap: a short nap/ I need cat nap in the afternoon. Spill the beans: to reveal someone’ secret/ she spill the beans to me. These are very useful idioms that can be used in daily life. Idioms can also … Read more