free clinics for EC Toronto students

Hello EC Toronto students!   Did you know that EC Toronto English Language Center offers you additional free classes every week? Yes, you read correctly: there is at least one per week and they are FREE! EC Toronto really cares about your English improvement, and this is why every Wednesday our teachers arrange specific clinics tailored to their students’ needs. These clinics are held in room 322 from 3:30 to 4:30, and you can register by coming to the office up to the very last minute and putting your name on the list at the front desk! It’s easy, not too demanding and it helps us to set up the room for all of you to attend! Here is the schedule for the next clinics: OCTOBER 30: Resume Building I, Teacher Mike NOVEMBER 6: Pronunciation Practice for Portuguese speakers (Beg-Low Int) NOVEMBER 13: Resume Building II NOVEMBER 20: Presentation Skills I (Int – Adv) NOVEMBER 27: Writing practice for Arabic speakers (Beg – Low Int)   EC Toronto is waiting for you!  

Hallowe’en in Toronto

EC Toronto is gearing up for a frighteningly fun Hallowe’en day, and the City of Toronto is doing the same! If this is your first Halloween in Canada, don’t let yourself be caught unprepared. It’s going to be super! Just to name one option: have you heard about Toronto’s annual Zombie Walk? It will take place Saturday October the 26th and if you want to participate just go to Nathan Philips Square at noon. The parade will start at 3 PM, and after that goes back to the start point for the Halloween Show starting at 5 PM. Check all the information about it at EC Toronto is going to host a special Hallowe’en event as well next week, on Thursday October the 31st.  Come for the costumes, games and prizes! It’s going be a lot of fun. Or, better: studying English at EC Toronto is always a lot of fun! Are your costumes ready, EC Toronto students? Happy hauntings!  

EC Toronto (former LSC) students get married!

Hi EC Toronto students, Today we have such a great story that we cannot help sharing it with you. We received the following message in the mail this morning, and all EC Toronto staff is truly touched and immensely glad to be somehow part of this event! Dear EC Toronto team, It has now been more than 5 years since Luana and I were in Toronto to study English. We both studied at your school during June 2008. That year was not only special to us due to the great experience we had in getting to know the country, its people and your language but also because we found our soulmate. We gladly remember 23 June when we cut class (which was by the way the only day we cut =) ) in order to go to the Niagara falls where we had our first kiss. After Toronto we both went back to our home countries (Simon to Switzerland and Luana to Brazil) but kept a long distance relationship. Two times a year either Luana came to Switzerland or I went to Brazil. In 2011 we got engaged and on 16 November 2013 we will get married. Since the beginning of June this year we live together in Switzerland. Luana remembers her teacher Anthony saying LSC would also stand for “Love Studies of Canada”. Today we can say it is true…=) Because you played an important role in our life we thought you should receive an invitation for our wedding in November. It will be in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Thank you so much for being the start of our life together! Greetings Simon & Luana     Isn’t that a beautiful love story? Please share your EC Toronto love story with us on our facebook page            

Car Sketching Workshop at EC Toronto

Hello all! This week something great happened at EC Toronto.   Our very own Chul Kim, from Korea, is not only an amazing student: he is an awesome car designer as well, and he shared with EC Toronto his knowledge and ability for the second time! In fact, Chul held a workshop on April 25, when he was in only in the Beginner level. Even though his English was basic at that time, everyone had a lot of fun because of his enthusiasm and excellent drawing skills. Now he is attending Pre-Intermediate classes, and his highly improved English made his second sketching workshop a big success! Good job Chul, all EC Toronto thanks you! If you want to see the results, the drawings done by the workshop participants are on display in the 3rd floor lounge.

Top 5 Fun Things to Do in Toronto

Do you want to study English at EC Toronto and just not sure if the city itself is the right fit for you? Check out this video by for the Top 5 things you can do to discover this amazing city of Toronto. 5. Visit a Museum: The Art Gallery of Ontario, The Royal Ontario Museum, The Bata Shoe Museum and The Gardiner Museum are just a few of the museums in the City of Toronto, there are actually too many to list here. 4. Check out Toronto’s Music Scene: From Indie Rock to Jazz, Pop to Soul, Toronto’s music scene is pumping! Just check out Blogto for all of the best venues. 3. Visit The Toronto Islands by Ferry: The ferry ride is short and sweet and the view is beautiful. 2. Go Beer tasting: Craft beers are a big deal in Toronto and it’s not hard to find amazing breweries around the city. Check out this link for the best micro breweries this city has to offer. 1. Visit Toronto’s many, many restaurants! For more ideas check out one of our EC Toronto student‘s favourite places to visit in Toronto.  

English Only Policy at EC Toronto

EC Toronto students! Has it ever crossed your mind to give up doing something just for fear of making mistakes and being inappropriate? Persistence and practice are some of the secrets to achieving many things, including learning English. Michael Jordan is considered the greatest basketball player ever. What happened? Magic? No. His achievement is the result of an arduous trek. Michael Jordan spent all his free time training, training and training. The persistence and lack of fear of failure made ​​him a true myth in basketball. Speaking English fluently is the same: you need to practice speaking to get there. Practice until your mouth and your brain can do it without any effort. Only by doing so will you be able to speak English fluently. This is one of the reasons EC Toronto asks you to speak only English when you are inside the school. We call it  our “English Only Policy” and we truly believe in the good results that it can bring to our students.   Sometimes it can be hard:  you may be afraid to speak English because you think  you’re  going to say something wrong, or your pronunciation might not be correct, but it’s very important that you make this little effort for yourself and for the other people around you. When you feel that urge to stop or give up, carry on! That is the moment in which your brain will work harder to learn how to deal properly with the English language. Therefore, guys, here are some reasons why you have to speak English only when you are at EC Toronto: Practice and memorize what you learned in class Communicate with people from other countries Improve your pronunciation faster Talking in your own language in a circle of friends where not everyone understands is rude and unfair So… KEEP CALM, … Read more

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at EC Toronto!

At EC Toronto, our High Intermediate 3 class interviewed people in the streets of Toronto to find out what Thanksgiving means to them. Here is what Barbara and Melanie wrote: Thanksgiving, what are you thankful for? In Canada celebrating Thanksgiving is not only about good meals. People here take it very seriously to preserve native culture alive. Many Canadians celebrate this day with their families and friends and remember the most important things that happened in their lives and give their heartfelt thanks for all the good things. In the street we talked to two different people who express their feelings about this important Holiday. They both agreed that Canada has a lot of things to be thankful because the country offers everyone a good structure and great opportunities. “When I came here I only had $ 500 dollars in my pocket. Now, I own my own company and I have to be thankful for that” – said Clulie. Clulie is from Grenada, a small island in the southeastern Caribbean Sea. She embraced this part of Canadian culture and always celebrates this date with her family and friends. She also invites some people who are less fortunate so they can have a good dinner and a nice day to remember. John, born in Canada, thinks that Holiday are more than having family reunited. To him, Thanksgiving is to celebrate the passages of the fall and the beauties of his country. “I go out for a coffee and promenade and look at the beautiful leaves”. He also says that this Holiday gives him a possibility to share what the last year had given and to be grateful for the colorful leaves and the fruits of the earth. Being international students, it’s very interesting to see how Canadian and immigrants appreciate this time of … Read more

EC Toronto runs for the cure!

Hi all EC Toronto students!   Did any of you notice something strange happening on Sunday morning in downtown Toronto?   Actually we should say: SOMEBODY strange. In fact, fifteen thousand people (yes, 15.000!) invaded Toronto, running 5 kilometers around University Avenue and Queen’s Park for the CIBC Run for the Cure.   And, you know what? EC Toronto staff were there! Renee, our Academic Year coordinator, was proudly EC Toronto’s team captain. Teachers Marissa, Emily S., Martin, Tony, and Student Counsellors Sara, Susan and Valentina joined the EC Toronto team with her. Some running, some walking, they all reached the finish line!   Fundraising to help the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation is still open until the end of October.   If you want to help this good cause, find the pink money box at EC Toronto’s front desk: put $1 (or more) and your guess of how many pieces of pink bubble gum are in the jar. Then at the end of October, we will count them and the student with the closest guess will win the entire jar of gum!!!!!   We thank you in advance for your support!   More information at

Nuit Blanche comes to Toronto this Saturday night!

EC Toronto students — are you art lovers? Whether you are an art lover or not, you can’t miss the ScotiaBank Nuit Blanche this Saturday, October the 5th! More than 500 international and local artists will bring this 12-hour contemporary art event to large audiences. Nuit Blanche has its origins in Paris, and today it is considered one of the biggest contemporary art events. Since 2006 it has definitely brought something magic to Toronto’s early October night. There will be more than 65 projects and 110 contemporary art locations, including the centerpiece installation, “Forever Bicycles” sculpture, by the world-renowned Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, at Nathan Phillips Square. And the best news for our EC Toronto students — don’t worry about the last subway to go home! On this special night, a portion of the TTC subway and GO Transit network will be running all night long. Take a nap in the afternoon! Have a good coffee, and the night adventure will be amazing! Only this Saturday, all night long, all free. You can’t miss it!  And send us your photos so we can post them on FACEBOOK!  Check out all the information at  

Isabella’s story

Hi EC Toronto students! Mich’s Academic Techniques class recently produced journals and we want to share some of them with you. We hope you like them! Today we are posting Isabella Rojas’ testimonial about her personal experience with this BIG question. Isabella is from Colombia, she is eighteen years old and she is definitely experiencing a very important period in her personal growth.   “One night, I was talking with my parents about my future. We had a lot of questions without answers. I was scared, because graduation was coming and I didn’t know what my next step in life was going to be. I was frustrated, scared and lost. The decision of choosing my career was difficult. But it was more difficult for me seeing how time was passing by without any answer for my life. One morning my parents woke me up and my father said to me “we have the answer. You will go to Toronto for a semester to improve your English, and during that time you can think about your future”. I was very surprised about this news, but I agreed with them. Going abroad for some months was the best solution, and we chose EC Toronto. I was very excited about my imminent trip to Toronto. I had a lot of expectations. I knew it was going to be a journey and the best experience of my life. When I arrived in Toronto, I was happy and excited. It was the first time I was going on a trip for so long all by myself. The first week in Toronto apparently wasn’t the best week of my life, as I thought it would be. It was completely different from how I imagined. Everything was different and things seemed to be more complicated. I missed everything about my … Read more