So you wanna study & work?

Students, are you interested in working, paid or unpaid, in Vancouver? If you answered “YES!”, you might be interested in our Co-Op programs. It is a way to supplement your studies with real-world knowledge and it will provide you with enriching experiences and lifelong memories. We offer three different types of Co-Op programs: 1. Co-Op Unpaid Work this is an internship so you will not be paid but will gain valuable experience in a Canadian work environment you do not have to find your own work place you will have an initial interview with the placement agency to discuss preferences and interests, types of placements 2. Co-Op Paid Self Placement you will look for your own job so it requires a lot of dedication and effort we can give you tips and pointers to get that job you want 3. Co-Op Guaranteed Placement you do not have to find your own job you will have an initial interview with the placement agency to discuss your preferences and interests, types of placements Some points to keep in mind when deciding whether you want to work or intern are: you must have an Intermediate level or higher level of English you must have a study + work permit (you can apply for it here) the co-op placement agency needs about 6 weeks to place you with a company there is a one-time fee (please see us for more information) Remember, you get out of the program what you put in so if you are serious about gaining valuable experience outside of your studies, come and talk to me or the front desk staff. Happy studying (and working)! Sawako

EC Vancouver Staff Appreciation Awards

We had our first Staff Appreciation Ceremony today. All month staff have been nominating their colleagues for being great. There were 41 nominations in total, and today Ingmar randomly drew a winner. Jason was the lucky winner – Congratulations Jason! Jason spun our homemade Wheel of Fortune (called The Orange Ya Glad You Work for EC? Wheel) and won a $20 Starbucks card. Aaron also won a $5 Starbucks card for writing the winning nomination. I’m looking forward to next month’s spin as there are still many prizes to be won!

Carnival for a Cause – A success!

Yesterday we held our first ever ‘Carnival for a Cause’ and with over a month of buildup I must admit, the event did not disappoint. Although the skies were blue and it had reached 17 degrees outside, more than 80 students participated in the various activities and events organized. The carnival kicked off with a quick thanks to all those who had brought in food donations in support of the Vancouver Food Bank. Collectively EC students and staff brought in more than 500 items for the Food Bank! Games promptly got underway and students in groups of all sizes headed off to play Wii Tennis, Bean Bag Toss, Canadian Jeopardy, The Straw Tower and many more. Students also had the opportunity to express their inner creativity by participating in a number of EC Vancouver Harlem Shakes (videos coming shortly). The games were a great success as every room had at least 6+ students at all times. I think the event really became a success when the ‘Canadian Jeopardy’ room was packed so much so that it became standing room only. Using the smartboard as the jeopardy screen, Jason fit right in as Alex Trebek. Whether it was our Centre Director throwing bean bags or Aaron’s intent on crushing everyone at Wii Tennis, the staff really took on the event with vigor. The event wrapped up with a quick shout out to the Cambridge CPE class who won the award (pizza party) for most items donated (over 180+). We then headed downstairs to build up the food castle, and wrapped the event with a student and staff raucous rendition of the Harlem Shake. Thanks to everyone who participated, the event was a grand success and we will certainly look to replicate it next year!

EC Activities Club (ECAC) – Already a success!

Week 4 is upon us with the ECAC and we’ve already held 4 scheduled events, three movie nights and two soccer matches, with 3 info sessions! The first few days have been really exciting for those who are eager to participate. Students who’ve been here for months as well as those who just started this past Monday are getting involved. The ECAC is also working with our partners at Club ESL to design a comprehensive May activities calendar. This calendar will include events run by Club ESL (such as whistler trips, hockey tickets for the Vancouver Canucks, et cetera) while the ECAC will plan EC specific social events, such as more movie nights, soccer matches, table tennis games, et cetera. Student members have already proposed a variety of new ideas; one student, a long time member of the EC community will start organizing chess matches for those interested in a more intellectual challenge. Join us next week on Wednesday in Room 204 for the ECAC meeting!    

Ingmar Albig – EC Vancouver’s new Centre Director

Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself to all of you who have been here for a while and who I haven’t had the chance to welcome on their first day. I have only been here for 4 weeks and though you may have seen me around the school you may wonder who I am. So, first of all my name is Ingmar (Albig by my last name) and I am working here as the Centre Director of EC Vancouver. Even though I have only been here for 4 weeks, EC is not new to me as prior to Vancouver I was working for EC in Bristol and Brighton. This is the third EC destination where I have been working at but I have also visited EC London, EC Cambridge, EC Cape Town, EC Toronto and EC Malta which are all great destinations and where we have really nice schools. A few things about myself: you must have noticed that I do not have an English name, right? My first name is Scandinavian (mostly used in Sweden), however I am actually German. I was born there 39 years ago and I lived there until I was 24 when I moved to Spain for 7 years and then to the UK. So now I am here and all I can say is that I love this place. I mean, honestly, who would not love a place like Vancouver where you have mountains for skiing and the sea for swimming, where you have great wildlife, the best of what nature can offer and at the same time where there is a great city to stay and play. It is not my first time in Canada though. I was in Edmonton when I was 16 and back then I came to learn English, … Read more

Carnival for a Cause @ EC Vancouver

The Carnival for a Cause food drive is underway! Starting April 10th staff and students at EC Vancouver have been brining in canned food items and non-perishable goods to support the local Vancouver foodbank. The food drive will run two weeks concluding with the start of the carnival taking place Wednesday, April 24th. We’ve also added a slight competitive twist to the food drive. As students bring in canned goods we, here at the front desk, record what class they’re in. By the end of the campaign the class with the most canned goods will have a PIZZA party! The carnival, set to kick off at 3:45 Wednesday April 24th, will have a wide range of activities for students, including bingo, a team based spelling bee, human bowling, the human knot, Canadian trivia, bean bag toss, tug-o-war, as well as many more. We will also have a variety of foods from around the world, representing our diversity as a community. See you at the Carnival!

Viviana Diaz Granados Serna – A testimonial

My experience in Vancouver I decided to come to Vancouver because I was looking for an interesting place to find an internship to complement my studies and at the same time improving my English. At first, I was a little nervous because travelling abroad requires different skills that you don’t know if you have until you live the experience. The good thing is that if you don’t have what it takes you are going to learn it anyway. The most difficult thing for me is being away from my family, but I am pretty lucky I was born in the 21st century and I can talk to them and see them every day through the Internet. From the moment I got on the plane in Colombia the experience began and from then to now I haven’t stopped learning, and when I say learning I’m not only talking about the language, because in fact this has been a great multicultural involvement. Now I have friends from different countries and I have the opportunity to learn so many interesting things about their own manners and traditions. I have been in Vancouver for 3 months and I still have 3 more months left here. My English has improved considerably since I arrived in January and I feel very thankful with my school and my homestay family for that; they’ve been a very significant part of my learning here. Now I am very happy because I got the internship I was looking for and in matter of days I will start having a real work experience. I could not be happier for all the things I’ve learned in Vancouver, not forgetting the wonderful places I have been to and of course all the friendships that I definitely will carry in my heart forever.

April – Social and Academic activities calendar for EC Vancouver!

It’s the beginning of April here in Vancouver and thankfully Spring has finally sprung! In celebration of the end of winter, we at EC Vancouver, are organizing a lot of social and academic events to mark the return of the sun and the end of the dreaded rainy season. EC Vancouver has just launched the ECAC (EC Activities Club). The ECAC , run by students and counsellors here at EC, will be hosting a variety of events, from movie nights to soccer matches, table tennis to games night, the ECAC will be open to any and all students. Last night we held our first event and it was certainly a success as students old and new gathered together to check out a film at the movie theatre. Academic workshops, seen in orange text on the calendar, gives everyone here at EC Vancouver the opportunity to study new topics completely free of charge. From the ever popular writing clinic to the heated conversation club, our workshops are an excellent opportunity for students of all levels. This month AY students will be treated to a ‘History of Vancouver’ from our seasoned vet Aaron Petovello and a lecture on ‘Volunteering and Living in Rural Africa’ from our CSR champion Craig Vandermeer. EC Activities Calendar – April 2013

THE EC Activities Club (ECAC)

Students at EC Vancouver have come together to create a social activities club, the ECAC! This club will give students the opportunity to be more active outside of school, will create a strong extra-curricular culture, and will provide leadership opportunities for those who want to assist in planning and managing activities. The ECAC is a casual, extra-curricular activities club, similar to a high school or university student group designed to give students more to do, as well as help improve their experiences, outside of school. This past week we had our first meet-up; it was a huge success! 22 students came out to our inaugural planning session and actively participated. We discussed potential ideas and began an ongoing brainstorming session to be followed up on at the next meeting. From beach days to barbecues, soccer games to volleyball matches, students had a lot of ideas and demonstrated a lot of interest in the club. Tonight, students will be meeting up after their D classes to go and watch a movie at the Cineplex, just a few blocks from EC Vancouver. Tuesday night is half price night so not only is it a great opportunity to meet up but it’s also a low cost event. The ECAC meets every Wednesday after C classes to discuss and plan events for the upcoming week. All students are encouraged to participate in the club.