Students at EC San Francisco not only learn English but also play hard

Drew’s Bowling Night Activity

It was fun to watch the styles of everyone playing tonight as some barely roll the ball down to the pins while others threw  it over 20 miles an hour –our scores were all over the place but it didn’t matter : we were there just to have some laughs and everyone had a good time. You can join some of Drew’s awesome activity adventures by checking the activities schedule. The schedule is posted on the board in the student lobby, on the front board, and as always on Facebook. Liking EC San Francisco’s Facebook page is one of the best ways to stay informed and make sure that your experience at EC San Francisco is fun and exciting. Learn basic English at San Francisco.  

EC San Francisco students study ESL in San Francisco and go to baseball games

San Francisco Giants vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

This Game was full of drama since it  was between the two oldest rivals in baseball and again our team dominated it through the mist and fog shutting down Los Angeles 4-0 ! We took a tour around the stadium and checked out the right field from behind the players enjoying the only location in any baseball park in America where you could be 10 feet from the field and not pay a dime ! We also walked all around enjoying the different kinds of (yes , expensive ) food and children’s ballpark upstairs behind the bleachers.Everybody went wild when Buster Posey hit a homerun and started chanting ‘let’s go Giants!’ Go out into the city, have fun and study ESL in San Francisco.

Exploring the Mission Murals

While studying ESL San Francisco, it’s always an exceptional trip because we get to learn about some of the history of the Mission district as well as the program that teaches young at risk youth how to paint and draw so they can become artists! After getting trained in the Precita Eyes program the at risk youths get hired working on various projects with the  murals in the mission  and elsewhere! And not just designing and painting political and socially progressive and controversial themes on  garages but even on  churches,  McDonald’s,  schools, the legendary Women”a center, and even on the electricity boxes on 24th Street. Also, we went down one of the little streets with murals we ended up playing a game with goggles on where you could have an out of body experience : here are a few pictures from that– Seongwoo Lee was hilarious but Jessica beat the boys! It’s a lot of walking,  and sometimes there’s a little bit of grumbling, but at the end when we are eating the best ice cream in town everyone lights up like children at a birthday party–we sat down at Mission Dolores Park watching the sunset , Woow ! ——————— Written by Drew Rogers, who teaches Business English at EC San Francisco 

Bike the Golden Gate Bridge

I take students on this every 3-4 months and every time it’s an adventure! Before stopping for any snacks we formed a pyramid that framed the background GG bridge. The first challenge: my scheduled first stop was the Crissey Field Cafe for a strong coffee and croissant or pastry just before we would tackle the GG bridge…it was closed for renovations for a month–a communal groan  from the hungry masses, but they hung on as I promised better stuff on the other side of the bridge–but the day got more interesting on the Marin side. Laura got a flat on the Golden Gate Bridge and didn’t realize it until she got over the bridge. So while the others kept riding on to Sausalito, I stayed with her at the Cavallo Point Inn where we had a good ( and expensive) lunch waiting for another bike to ride, sent from the bike company. They ended up taking her and her friend on a tour of SF in a convertible car (“It worked out so well!”). Well, for the rest of the students, they got to hang out in sunny Sausalito and check out the Taj Mahal (I met up with them by then ) houseboat before finally getting on the Ferry boat back to the Ferry building as sunset glowed over the city. Any regrets? ” Next time we will have time for gelato ice cream with an hour longer of sun!” –Drew Rogers, Teacher of Business English in San Francisco

The San Francisco Insider – Drew’s Tips: What to do on your Three Day Weekend!

Ready for a break after your week of studying hard for your English courses? The San Francisco Insider is a regular contribution from EC San Francisco teacher Drew Rogers, who knows how to make the most of anybody’s stay in the San Francisco Bay Area! … Ok , so you have a three day holiday in SF this Monday and don’t know what to do?? Actually, rethink that—the hard part is limiting your options! Soooo much you can do-but as the ferries will end services after October 26th (to the islands) then take advantage of the smaller crowds and nice weather now. Just remember, banks are closed and just about everything else is open for Columbus Day despite the fact that he never came to our shores! Don’t want to go far? Check out the long list of things to do in SF, or take BART to Jack London Square in the East Bay for a variety of activities from free coffee tour guides to Oakland’s Jack of All Trades Market (by the same people who produce the Treasure Island Flea) features a curated mix of nearly 100 local makers, indie designers, antiquers, collectors, artists, start-ups and more. In addition to shopping for one-of-a-kind items, there are food and craft beers. Always make sure to check out the FUNCHEAPSF website for lists of fun and free events. You can search by days or by the weekend. If you want to venture to the islands or coves nearby, a special treat… A DIFFERENT VERSION OF ALCATRAZ: Indigenous natives’ SUNRISE CEREMONY !!! MONDAY ONLY for $11. Get tickets ASAP and get ready for a very unique American Indian experience unlike any in the USA (schedule of ferries—remember to always look at the HOLIDAY/Weekend schedule-Monday being a holiday!). This is a one day event. Boats will depart Pier 33 at approximately 5:15am, 5:30am, 5:45am, and 6:00am. The Indigenous People’s Sunrise Gathering is a … Read more

The San Francisco Insider – Drew’s Tips: What to do on Labor Day Weekend!

Ready for a break after your week of studying hard for your English courses? The San Francisco Insider is a regular contribution from EC San Francisco teacher Drew Rogers, who knows how to make the most of anybody’s stay in the San Francisco Bay Area! … As you may know, Burning Man began Monday and goes through the next Monday, which you may know is Labor Day; but those who think it’s too expensive, far away, tough to get a ticket, find a friend to go with—are all wrong—simply look for last minute deals that ALWAYS happen—it’s merely a question of will (or won’t)! I’ve gone on Friday for a 3 day pass and got the full “burner” experience as well, and I nailed a very reasonable ticket on Craigslist, found a ride easily and camped with “strangers” who became friends—it’s the magic of BM! For most of you, though, this coming Labor Day weekend will be more about local stuff: music, picnics, bbqs, hikes, bikes, or just relaxing and seeing the big city shrink to its lowest (except tourists) population during the summer—and that means you’ll see Fog City relax, move slower and quieter than ever! Suggestions? Well, start TODAY! Union Square hosts monthly dance lessons and music, and today you will be treated some some very fun stuff if you want to experience a very American music and dance genre: Rockabilly! Swing in the Square is a swinging live concert and dance series taking place every fourth Wednesday from May to September from 6-8 pm. Find the information here. To begin your weekend, try either the weekly free music/art venue at the world class de Young Museum from 5pm to 8:30pm   Or if you prefer MJ, then you are lucky for 3 reasons: Friday you can get your dance on with a Tribute to … Read more

The San Francisco Insider – Drew’s Tips: Friday nights at the De Young

Ready for a break after your week of studying hard for your English courses? The San Francisco Insider is a regular contribution from EC San Francisco teacher Drew Rogers, who knows how to make the most of anybody’s stay in the San Francisco Bay Area! … We are lucky to have so many cultural freebies in this city, and  the first event I’ll bring up is a grand tradition called Friday nights at the De Young (museum). Depending on the month or even week, musical acts change depending on the cultural event. For instance, generally, near Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican band will perform; or if it’s a Spanish theme, well, guess who shows up on stage? It goes from 5:30–8:30pm  every Friday, all ages welcome; cash bar, cafe/restaurant, free live music, arts and crafts–and see the museum  for free as well! So how else do you explore your journey in this robust town? Well, the first thing to do is check out my favorite budget-friendly center where you only need fast fingers to win prizes (I have) while perusing the various events both in SF as well as in the Bay area. Yes, was started by a  student  who moved here with little money to waste, and his friend got tired of lending him money; so he did what every smart  student might do: he went to every event that was free– or almost free– and now he’s parlayed that into his own website that lists daily activities for the week with live links/info (and he’s now a VIP everywhere making good $$)! On this site you’ll find everything from a world famous DJ playing late nights for only $5 (last weekend, Mark Farina) to only paying $8 for ice skate rentals with  2 hour skate at Yerba Buena ice rink behind the Metreon. Btw, that special is every Wednesday night starting at … Read more