EC Host Families with Isabel Frauenknecht

Isabel (Middle) with classmates Denise and Ayako enjoying the weekend with their EC Host-Families.

What was it like first meeting your host-family?
From the minute I met them, they were so kind and gave me a hug. As soon as I arrived, we went on a tour of the city which made me feel more familiar with the bay area. My host-father’s brother also hosts students learning English. It was cool because we didn’t know our way around and got to experience everything as a group.

For what reasons did you decide that using a home-stay would be better than a student residence?

I think staying with a host-family is a much better way to improve your English than in a residence. You have no other choice but to speak English and everyday we talk about something new. I think this is important for anyone who wants to practice their English as much as possible.

What are 3 things that make staying with a host-family worth while?

– Feeling at home
– Being part of other people’s plans
– Continuously improving your English outside of school

How would you describe your relationship with your host-family now?

At first they were just my host-family but now they are close friends. They are very family-orientated and I will continue to keep in touch.

What advice can you give new students moving into their host-family for the first time?

– Keep an open-mind because you can learn a lot and receive plenty of good advice
– Remember to respect other families’ cultures and traditions
– Offer to help out, even if everything seems to be okay
– Go to a host family!