Slang Phrase: “Pig Out”

This week’s American Slang Phrase is commonly used on college campuses!

When students get stressed because of tests, finals week, or because a paper is due, they tend to eat more.

Or, if they are just bored and sitting in their room with friends they will usually do this.


Phrase: Pig out

Meaning: To eat a lot of food at one time (typically bad food)

Example: “My friends are coming over later and we’re just going to watch movies and pig out”




With this American Slang Phrase, a lot of students gain the “freshman 15″ when they go to college. This means they gain an extra 15 pounds while at college because they are on their own and can create their own eating habits without mom and dad being here. Students tend to “pig out” more than they should, and then comes the freshman 15!


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