Kanako Yasuda from Japan was learning English at EC Vancouver

Kanako Yasuda from Japan shares her alumni story. She was studying English at EC Vancouver for 12 weeks. I chose to study at EC Vancouver because there aren’t many Japanese people. I wanted to make friends from other countries. The parts I most liked about EC are my teachers Desil and Carla as well as the activities and my friends. Studying at EC will be an unforgettable memory. I had a great time in school and I won’t forget my friends and teachers. I would recommend EC school to my friends because I love it. It’s a very good school for learning English and the teachers are very kind and friendly. ====== Do you want to learn English in Canada? EC offers many English courses in Vancouver.

Annkathrin talks about studying English in Vancouver

Annkathrin Koch from Germany tells us about her class while studying English and why she recommends EC to friends. My agency recommended EC Vancouver and I followed their advise because they are experts. I had stayed at EC Vancouver for 3 weeks. Conrad was the best teacher because his lessons were relaxed but I learned a lot. It was really funny. I’ll recommend EC to friends especially if they stay for a long time (3-6 months). ====== Are you interested in studying Business English in Canada? EC has an English school in Vancouver that offers this course!  

European Festival

European Festival 2015

Live a real European experience in the European Festival 2015! Have you ever savoured a German, Hungarian or Russian dish? Take your friends for a European getaway without leaving Vancouver! This May 30th and 31st is your opportunity to taste the best homemade European delights cooked on-site by numerous ethnic local vendors. Located at the Swangard Stadium in Burnaby, the 18th European Festival will open its doors at 11:00 am – 11:00 pm on Saturday and 11:00 am to 9:00 pm on Sunday.   From Poland to Portugal more than 25 countries will participate in this festival. Lots of cultural exhibition activities like traditional dances are waiting for you! After the official Opening Ceremony, which will be held at 2:00 pm on Saturday, highly skilled bands like Delhi 2 Dublin, Jocelyn Peltit, Derrivan and more will help you to warm up! Make sure to stop by for an authentic European experience and get one of the many souvenirs that can be found in the Festival’s Market Place. But do not forget to bring cash with you, remember that Credit and Debit Cards will not be accepted in this festival. You will not want to miss out this amazing weekend of cultural experiences brought directly from the “old continent” just for you! ====== Would you like to study English in Canada? EC has an English school in Vancouver!  

Laura’s successful story at EC Vancouver

  Laura came from Mexico and she came to Canada tp study ESL in Vancouver. After three months learning English in EC Vancouver, she is able to communicate in English! Here is her story: “I chose EC to study English in Canada because it was the best fit for my needs. After three months studying here I realized that my teachers speak very clear, and are really patient and friendly. They made me feel comfortableduring the classes because they treated me like a friend. They encouraged me to learn English so I learnt it faster than I had imagined.     I will never forget the amount of people that I have met in this time, I have friends from so many different countries. Now I know amazing people, I am having an incredible experience! Of course, I will recommend EC Vancouver to my friends because this is the best decision I could have taken: the city is excellent, the EC team is amazing and make me feel very comfortable at the school, and the facilities are also really nice. Studying here is a pleasure!” ==== Would you like to have the same experience that Laura? Maybe it is about time to take a break and study English in Canada! EC is one of the most recognized English schools in Vancouver.  

Elisabet tells us how she learnt English in Vancouver

Elisabet is one of our EC students, she wanted to study English in Canada, so she came to study at EC Vancouver last April. She would like to share her experience with you.   I chose EC to study because a friend of mine had already studied there and she gave the school a good recommendation. Actually, when I got there I received all the info that I needed during my first week and all the staff was always willing to help me with any question that I might have had. After a few weeks in the school, I can say that the teachers are really good, they perfectly know the curriculum they are teaching. The methodology used is the most effective one and they all do a great job. I will definitely recommend EC Vancouver to study English because the way EC teachers teach is amazing. I will remember the after school activities that EC offers, they really helped me to meet new people. ==== Are you looking for an English school in Vancouver? Have a look to our programs at EC, we also have Business English in Vancouver! Join us to study English in Vancouver!  

Wanchen Lee shares her reasons why she came to EC Vancouver to study English

Our student, Wanchen (Daisy) Lee, from Taiwan shares her reasons why she came to Canada and studies English at EC Vancouver. My name is Daisy, I come from Taiwan and I’m not a student. I want to improve my English, so I quit my job. Before I came here, I went to America to visit my friends and travel. During my trip, I realized English is the most important language, so I want to speak English well. I have been to an English cram school, but I was not a serious-studying student. In fact, I’m too lazy to study English. I don’t like to sit too long. I have many friends studying abroad and they suggested that I do the same. So I wanted to go abroad and study English before I’m 30 years old. I came here by myself. I think if I stay here for 10 months, my English will become better. Then after 10 months, I want to get a better job and travel more. EC school provides a well learning environment for students. In EC, I’m not only studying English, but also make lots of friends. All the EC teachers are kind and easy to get along with. Even though there are many students, they care about each student and remember them. There are different courses I can choose to improve my English skills. In EC, learning English makes me feel interested and increases my confidence. Now, I look forward to going to EC school every day and enjoy to study English. ====== Are you inspired by Wanchen’s story and now, you would like to study in an English school in Vancouver?

Moyuru Sumiya from Japan tells us her experience studying Business English in EC Vancouver

Moyuru came from Japan to study English in Canada at EC Vancouver this spring. After three weeks studying English she is ready to go back to her country! But she could not leave without sharing her experience with you. These are her words: ”I chose EC  because I thought that I could study Business English in Vancouver in a qualified environment. In addition, one of the EC strengths is Business English. The structure of the program allows you to get enough time to study. In only two weeks (my stay was short) I was able to improve my English and get achieve my goals. I soon found that all the teachers are very friendly and well experienced. Classes are insightful and the teachers make you think. I had the opportunity to think by myself and express my own opinion during the classes. I would like to highlight this since this is how EC differs from the rest of the classes I had taken before like University. Here you can discuss with other students and are encouraged to give your own opinion. This makes you feel more active, which I consider is perfect for Japanese students who usually are shyer. By speaking English I was able to communicate with everybody so I made a lot of friends from so many different nationalities, which helped me to understand other cultures. We all hung out together or joined the various after school activities offered at EC. I absolutely recommend EC Vancouver to my friends because I think it is a trustworthy school where they are always trying to do their best to make you feel comfortable. The staff is always willing to help you so you just have to enjoy your life as a student!“ Thank you very much! ===== Are you looking … Read more

Igor Jones from Brazil shares his EC experience!

Igor Jones from Brazil shares his experience while studying English at EC English school in Vancouver.   This is my last week in Vancouver and I had a terrific experience! I am studying English at EC Vancouver and the school is awesome! Ever since I arrived, people have always been friendly and wanted to help me. Here, I managed to improve my English and meet people from different countries including my own country, Brazil.   My life at EC Vancouver turned out to be better than I expected! The teachers are funny and clever. They always encourage you to study hard and learn more. Each classroom has only 15 students which is awesome. My first days were a little difficult trying to adapt the city, weather, and getting to know the teacher and classmates. However, after a couple of days, I was already fully adapted. Now I am in my last week, and I will miss all these experiences for sure! I really like the school and will recommend EC Vancouver to other people. ===== Would you like to study English in Canada like Igor? Come to EC Vancouver! EC offers various English Courses, including Business English in Vancouver.

Cirque du Soleil comes back to Vancouver on May 2015!

  Varekai, an extraordinary world full of fantasy created by Cirque du Solei, is coming to Vancouver. The show, inspired by the Greek mythological character Icarus, will be played only eight times in Vancouver. This world, where everything is possible, has already been seen by more than six million people from all over the world, so make sure you catch it when it plays at Pacific Coliseum from May 20-24! The story of Varekai begins when Icarus, the main character, flies too close to the sun, melts his wrings and falls into a magical forest inhabited by fantastic creatures. In this moment this young man starts his wonderful adventure. The word “Varekai” means “wherever” in the Romany Language. This piece of art pays tribute to the deepest spirit of the circus tradition. For more information about Cirque du Soleil coming to Vancouver check Cirque du Solei’s Website.*   *Information taken from Cirque du Solei’s Website. ==== Do you need to improve your English for work? Have you ever though about Studying English in Canada? Come to learn Business English in Vancouver with one of the most recognized English School in Vancouver!

Richmond Night Market 2015

When you are living in Vancouver, there are many great opportunities to experience different cultures and foods. The Richmond Night Market is one of the popular and joyful events in Vancouver that you can try different but delicious street foods, shop, and play games! There will be +80 food vendors, +200 retailers, carnival game sections, and live entertainment. The market will be located near Bridgeport Skytrain Station (8351 River Rd) and it will be open from May 15th to October 12th on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Stat holidays (7pm-11pm or 12am). There is an admission fee to enter the market but do not worry, it is very affordable: $2.25 fee for regular admission. Please visit the official Richmond Night Market website for more information. ===== Would you like to study English in Canada? EC has an English school in Vancouver!