Young Learners at EC San Francisco

  who are they! It has become a habit that we receive a closed group of young learners in January. The agency, ACP, promotes for two weeks of English learning to young South Koreans. They come from different cities in Korea. They are 10 to 15 year old boys and girls. Two adult leaders accompany them, and are responsible for their well-being and fun after school activities.  We were responsible for providing their lunch everyday. In class! They spend their winter vacation between learning English, experiencing the American classroom, and enjoy their time in the San Francisco. This year we had 19 students who arrived on the 10th. We tested them, placed them all in our biggest classroom. Teacher Linah was assigned to teach them for two weeks. She was responsible on scaffolding what they have already acquired in Korea. They learned about Media on week one, then learned about Arts on week two. They also painted and drew a lot of pictures expressing their feelings and experiences. The most part they enjoyed was telling stories using Rory’s Cubes. On their last day, they watched the Netflix movie Klaus as a whole class. Outside of class! The South Korean kids enjoyed their afternoon schedule too. They went out and explored the Bay Area everyday. They visited Pier 39 and enjoyed the Sea Lions. They went to Fishermen Wharf with Teacher Sophie. Teacher Phan took them to the Coit Tower. They toured around North Beach with Teacher Chloe. They visited the Mission and the Golden Gate Park. A Korean graduate student from UC Berkeley gave them a tour and introduced them to the University’s historical significance. Then, they went to Sausalito and spent the day enjoying ice cream with Teacher Linah. They visited the Museum of Ice Cream, too! They finally … Read more

A Recap of January

National Pie Day We at EC like our pies, we wish it is pie day everyday! So on 1/24 we decided to celebrate America’s national pie day with our students. During break, we Brough a banana pie, and apple pie, a pumpkin and pecan pie… We shared them with every one! Exploratorium The best experience of the Exploratorium is when you enjoy it at night. On 1/23 we booked tickets for after hours night tours. We interacted with Science and experimented with different concepts while enjoying a couple of refreshments and some small bites! Sketching & Art On the fifteenth of this month, we have so many artists among us! But we also have so many more who are daredevils and are willing to try out FREE art class with Amanda. The topic of interest was to sketch portraits while we’re blind folded. They turned out great! We thank you everyone who participated! Crossing the GGB January is usually a month of fog! It’s fog city anyway. There’s always Karl rolling into the city! So, it was a rare day of January the 12th, when Anna took a bunch of our lucky students to cross the Golden Gate Bridge all the way to Sausalito. They enjoyed their day and had a great exercise. Also, lunch in Sausalito is the best! There are way too many options of delicious food and local restaurants overlooking the Bay! Sungho Graduated! Sungho from South Korea is one of our most awesome long term students. He spent over six months with us. He met his girlfriend and started a romance story with her in our school. But then she left to EC New York. So he finally decided to follow her and be with her. As much as we were bummed for losing one of … Read more


We hope that you had a great Halloween! Our Halloween was the BEST! We decorated our school with spider webs and zombie hands reaching out to get you! We had a giant spider hanging around the EC sign. The orange carpet fit in the middle of school. Our skull greeted students on the front desk. A giant cat bowl had all kinds of candy and sweets for trick or treats. At out student lounge, we had a skeleton playing our guitars at night. It gets lonely you know! However, the best part of Halloween was dressing up and costume bragging! Students dressed up and wore make up in scary, sexy and original costumes. Our teachers ganged up to dress like Bruce, the Grinch of Halloween, who came dressed as himself! It was hilarious! Our center director Ryan wore a head of a black goat. Amanda came out of a black and white movie. She made an awesome contrast with all the color costumes we had. And our lovely sweet Anna came a bunny! We had a Halloween costume contest and 3 students won our prizes. Then, we also had a toilet paper wrap mummy contest costumes and wrapped him / her with paper towel until they couldn’t see their way down the orange carpet. EC is asking our students to send us all the photos they took that day! Our promise is to add more awesome and interesting costumes! Also, you can check out Instagram page for more EC costumes! They’re hilarious, sexy and some are really funny!   We ended our Halloween night with a scary movie. Our students voted to watch Ghost Busters. Therefor, we gathered in the Students’ lounge shared some popcorn and Halloween candy, drank some soda and Apple Cider. And we called it a day … Read more

Our weekend trip to Los Angeles by Sandra Taschke

  We booked our weekend trip to Los Angeles trough Expidition America – a company which does tours & excursions for international students, groups and travelers in the U.S. On Friday morning we went to a meeting point where a bus had picked us up to get to L.A. Our first stop after the long ride was the Santa Monica Pier – it was really beautiful! We could watch the sunset while enjoying dinner at one of the food stands. There were also many wheel and roller coasters you could ride. After spending there two hours, the bus had taken us to our motel for check-in. Afterwards we went to the Walk of Fame – which was only 5 minutes away from our motel by foot. It was night time as we got there, so it looked really cool. After seeing the stars of the Walk of Fame, me and my friends went to a bar at this street. The next morning the bus had picked us up and drove us to the Griffith Observatory – where you can get a great view all over L.A. You can even see the Hollywood sign, even though it’s looks small from there. Inside the building of the observatory there are many space and science related displays for people who are interested in these kinds of things. After this, we went to Farmers Market. There were many food stalls and restaurants, where we could have lunch at. Me and my friends went to a restaurant there and had a very huge, shared mac and cheese bowl. Right after lunching we went to Venice Beach. We were walking at the Boardwalk where you could buy souvenirs and food and enjoy the view. And our last stop for that day was  Rodeo drive – the … Read more

free classes

FREE Classes!

Here at EC San Francisco, we offer our students three free classes every week. Students can attend these classes without having to pay. Each class is one hour long. They’re led by one of our qualified teachers. Also, the classes are multi-level, so that students from all levels can learn from each others’ experiences. Below is a brief description of each class.   California History and Culture In this class, students are introduced to Californian history and culture. We illustrates how the culture is unique yet crucial to American culture and history. The gold rush started in California. Hollywood shaped the culture of the United States. In addition, the Lakers & the Warriors are Californians teams. In this class, we also discuss current events in California, and how they affect the States and the whole world. Currently, this class is led by teacher Gifford. Writing Writing in English is very different from writing in your own languages. For example, the structure of an English language Article is very different from an Arabic one. We know that most of English language learners face a bit of a challenge when it comes to writing. Hence why we provide this mixed level writing class. Whether you are writing for your TOEFL exam, or for a Statement of Purpose, or creative writing, our teachers will most definitely help you. They are trained to guide you step by step to have the perfect writing piece. Currently this class is led by teacher Chloe. Prononciation This class is designed to enhance student pronunciation and listening to certain difficult sounds. Pronunciation is key to communication, that’s why our teachers will work with you using tongue twisters, homophones and IPA charts. We will also sing along and repeat sentences. We will explain why certain word clusters make certain … Read more

Student of the Month of May

  Our San Francisco’s team of teachers selected Sihyun (Sirena) from the Advanced class to be our May student of the month for her hard work and her ongoing efforts to better herself. She’s always helping other students and leading awesome activities. She tries to also educate fellow students about feminist issues. When we asked her about her time at EC so far, she said the following: “As a student from EC SF, I have experienced many valuable moments. When I first came to San Francisco, I was so nervous but thanks to my teachers and friends, I could easily get used to my life here. Being an student ambassador is an amazing thing. Even though English is not my mother tongue, I really like expressing myself and enjoy the communication with friends from different countries. I have been here for 7 months now. Time flies, but I will try to enjoy the rest of my days at EC SF. Thanks to everyone and everything that has become a part of my precious memories”.   Here at EC English San Francisco, you can be part of a great community. 

May Secret Activities! Hush Hush!

Hello EC San Francisco! Before we tell you our secrets in May, we want to tell you that our May Calendar is out. Go to the front desk heroes and ask for your copy! May is FULL of fun activities. Now let us tell you about some off-calendar events that you and your friends can explore:   1. SF Cinco de Mayo Festival: Cinco de May is an annual celebration of the Mexican Army’s victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla. Every year, San Francisco celebrates the day on the weekend of the 5th. “The 2019 SF Cinco de Mayo Festival will take place on Saturday 10 A.M – 6 P.M., May 4th, 2019, occupying Valencia Street between 21st and 24th Streets.” Check their website.    2. How Weird Street Faire: A one day event, in the heart of San Francisco! It is an annual event for art, music, performances and everything WEIRD! They’re holding their 20th annual event this year on May 5th. The fair starts at 12:00PM to 8:00PM. “This year, the four main entrances to the faire are at Howard and 1st Streets, at Howard and New Montgomery Streets, Folsom and 2nd Streets, and at Mission and 2nd Streets” For more information, click here.   3. The Great San Francisco Sidewalk Sale: San Francisco loves its small business and local merchants! So, every year the city collaborates with these local businesses and encourage people to go out and shop! On May 11, “Small businesses will offer a variety of sales, tastes and entertainment” for free!   4. Carnaval San Francisco On Feb of 1979, performers, dancers and other fun people decided to start parading in uniforms and costumes. They drummed their way dancing and parading. They decided they will be the first San Francisco Carnaval. Ever since, … Read more

Starting Our Summer with BBQ

Last week, we organized our first BBQ party. On Friday, after graduation, we headed our way to the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Around 55 students joined us to eat authentic real American burgers and hot dogs! Our school’s director, Ryan and our student services hero, Anna lead the BBQ. Together we enjoyed  playing soccer, tennis and other sports! We celebrated the graduation of our students’ ambassadors Lisa and Talal. They spent almost a year representing our school well. We are sad to see them leave us, but also excited to see where they advance in their journey! Also, fluffy friends were welcome. We met Abigail’s little dog and took many pictures with him! We look forward to more of these EC family activities! We can’t wait for you to join us at our English Language School in San Francisco. Here are some pictures we gathered from students; EC thanks you for being the photographer!        


October Activity Calendar for EC San Francisco

  Happy Fall month of October! At EC San Francisco, we think it is very important for students to join activities to learn English in a fun environment, to use more English outside of school and to discover the Bay Area. Join us this month on some fun activities in San Francisco! Every month, the school plans a variety of activities for students with teachers, staff and student ambassadors. All accompanied activities in orange require a 5-student minimum, so it is very important to sign up. Most of the activities are free of charge, but some of them require a small contribution. Please pay for tickets and weekend trips at the front desk. October activities at EC Some of the highlights for this month include Alcatraz Tour, Kayaking in the Bay Area, Warrior’s Game Happy Hour, Halloween Party as well as so much more. Check out the October activity calendar to know all the activities for the next weeks! We have some great activities planned for you this month at this fun language school in San Francisco. We encourage students to join as many events as they can to increase exposure to English-speaking opportunities and environments! Classes in blue and activities in orange are free of charge. Please ask the front desk if you have any questions! Are you interested in studying in San Francisco? Check out English School in San Francisco!


Momoko from Japan: ” My dream came true in San Francisco”

  Momoko from Japan was looking for a place to study English and she ended up opting for EC’s ESL School in San Francisco. She studied at EC for 24 weeks, where she took an Intensive Course. In addition to this, Momoko participated in a lot of activities organized by the school. She got to meet people from all around the world and to have amazing experiences. Here is what Momoko had to say:   Since several years ago, it was my dream to study abroad and live in the USA especially California and make a lot of friends from other countries as well. Finally, I finished my school here and I could make both of my dreams come true!! On my first day, I was really nervous and worried about everything such as school, new friends and my English. Because I didn’t have confidence of talking in English. Also because of my shy personality, it was difficult to talk with new people. So, I felt that I had a long day every day. But a lot of students talked to me and invited me to some activities. Since I talked with a lot of friends and enjoyed my life in San Francisco every day, my time started to fly so fast. I spent 24 weeks in San Francisco but I didn’t feel it was such a long time. In EC SF, I joined a lot of free activities after school. It’s my favorite point. In this activity, I could practice pronunciation and go to many neighborhoods not only sightseeing spots but also local places. Thanks to the activity, I could make a lot of new friends. Through these activities and daily classes, I found that I don’t have to speak perfect English at first. I can make mistakes when … Read more