EC San Francisco English School’s Writing Class – Blog Post About Blogs!

This month, the writing class at EC San Francisco English School has taken an in-depth look at some popular blogs. So we have created a blog post that is about blogs! Each student chose one that they were interested in, summarized a post and reviewed the blog. Check out what they found! 1) Omar Quintero – GranTourismo! Grantourismotravels is a tourism blog, this blog is written and photographed by Lara Dunson and Terence Carter. They travel around the world and they not practice the normal tourist of the known the special tourist places or the most delicious restaurants, they leave like a local people and they  show us the daily routing in the life of the countries than they visited. One of the post that they have is about the Asian Travel Etiquette, in this post you can find how you should greet people, how to conduct your self, what is considered good manners and what’s not and what you should wear. I like this blog because they try to deep in the culture of the country that they visited, is not superficial tourist they learn and teach about the smalls but important issues of the countries. This blog help us to prepare ours future travels around the world. 2) Juan David Acosta – Stance Works Post:Joy Johnston’s newing/Alpil VolksWagen Beetle. This post is completely based on car modifications and mainly focused in lowering rides. I consider myself a car enthusiast therefore I found this post really attractive and constructive for my aesthetics references. I read in it about many detailing aspects about the interior, and the whole process that it took to reach that point of excellence. Also is involved the connection between the owner and the machine, which is a strong reality that becomes sometimes in relationship. So if … Read more

DynED Software Piloting Program at ECSF English School!

As the year is winding down, EC San Francisco staff and students are gearing up for another great year of learning and engaging lessons. Besides awesome classes, our school has been offering many extracurricular activities such as Guided Study and the Hood Walk. Listening is one of the most difficult challenges for students of all proficiency levels but ECSF students have recently had the opportunity to improve their skills in this area by participating in sessions with DynED. DynED is an innovative computer software that helps students learn English in engaging and interactive ways. Students can study and improve their listening skills in the privacy of their own home or pretty much anywhere else they want. All you need is a computer. This is a unique opportunity for English students in San Francisco, as the program is still in development. Students can also offer feedback in order to optimize DynED’s effectiveness for future students. The last few sessions have been offered to Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate students but we intend to continue this partnership and offer it to a variety of levels. Keep your eyes and ears open in class for future announcements regarding great opportunities to learn with DynED.  Teacher Kristin  

EC English Students Invaded Yosemite National Park!

Hi ECSF students and readers, I’m a new writer. My name is Bastien, from France and I’m 21 years old. I’m a new Student Ambassador and consequently you will see me during many weeks in the editorial line of this blog. Today, I want to share with you my trip to Yosemite National Park with fourteen other EC students. At EC San San Francisco you meet awesome people and so, when you decide to organize a weekend with these people, you know that you will enjoy your time a lot! We rented a huge house about an hour away from the Park. We had a lounge room with a billiard, a Jacuzzi in the bathroom; an enormous table for eating the brunches of our chief cooks… All the things you need to spend a good time with your friends and just enjoy the weekend! When we arrived to Yosemite, we smelt the pure air of the mountains and forests. Imagine the colors of the fall, a blue and sunny sky, a big hot jacket and the deer who passed close to you. The landscapes are wonderful and all amateur photographers could find their pleasures and take beautiful photos. Just look at mine! Since we visited Yosemite in the Fall, the sunset came quickly and early, so be careful about your arrival time. If you meet a bear during the night, you might not be happy! Of course, I am only kidding .J On the way back, we decided to pass a few hours at the “New Melones Lake”. With nobody around us, we were alone in this world. We took a rest and enjoyed these moments together. On the highway, we were lucky to see an awesome red sunset. We stopped the cars to take pictures. It was the highlight … Read more

How Well Do You Know Your Table Etiquette?

Hi English Students of EC San Francisco and readers, Our first week back from Thanksgiving vacation is drawing to a close and with it ends the first week of many new classes, including Comparative Cultures. Comparative Cultures is an upper level elective that was on a hiatus but has returned to ECSF. This course gives students the opportunity to learn about American customs and values and compare them to their own cultures. This week the students have been learning about proper table etiquette in America. As some of you may know, Americans can be very particular about customs. The proper way to act at the dinner table is no exception. This week the students have been working in small groups to teach each other about all the important details, from how to tip to the proper way to make a toast. As smart as everyone in the class is, there is still a lot they have learned. These skills may seem trivial but they will be invaluable in the future when these students find themselves at a business dinner or when they’re meeting their future in-laws. Teacher Tim

English + Wine, Yes! Learn English and Learn about Wine

One of the things that makes EC San Francisco a top English language school in San Francisco is the English + Wine program.  A recent student from Japan, Ken Tatsumi, enrolled in the program.  Here is what he wrote about the English + Wine course. “I have a reason why I chose this school.  Because this school has a wine class which was organized for me.  There are tasting classes, wine and cheese matching class and windey tours.  I could enjoy especially the winery tours.  Not only drinks, but studying about tasting, and history of wine making in California.  It was my precious experience in San Francisco.” Several other students joined in the winery tour to Sonoma where we visited 2 wineries, Two Amigos and Buena Vista.