EC Toronto Testimonial – Nobuki Uenishi

Here is Nobuki Uenishi’s translated questionnaires about EC’s life. It seems to be obvious that he enjoyed it a lot reading these questions.  -Please write a few words about your experience at EC. activities… I went to the Niagara falls at the first day I arrived at Toronto using TNT tour(an agency in EC). In there, a lot of new friends made me happy, especially when we had lunch together that was very fun, It was like that I was in a dream. Teachers… They were one of the best teachers I’ve ever met, definitely within top 5. They were exceptionally kind even if I’ve been with them just for three weeks. The classes were easy to understand, fun, and encouraged me to study more actively. I was very happy to study in such a comfortable environment. Classes… My classmates were all older than me, but they kindly greeted and supported me very respectfully and corrected my English. They were as great as my family and friends. Office… Honestly I’ve rarely visited the office, but they solved my problem right after it happened. They work faster than F1 cars, and also they were warmer than a fire. School… That was the best place to talk with my friends and study, or meet new people. It was also comfortable to go anywhere from the building because of the location close to the station. The cafeteria at the ground floor was filled with peace. Courses… I think the courses and levels are very subdivided in order to find our right class. I wish I could have gotten closer to people in other course, but it would be my fault. Classes… The content itself was actually what I learnt in my high school, but I noticed it’s more difficult to explain it in … Read more

Go to trip!

These days it’s been raining off and on, it’s telling that spring is coming. It was hard to travel around the city, even just going out in wintertime, and now that we can go on a trip without any concern about the cold. At EC, there is TNT tour, a school trip agency, They provide many value plans such as going to Niagara falls, Montreal, NYC and so on. It is pretty close from Toronto to each city, so it takes a short time and we can choose a good way of some transportation. The most common way is by airplane. There are two big plane companies, Air Canada and Westjet. Both companies are quite good, and different in some points. In general, Air Canada is superior to Westjet about On-demand free entertainment, free movie or TV program on the plane, but westjet has a better customer service. Portar, a newer airplane company, offers a free shuttle to Pearson airport. If you’re interested more, here is a detailed research. Air Canada vs Westjet vs Portar Coach service is the cheapest and probably hardest way to visit these cities. The most famous coach company is Megabus, which you can buy a ticket at a low price. If you see this site very early, you may get a cheapest ticket, for example, they sell ticket to NYC only 30$ for a very short time. One problem is the length of time. It’s much longer than that by plane, so it would be good only if you can stand it. The last one is VIA train. The other two ways are mainly in the East area, but this train is in all Canada. It is not as quick as plain is, or not as cheap as bus service is, but it has some good … Read more

Enjoy life in Toronto

     You cannot get through a single day without an impact on the world around you. After getting used to English, you will need to decide what kind of difference in life you will make. Your life in Toronto, especially one week after, might be like routine days unless you find something new.     The first thing you can try is new food! There are several ethnic towns. Generally around Spadina station is called China town. The area of Chester station is said  Greek town, and it’s Korea town near Cristie station.  Their landscapes will surprise you because of different views. You can eat genuine dishes as delicious as them in each country, so you should go there at least one restaurant in each town. Here are some examples of restaurants, so let’s try them. Dumpling House Restaurant(spadina) … Chinese Pantheon Restaurant(Chester) … Greek Omonia(Chester) … Greek Kayagum(Willowdale) … Korean     After trying new food, you can try various events in Toronto. This big city has a lot of festivals every week. Particularly big events will be advertised so you can know, but some rare events which are not well-known to people would be more fun for you. There are some search engines. Blogto is the biggest site which covers whole things about Toronto. You can see good stores or fun events only with checking this site.Yelp is about restaurant, clinic, hair salon and small shops, that makes easy to find what you want.These homepage will make you excited! Enjoy your life learning English in Toronto. 

EC Toronto testimonial -Yuri Ogawa #ecexperience

Yuri Ogawa, from Japan, has studied at EC for about three months. Here is her testimonial of EC’s life. -Write a few things about your experience at EC. Classes… I have learnt all elements of English, listening, reading, writing, and speaking so that I could improve my skills efficiently. Sometimes it was seemed that students from the same country gathered each other, so the point will be fixed. Teachers… Every teacher and their class is very unique and elaborated so that I could enjoy it very much. They are all very friendly and distinctive. Office… It was great that they always welcomed brightly and treated with a problem no matter how small it was. School… The clean and happy atmosphere made me attend to EC every day. My classmates are pretty open-minded and interesting people, I was able to make friends with many people from various countries. Courses… Vocabulary or topics were quite different depending on the course, which I didn’t feel bored and I got a wide range of vocabulary. Thank you, Yuri! Yuri is just 16 years old, but she was able to communicate with a lot of people from different countries. Even if you’re young, don’t worry about English and a life in Toronto. There are a lot of your friends learning English in EC Toronto!  

EC Toronto’s support facilities

Do you know about everything you can do at EC Toronto? There are several supports students can make use of. Now that’s a chance to join in them and get a good class. -Every day Free class There are several different kinds of free class every day from 2:15pm. For example, a homework club is that your assignment will get edited by a teacher. Another class is called “Breaking news”. You will learn how to read various articles so that you can read them deeply. -Library with teacher You can study in a quiet room with a lot of books and a friendly teacher in charge of tutoring. The library is available from 11:50am to 12:30pm and 2:15pm to 3:50pm. Friday is only former time available. -Coffee Chat There is a talking class with a teacher and many students. This is a good opportunity to make new friends, especially it is hard to make a friend out of class, but  you will be able to talk with many new friends together in the class. You can enjoy a life in Toronto with EC’s support. See more detail about learning English in Toronto.            

Baseball! Toronto Blue Jays

It has been sunny and warm recently, which is enough to bring out a slight sweat. Now that baseball games started, we should watch them at least once in your stay in Toronto. Toronto Blue Jays is only one professional baseball team in Canada, published in 1977, which is newer team compared to US teams. Jays is a member of the East division of Major League Baseball(MLB), are composed of famous teams like Red sox and Yankees. Jays are neither good nor bad in this season so far. There have been 8 games in this spring, 5 wins- 4 loses. They can be better than that, although, regardless the score, we can surely enjoy their games with beer and a hot dog in Roger Centre! First of all, put a blue uniform or hat on. Apparel makes the man, uniform makes a fan. It must make you much more excited. How cool they are, the second one from the left is a home uniform and the coolest one. You can buy tickets online, and their prices are not so expensive, about $20-$100. Some say even #500 seats(the farthest area) have a good view so if you are a big fan of any players, nearer seat is better. Or if you want to drink while watching the game, wherever you are would be the best. One thing is that the stadium’s roof opens when it’s not rainy, so be careful about your seat if you are the person hates sunburning. Here is a latest game schedule. 4/16,             vs Tempa Bay Rays 4/17,18,19    vs Atlanta Braves 4/21,22,23    vs Baltimore Orioles 4/24,25,26    vs (at) Tempa Bay Rays 4/27,28,29    vs (at) Boston Red Sox 4/30,             vs (at) Cleveland Indians … Read more

Difficulty of Second Language

This following link: Language Difficulty Ranking, shows the approximate time which you need to learn a specific language as a native English speaker. It is possible to say that an opposite case is almost the same like that it is very difficult for Arabs learn English, although they don’t say it clearly. At EC, there are many students from those countries ranked as the “hardest language” such as Arabic, Japanese, and Korean people, although they are doing well in listening, speaking and writing English classes. It is extremely difficult to reach a level that is as good as a native one. This interesting site tells your current vocabulary level. Test Your Vocabulary looks a little hard to finish, but a accuracy of the test is certainly good. For native speakers, the average is a level of around 25,000 words by this test in 25-year-old subjects. In contrast, English learner’s vocabulary is normally just within 8,000 words (this statistics didn’t check their age). The main range is around 5,000 word’s level, which is five times less than native speaker’s. This difference is huge, and also not only about vocabulary, natives have much knowledge about grammar or idiom. When you read blogs, news, or essays written by native speakers, you might be disappointed at a gap between them and your writing skill.  It is, however, not only you. Indeed, you will get better day by day if you keep studying. At EC, there are a lot of your friends studying hard every day and they will encourage you to learn together. — Find out more about studying English in Toronto.

How to use new vocabulary

  After writing new vocabulary down in a class, do you use it in your life? One reason that it might be difficult to do this is probably that you don’t really know how to use it properly. Even if you took a memo about new words, it would be just a definition of the word. To use English more natural, learning which word is used in combination will be very useful and also you won’t feel scared when you use a new word in front of your friends or in a class. Here is an excellent dictionary site of a collocation. Online OXFORD Collocation Dictionary Take an example of “vocabulary”. Searching it on this site, you can find some examples and a group of words which can go together with vocabulary. Here is a copy of the result below. ADJ. extensive, large, rich, wide English has a rich vocabulary and literature. Try to develop a wide vocabulary. | limited, narrow, poor, restricted, small | active, passive | basic, essential, key | formal | business, scientific, specialized, technical VERB + VOCABULARY have | acquire, learn Learners of languages acquire vocabulary through practice. | build, develop, enlarge, enrich, expand, extend, increase, widen This book has been designed to help you expand your vocabulary. | enter The word ‘think tank’ entered the vocabulary (= became part of the language) in the 1960s. | use Specialized vocabulary is used in all the major disciplines. VOCABULARY + NOUN  item PREP. ~ for/of the essential vocabulary for tourism PHRASES not in sb’s vocabulary The word ‘failure’ is not in his vocabulary (= for him, failure does not exist). This is a great tool, and it would be exactly what some of you are looking for. Not only when you speak English, but also write an essay, you … Read more

Let’s go to High Park

     As you all may know, seeing cherry blossoms in high park is one of the most popular things to do in spring. The beautiful trees, given by the Japanese ambassador in Canada, to the city in 2000, are attracting many visitors. But the time we can enjoy full of their beauty is quite short, so you need to keep checking on the web or local news. Here is an interesting site which tracks a peak of sakura and updating pictures of buds blooming which taken per week so that you can see the swelling. A peak time in 2015 is predicted on May 14th currently.     Cherry blossom, called Sakura in Japan, plays a role to announce a beginning of spring. Japan chooses sakura as a national flower like most of the countries have each symbolized flower, such as a maple leaf in Canada or a rose in America. That’s because Japanese people love this flower whose petals easily fall and express Japanese cultural style that they think a present time important. Hanami, also Japanese traditional culture, is that people gather under trees and have a party to celebrate a coming of spring seeing sakura. It is becoming popular gradually in Toronto too.      Now that every spring people go to high park to “hanami” and it is extremely crowded. For example, there is one problem because of that, which people make a long line to go to public washrooms. When you decide to see cherry blossom, it’ll be better to reach there in early time to avoid these annoying things. Let’s go to high park after school! From Yonge-bloor station, take Eastbound train takes about 20 mins. (Map) Enjoying spring is as important as learning English in Toronto.

Collocation Training

Do you know the word “collocation”? This word means a right connection between words. If you get used to basic English, a next issue would be these things. Examples: do homework  /  make  a mistake   /  take an exam It is not only the most frequent grammar in a conversation, but also most difficult part in English. Unfortunately, memorizing each sentence is the only one way to learn this. However, before getting into a bad habit due to a repetition of a wrong use, learning right uses would be a big help. Here are some common mistakes from each country’s students. He survived *very *strongly (from a Japanese student) We *own a shopping centre (from a Swiss student) I *took a good decision (from an Italian student) He knows what he’s *speaking about (from a German student) I can’t see any *problem why (from a Czech student) These mistakes are a little different depending on a nationality, it seems that they guess or translate wrongly from their language, which means we have our own language’s collocation. Therefore it is crucial to study about a collocation. Then how can we study collocations? There are quotes from English club. Be aware of collocations, and try to recognize them when you see or hear them. Treat collocations as single blocks of language. Think of them as individual blocks or chunks, and learn strongly support, not strongly + support. When you learn a new word, write down other words that collocate with it (remember rightly, remember distinctly,remember vaguely, remember vividly). Read as much as possible. Reading is an excellent way to learn vocabulary and collocations in context and naturally. Revise what you learn regularly. Practise using new collocations in context as soon as possible after learning them. Learn collocations in groups that work for you. … Read more