Student Testimonial – Ravi Soares


When I arrived here in Vancouver, I couldn’t speak English. It was very hard for me to come up with even the simplest phrase.  In my homestay, I used to ask the name of everything: fruit, vegetables, and utensils. I was like a curious child learning how to speak.

Before I came here, I thought my English would be good enough to survive for the first few weeks, because after all, everybody knows how to say “hello,” “goodbye,” “yes” or “no.” But I was wrong.  I came to realize that I really needed to improve my English when I arrived in Canada. There were a lot of English speakers. On my flight to Vancouver, there was a woman sitting next to me.  She started talking to me, but I couldn’t answer her very well.  I felt really uncomfortable.  It feels terrible when you can’t communicate. You feel powerless and incapable.

After I started studying at EC/LSC, I could see how much my English has improved.  The teachers were really helpful, friendly, and gave clear instructions.  I was able to improve my English gradually, and it became easier for me to speak and write in English.  I did not feel terrible about communicating in English anymore.

Now I am not a student anymore; I am an employee at EC/LSC.  Because I am doing my Co-op program in the institution, now I can see matters from school’s point of view.   This experience of gaining both school and students’ perspectives has helped me grow as a Journalist.  At the same time, I am still learning English.  Everybody here is so friendly, open-minded, and willing to help me improve my English.

However, this experience is not just about learning a new language.  It is also about understanding other cultures, people, and of course, yourself.  Here in Vancouver, I have learned that people may come from different places, speak different languages, and have different traditions, but they have a lot of similarities.

Another thing you learn from an experience like this is how difficult it is to say goodbye to a friend. When you study abroad, you meet people from around the world, but after some time, everyone has to go back to their home countries, so you have no choice but to say goodbye.  But actually, it is not a goodbye; It is “see you later,” I hope.

So far, this is one of the most exciting life experiences I have had. I would really recommend others to experience it!


Ravi Soares.