Become fluent in English at EC Fredonia

Students who want to become fluent in English study at EC Fredonia! Why is our campus special?  There are many reasons, like the benefits of being on a university campus and small class size.  EC students get the most out of their teachers in a small-group setting.  Our classroom environment reflects this.  Students are able to speak one-on-one with teachers and each other and participate in lectures on campus.  Our small size is your advantage!  Small groups are more likely to attend events on campus and travel to community places.  Since there is so much to do in Fredonia, students always have a fun option to choose. Individual attention is the EC way! One EC Fredonia said it best: “Attending EC Fredonia made me change my perspective about teachers and relationship that they had with students.”  Our small class size makes it possible for teachers to give the individual attention that students deserve.  Many students have come from lecture-only backgrounds.  At EC, conversation, debate and individuality are a big part of the program.  You can talk about and research topics you like and discover who you are as a student.  Remember, students who want to become fluent in English study at EC Fredonia! Learn English for University Purposes at EC Fredonia!

Become fluent in English

Become fluent in English in beautiful Fredonia, New York! Learning English in the United States is a great way to improve your fluency. Remember: you use it or you lose it! What better community to live in while learning English than Fredonia, NY? Not only is Fredonia located on the Great Lakes but is home to the State University of New York.  No other EC school can offer what EC Fredonia can! EC and SUNY work closely together to bring you an educational experience that is unique. Fredonia is the only EC school that is located on a university campus. What does that mean for your experience learning English? Exposure to arts and culture that only a university can offer! Known for its strong programs in both music and education, the State University of New York at Fredonia is a great resource. You can also take a path that leads to matriculation in the University, making your college dreams a reality. Don’t miss the chance to become fluent in English at EC Fredonia!  

Become fluent in English at EC Fredonia

Study English Abroad at EC Fredonia

Study English abroad at EC Fredonia and experience the amazing culture western New York has to offer! Our area of the world is a unique blend of Americans and Native Americans.  Western New York has a vibrant population of Seneca people.  New York itself has six Nations: Seneca, Mohawk, Cayuga, Oneida, Onondaga and Tuscarora.  These nations were given reservations of land on which to live after being stripped of their native lands and resources when settlers arrived in the area.  After many decades of turmoil, the Seneca Nation is now a treasured resource used for learning. (More info about New York Indian Reservations) Cultural Opportunities! This took the shape of a culture-sharing session with EC students and Native Seneca students in 7th and 8th grades.  Students from China and Korea were greeted in Seneca by a lively group of teenagers from the reservation.  We got to know the Seneca flag and learned a few words of Seneca.  Then it was our turn!  EC students shared facts about their countries and showed the Seneca students where China and Korea are on the world map.  We challenged the Seneca students to a chopstick contest (after a quick tutorial!).  It was a funny sight to watch those unfamiliar with chopsticks to pick up a gum ball.  After an hour, EC and Native students were conversing, laughing and having a great (and authentic) time.  This is but one reason to visit our beautiful corner of the world and experience the gorgeous scenery and interesting people.  Come study English abroad at EC Fredonia and find out what it means to connect to other cultures!   Learn English for University Purposes at EC Fredonia!

Study English at EC Fredonia

Study English at EC Fredonia and celebrate our country’s 241st anniversary!  It’s Independence Day and Fredonia, NY is bustling with the feeling of the holiday.  Red, white and blue dominate displays at the grocery stores and the party atmosphere is accentuated by gorgeous weather.  Here in the Great Lakes region, that means the boats are out and swimsuits are expected. The water of beautiful Lake Erie is inviting and warm. Typical American barbeques with beer, lawn games and fireworks are anticipated by everyone, but what is at the heart of this holiday? This week, EC students are improving their English skills while learning about America’s independence from Great Britain.  Some little- known facts about this American celebration?  July 4th was not a national holiday until 1941!   Americans will eat 150 million hotdogs on this day.  Four U.S. presidents were either born or died on July 4th.  In 1777 Americans used lit candles to show their patriotism instead of fireworks (if your windowsills had no candles, it was certain you were loyal to Great Britain!).  There are so many interesting facts about our Independence Day, we at EC are so happy to be able to apply English skills to build historical knowledge.  Culture is power! Learn English for University Purposes at EC Fredonia!