EC Toronto Student Testimonial – Andres Valencia Bedoya from Colombia. #ecexperience

First of all, I have to say that my time at EC English language center in Toronto has been amazing.  I always have a good time with my classmates and teachers.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet people from various countries, but the most important thing is that I’ve seen an improvement in my English skills.  Although I have been here for only three months, I am able to write and speak in English, but above all, I am able to understand what others are saying.  I recommend going out with classmates, joining the extra-curricular activities and attending the free classes. Andres Valencia Bedoya. Academic Year Program in Toronto student.

EC Toronto Student Testimonial – Ana Luisa Rinco Rodrigues from Brazil. #ecexperience

I started at the Beginner level and eight months later I was able to achieve the Intermediate level.  I studied hard every day at the library. A word of advice: You should read books and do some practice exercises to improve your listening. Be brave and daring, don’t be shy! Try to speak as much as possible. Ana Luisa Rinco Rodrigues. Academic Year Program in Toronto student.

EC Toronto Student Testimonial – Camila Franca from Brasil. #ecexperience

I’ve been studying in EC Toronto’s 30+ English program for almost 3 months now, and I’ve been enjoying this experience so much.  For me, the main advantage of being in the 30+ class is that you meet people who seek the same experiences as you, not only to improve their English, but also to attempt to learn more about themselves.  For this reason, when we talk about relationships, politics, work, children and parents, the environment, and religion, there is an affinity between us.  You may find out that there are more similarities than differences as to how we deal with our concerns and problems.  I absolutely believe that you should join the 30+ class because it allows you to become more open-minded about the world’s diversity, and also about yourself. It’ll probably change your perspective as to how we comprehend each other. Camila Franca. EC English school in Toronto student.

EC Toronto Student Testimonial – Kangyeon Lee from Korea. #ecexperience

I didn’t stay for a long time at EC English language center in Toronto, but I had unforgettable experience here for a month. One of those experiences was Halloween. Before Halloween, my classmates and I had already talked about what we would wear and what we would do. We were really looking forward to it. On Halloween, we wore costumes, and of course, our teacher wore a cool costume. At lunch time, we had a contest with other students. Our class won the contest because of our YMCA dance. It was so fun to dance in front of other people. In addition, the following week we received pizza in our class. I could enjoy Halloween a lot thanks to EC. I can describe my experience at EC in the word “friends”. At EC I could make many good friends from different countries. It was really great to share ideas with people from different backgrounds. Also, I met a good teacher. I really liked my teacher. Not only did he have a passion for teaching, but he also made his students laugh. Every day I could learn a lot of English as well as have a nice time with my friends and teacher. Kangyeon Lee. CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) course student.

EC Toronto Student Testimonial – Cho Ahra from Korea. #ecexperience

I have been in EC English language center in Toronto for 9 months. When I started my new life in Toronto, I didn’t know that time would pass so quickly. A number of my friends used to make fun of me, like I was a slave of EC, but now I have only one month before returning home. Recalling the last 9 months, every memory is so wonderful that I feel happy now. I have made many friends from various countries and done a lot of things with them, such as playing basketball, going on a picnic on Toronto Island with food that we made by ourselves, and traveling. All that time I had a group of friends. We went to a maple syrup festival last winter. It was horrible because we lost our way getting there, so we walked for 1.5 hours. Although it was so cold to walk, we sang together, made jokes and shared this experience with each other. It is absolutely the most unforgettable memory for me. I still keep in touch with the friends who I met at EC. One thing that I am satisfied with is the teachers who are very energetic when they teach and listen to us very carefully. I won’t forget anything about EC Toronto. I hope I improved my English a lot. Cho Ahra. CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) course student.

EC Toronto Student Testimonial – Ariana Rojas from Venezuela. #ecexperience

My experience at EC English language center in Toronto was wonderful, because everything was useful for me. I will never forget the good teachers because the classes were very dynamic. Studying and sharing this experience with people from around the world was so interesting that I learned about every culture. The multicultural environment was awesome. I liked the writing classes so much because my main problem is writing well and now I think I can write better than before. Studying at EC made me feel more confident in English and I feel that now I am able to speak English faster.  I will tell my friends that if they want to improve their English they can come here because EC is so good. Ariana Rojas. Intensive English program in Toronto student.

Merry Christmas!

Beautiful Christmas is just around the corner! Let us have fun and party To welcome a wonderful Christmas Let us visit our dear ones To celebrate our warm relationships Let us offer gifts and presents, To feel the pleasure of giving, We wish you a Merry Christmas! Your EC English language center in Toronto!

EC Toronto Student Testimonial – Boram Lee from Korea. #ecexperience

If you attend EC English language center in Toronto, you can make many friends who come from various countries.  Your English skills will improve naturally while you’re hanging out with your friends.  Don’t be shy and don’t hesitate to take part in any of the activities at EC. As time goes on, you might become bored, but if you start to feel that way, I recommend you travel anywhere you want alone.  You may think that you will feel lonely, but in fact, the opposite is true.  It is possible to face problems while on your trip, but by solving them, you will become more confident in your English skills as well as in yourself. Have fun at EC, join the extracurricular activities and free classes, make friends and enjoy your stay abroad. Boram Lee. Academic Year Program in Toronto.

EC Toronto Student Testimonial – Hsuan-Ju Chen from Taiwan. #ecexperience

There are various things that you can do to improve your English in EC English language center in Toronto. I will let you know what I do because these tips may help you as well. When I learn new words, I review them regularly and try to learn the pronunciation. When I speak with my friends, we learn about each other’s culture and this helps us not only with our English, but also with our view of the world. Finally, I watch movies with English subtitles once a week and listen to English songs everyday. Hsuan-Ju Chen. She was an Academic Year Program in Toronto student.