Do you know why EC Toronto’s students love studying here so much ? They study English but they have the opportunity to experience lots of different culture all in the same city! Toronto is a melting pot of people coming from all over the world, and it is one of the best places to be if you are interested in learning various aspects of different cultures. A large number of newcomers in Toronto is International students, and every one of them makes a significant contribution to the economic and cultural development of the city. EC Toronto students, you are part of this group of people the city wants to celebrate! Toronto is awareof how important you are for its cultural development, and this week-end it is ready to celebrate your presence here with a big open party! The International Students Festival will take place on September 28, 2013 at David Pecaut Square, 55 John Street (next to Roy Thomson Hall). International students, their friends and families, institutional staff and foreign dignitaries will all attend this event. It is a great opportunity to meet new friends and to find out about Canadian colleges and universities:  York University, University of Toronto, Seneca and Georgian College are only few of the many academic partners attending the event and they are waiting for you, EC’s students! The Performance Schedule for the day here below: 12:40 p.m.   Amanie (Sudanese pop) 1:00 p.m.     Aboriginal Welcome Ceremony 1:15 p.m.     Diversity of Nations Fashion Exhibition 1:45 p.m.     Opening remarks 2:05 p.m.     Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders of Canada 2:20 p.m.     Student Excellence Awards presentation 3:05 p.m.     Bollywood Dance Performance by D-T International Inc. 3:15 p.m.     Prize Draw #1 3:30 p.m.     Alpha Rhythm (West African drums) 3:45 p.m.     SamulNori Canada Performance 4:10 p.m.     Tom Grosset (World’s Fastest Drummer) 4:25 p.m.     Samba … Read more


Are you planning to take the TOEFL test? If yes, this testimonial could be useful for you! This is Juliana, one of our students currently taking TOEFL preparation classes at EC Toronto.   Juliana is an extremely friendly Brazilian student who joined our General English program the 2nd of July, but after a couple of months she decided to move to TOEFL classes to learn more about the test. Without any plans to take the real test, she was taking the classes to improve her English but after only one month of the TOEFL program she feels much more comfortable with the English language, Juliana decided to apply for the TOEFL and the 25th of October she will take it! Juliana said that moving to TOEFL in Toronto was the best decision for her English, and she could see the results right away. Now she is very comfortable with her English skills and very satisfied with the program. She is so sure about the great results these classes can bring, that she convinced her friend to move to our TOEFL class as well! Dear Juliana, our EC Toronto staff are very happy to hear that you are having such a great time with us and we wish you good luck with your test!! To learn more about TOEFL at EC Toronto, follow this link: Toronto – TOEFL – Higher Score Canada

Tonight is your last chance to go dancing on the pier

Dancing on the pier If you love to dance, this just might be the event for you! Hey EC Students! Canadian summer is so short, why waste any of it inside? Every week in the summer, dancers gather to the harbour front to take in a beautiful view and enjoy dancing in the outdoor. Each week hosts a different kind of music. If you don’t know how to dance the specific night’s theme, don’t worry:  someone will give you a quick lesson before the night begins! Learn dances from around the world, or just let go and dance along the music courtesy of the number of live bands grooving all day. Dancing on the pier runs every Thursday night starting at 7 p.m. and it is now in its third edition. Tonight is the last dance of the season, so if you don’t go now, you will have to come back next summer and study at EC Toronto so you can dance on Thursdays on the pier! So, if you are strolling on the boardwalk tonight and you see hundreds of people dancing at Harbourfront, you will know that this isn’t a ballroom: this is Toronto’s waterfront. WHERE: Harbourfront, 235 Queens Quay W WHEN: every Thursday, 7 p.m. LINK: Enjoy! Your EC Toronto team  

EC Toronto student returns to share his success story

Sometimes they come back EC Toronto students hardly ever forget the sweet times they had at EC Toronto… and sometimes they come back here to take a new course or just to say hello! The smiling guy in the picture is Mohammed and he is from Saudi Arabia. He studied at EC Toronto last June and July. Do you know why he was here yesterday? Because he LOVED EC Toronto! When Mohammed first arrived in Toronto, he couldn’t speak English at all. He started in the Beginner class and he studied so hard that it didn’t take much time before he was able to communicate with other students and make new friends from all over the world. After two months, Mohammed moved up to our Elementary level. He was extremely happy about that, and he is today convinced that EC Toronto really helped him to achieve this result. Yesterday he came to visit EC Toronto Staff and told us his big news: he finally moved to Canada and he is going to attend university in Halifax! English does not scare him anymore and he is ready to start this new adventure! Good luck Mohammed! Everyone at EC Toronto was very happy to see you and hear your good news! EC Toronto is on Facebook! Check us out!

Lounges and computers at EC Toronto

Did you know that EC Toronto has 3 student lounges? Great places to get to know other students, eat lunch (microwaves are available to heat up the lunch you bring from home), talk about your homework, have a cup of coffee, and practice your English! Our 4th floor lounge has a TV so you can watch sports, the latest news, and EC updates. We also have 53 computers for students to use, almost 20 oneach floor! You can check your email, skype with your friends and family, or find interesting websites to learn more vocabulary, practice your reading, watch videos or listen to stories. Here is a great website to check out: What do you think these students are watching on the big screen TV?  To find out more about EC Toronto, check our website and our FACEBOOK page

Wellness Month at EC Toronto

Hello EC Toronto students! Although summertime is making way for Fall, Toronto offers lots of outdoor activities for those who enjoy being out in the open air. September has been chosen as EC’s Wellness month, and we want to share with all of you a different and healthy way to get in touch with our beautiful city! Cycling in Toronto is a fun and easy way to visit the city and enjoy its parks. Toronto’s bikeway network boasts 563 km of bicycle lanes, off-road trails and signed routes! You can cycle in and out of the city using the Waterfront Trail or the multiple rail and bus providers that offer valid bike transportation services. One of the nicest off-road bike trails is actually on the car-free Toronto Island and it is ideal for you if what you need is a quick escape from the city. If you are interested in renting a bike to visit Toronto, you can choose either bike sharing or rental solutions. Indeed, Toronto offers a public bike sharing system called BIXI and lots of bike rentals spots as well. So EC Toronto students, if you are interested in knowing something more about this, you can’t miss with  the following website!

TIFF time in Toronto!

Hello everybody, especially EC Toronto students! If you are in Toronto from September the 5th to the 15th, you will have a very good chance to come across some of the bold-face names of the international stage. Celebrities, actors, directors, producers and cinema-lovers are gathering in downtown Toronto to celebrate the moving image with a ten-day film festival that presents the best of Canadian and international cinema. TIFF offers screenings, lectures, discussions, festivals, workshops, industry support and the chance to meet filmmakers from Canada and around the world. Indeed, TIFF is the most important film festival after Cannes, and every year it boasts the best of the Hollywood heavyweights. Do you want a preview of the stars scheduled for the upcoming red carpet? Meryl Streep, Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Keira Knightley, Marion Cotillard, Glenn Close and Jessica Chastain are just few of them. And for the female fans we have a bunch of really attractive names such as Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Ben Affleck! Although they are not in the official name list, the chance they will show up is definitely high. So, if you see your favourite actor drinking a coffee right beside you, be sure it is not a hallucination: it’s only TIFF time in Toronto! Enjoy it, EC Toronto students!

Ornella’s Homestay Experience at EC Toronto

Today we want to share with you Ornella’s Homestay Experience. Ornella D’Andrea comes from Sankt Gallen, a beautiful city in the heart of the Swiss Alps; she was a student at EC Toronto in July. After that, she enrolled in EC Toronto’s Co-Op program in August and worked as an intern at Brill. Now she is back home and we asked her to give us feedback about her experience with our homestay. Here is what Ornella had to say: Although I had already completed a foreign language program before EC, this was my first time I decided to live with a host-family. At first I was very anxious about what my host-family would be like. I was excited about the neighborhood, my room, the public transfers to get to school and of course about the view inside a Canadian family. Luckily I experienced the homestay at its best. I was staying with my host-mom and her 23-year-old son in one of the nicest areas of Toronto just within a minute-walking distance to the subway station. I lived in a lovely house with lots of beautiful houses and friendly people which I would call my neighbours for two month. I had a big variety of gorgeous cafes and restaurants just across the street and for stroll I would just have the most beautiful park of the city very close to my homestay. My host-mom held up to a very healthy life style, and cooked delicious nutritive meals for me. For any questions I had, she could give me the answer and guide me through my Canadian living. For my way to school or to my internship it took me about 30 minutes. Thanks to my host mom I felt straight away at ease and could call my homestay as my new home during my time … Read more