Kateryna from Ukraine: “Enjoy San Francisco with your new fiends!”

  Kateryna, a student from Ukraine has been with us at EC San Francisco for 4 months. She is taking an Intensive course at EC San Francisco. She loves to exercise, so she runs and works out after studying. She actively participates in some activities with her friends. She really enjoys San Francisco more in addition to studying! Here are some comments from Kateryna: I have been in EC San Francisco for a long time and I can say that I like this school very much! San Francisco will always have association with EC school for me forever. The staff in EC San Francisco is very nice, funny and friendly. I really love them because they always helped me with anything I ask for. Almost every day after my afternoon classes we have different activities, which are organized very well. The teachers in school are very nice. They always know how to make studies more interesting and also when I have some problems with essays my teachers have shown me some hints on how to improve my writing skills faster and what to pay attention to. We celebrated Halloween, Christmas and New Year together. The staff really do care for students’ life and they pay attention to any problems if students have. The staff makes the atmosphere at school friendly, so that the studying process goes fast! Are you interested in studying in San Francisco? Check out our Intensive English Courses in San Francisco!


Jacky from China: “Try new challenges!”

  Jacky, a student from China has been with us at EC San Francisco for 4 months. He is taking an Intensive course at EC San Francisco. In addition to this, he is one of the student ambassadors and sometimes organizes activities for all students at EC San Francisco. Even though he is 18 years old and one of the youngest students, he doesn’t hesitate to try new challenges with other students! Here are some comments from Jacky: There is no doubt that being a student here is an enjoyable and delightful thing. When I was a freshman at EC. Gregory and Andy, my teachers, have helped me a lot. Because I was new in class, I was shy to answer a question, but when I took their course, I found they were very good at teaching. I was impressed by the relaxed but efficient way of teaching. Everyone in the class learned lot of about English, and we always forgot the time of our little break time. Of course, we wouldn’t lose a minute of our break time. They would make it up for us. Sometimes we were bad in grammar and they corrected us hundreds of times. I admit my spoken English is poor because I usually ignore third person singular. For example, she likes I will say she like, and after saying that Gregory will shake his head, which means I need to correct my sentence. If I make the same mistake the next time, he will say “Jacky, S.” with a funny voice. To be honest, he is my best teacher that I have ever known not only because of his unique style of teaching but also because of his patience and erudition. EC has many interesting activities including entertainment, education, and sport. For me, I’m … Read more


Meet Teacher Shin-Shin!

  In recent months, there have been several changes in teaching staff here at EC San Francisco. One of our new additions is Teacher Shin-Shin. Here’s a little bit about her: Shin-Shin holds the internationally recognized CELTA qualification and has recently returned to the San Francisco Bay Area after four years of teaching abroad in regions such as Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Shin-Shin’s area of specialization is Business English, and she has extensive experience teaching at corporate offices assisting professionals reach their language goals. Her approach towards teaching is open, communicative, and supportive, and she is excited to be the newest member of the EC San Francisco team. When Shin-Shin isn’t working, she can be found at art museums, attending food and social justice events, or hiking. We are so happy to have Shin-Shin on-board and can’t wait to get her on more classes once the new year season hits! Are you interested in studying in San Francisco? Check out our Intensive English Courses in San Francisco!


An amazing view in San Francisco

  Since I’ve been living in San Francisco for more than 6 months, I want to try to see as much of this beautiful city as I can. One of the most beautiful views of San Francisco is Battery Spencer. When you go there, you can see an amazing San Francisco view with the Golden Gate Bridge. You can also see wonderful nature behind you. There are lots of hiking courses and a good bike route as well. If you like to exercise, San Francisco is an amazing city for exercise activities. So, if you want to see the view and exercise, come to San Francisco and let’s go! I went there last week, walking across the bridge from the Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center which was a piece of cake. The length of the bridge is 1.7 mi (2.7 km). One side of the bridge has a space for pedestrians and the other side is for bicyclists. After you cross the bridge, find stairs and walk underneath the bridge going to go to the other side of the bridge where there is a hiking path. Next, when you follow the course to Battery Spencer, you need to walk up and down a hill. After you go up, you can see an awesome San Francisco view! It took us about one hour to get there. I know it’s a long time for 2.9 mi (4.6 km), but it’s worth a look at the amazing view with your eyes. After that, I went down to Kirby Cove for a lunch break where there was also another wonderful view point. I really recommend this place! The place is very famous for taking photos with the sunrise and the Golden Gate Bridge. If you are lucky, you can even see whales! Are you … Read more