Go ‘Let It Out!’: Language Of Anger

Whether we like it or not, anger affects us all. Quite often, we can control, or at least ‘tame’ these feelings of aggression. However, there comes a time in every person’s life when enough is enough… The snoring room-mate. The one who talks with his mouth full. The young woman on her cell phone who can’t seem to stop talking. We can’t take it anymore. Anger. Fury. Filled with rage, our blood starts to ‘boil’. It’s time to let it out…. We are only human after all. a bad hair day: when everything seems to go wrong Steve seems to be having a real bad hair day. He’s experiencing no luck whatsoever! to bite someone’s head off: to strongly criticize another individual I’m sorry! Please, calm down. Don’t bite my head off! to blow a fuse: to suddenly lose one’s temper or patience Out of the blue, Rachel snapped and blew a fuse. Nobody expected it. to drive someone up the wall: annoying another person to a great extent Amber’s tone of voice is so irritating. It really drives me up the wall. to have a bone to pick: to show anger towards someone and have a need to express it Daniel has a bone to pick with you. Why didn’t you show up for the movie last night? the gloves are off: an act of violence is about to occur Okay, that’s enough. I’ve had it and the gloves are off! the last straw: so angry you can’t take it anymore I mean it, you guys. One more joke about my height and that’ll be the last straw.

‘Techno Talk’: Be Your Own Robot!

When it comes to technology, we’ve come a long way. The same goes for language. Keep yourself up-to-date with such techno language. to blow a fuse: to become extremely angry or aggressive Richard blew a fuse when he found out the Giants threw away the 5th inning. to get one’s wires crossed: to misunderstand an arrangement or piece of information I was under the impression we were supposed to meet at 19.30. We must have got our wires crossed! hit the airwaves: to promote an idea via TV/radio or to express one’s opinion Today, Jack Johnson will hit the airwaves to promote his latest single. well-oiled machine: something efficient and reliable or that functions very well Rafael Nadal seems to return every shot. He is most certainly a well-oiled machine. to push one’s buttons: to deliberately provoke or annoy another individual Rachel can be so annoying! She really knows how to push my buttons. all-singing/all dancing: the most up-to-date, latest technology Check out the apps on my new iPad 2- Wi-Fi, Digital Camera, a ton of E-Books. It really is all singing, all dancing!

Phrasal Verbs: ‘Tighten Up’ Your English

DRAW UP– to prepare, arrange or organize 1. I’ll come down for supper after I draw up a revision schedule. DIG UP – to get hold of secret information 2. Marcus was paid five hundred pounds to dig up some dirt on David Cameron. COME UP– to be mentioned 3. I doubt the subject of Quantum Physics will come up in our science test tomorrow. CHEER UP– to assist in making one feel happier 4. Wipe away those tears and we’ll get you some ice cream. That will cheer you up. BRING UP– to raise or rear 5. Mark was born in Seoul but brought up in Portland, Oregan. (Past) BALL UP– to roll something up 6. Toby, who had a flight to catch, threw his clothes into the suitcase and balled everything up (past). BLOW UP– to suddenly become angry 7. Remember to do your assignment. Harrison will blow up if you fail to hand it in the second time around. ACT UP– to behave poorly (human) or malfunction (machinery) 8. Tomorrow, I’ll take the TV to Best Buy. It’s acting up again. BACK UP– to conveniently make copies of a computer file 9. Unfortunately, Henry forgot to back up his spreadsheets before leaving work for the day. The boss won’t be happy.

Changing Our Tune: Idioms of Music

“Without music, life would be a mistake” ~Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche ‘Fine-tune’ your English with these idioms of music! Face the music: To confront and accept the negative consequences of a personal wrong-doing “It was time for Henry to pay off his credit card and face the music” All that jazz: Everything related or similar to “This afternoon we’re off to Manhattan. We’ll probably stop by Times Sqaure, The Empire State Building, maybe even Madison Sqaure Garden. You know, all that jazz” Blow one’s own trumpet: To brag about one’s success or ability “Claire was extremely talented and was never afraid to blow her own trumpet” Music to one’s ears: A pleasing piece of news “When I heard that classes had been cancelled for Labor Day, it was like music to my ears!” Fit as a fiddle: To be physically fit or in good health “Although he’s nearly 40, David Beckham is still as fit as a fiddle” Clear as a bell: Extremely easy to understand “The directions Marcus gave us to the Civic Centre were as clear as a bell” Change one’s tune: To suddenly change one’s opinion about a certain subject “For a liberal politician, he has certainly changed his tune since the last election”

Come Dine With EC!

Food, Glorious Food! Put your culinary skills to the test with these ‘Cookbook’ essentials. Bake- To cook in a oven, without oil (Meatloaf, Cookies, Scones etc.) Fry- To cook in a pan with hot oil (Bacon, Onions, Eggs etc.) Boil- To cook in hot water (Potatoes, Pasta etc.) Dice- To cut into small cubes (Cucumbers, Peppers amd other Vegetables) Knead- To repetitively fold dough in one’s hands (Bread, Pizza Dough etc.) Simmer- To cook over a low flame for an extended amount of time (Chili Con Carne, Bolognese etc.) Grate- To cut food into numerous, smaller ‘shreds’ (Cheese, Fruit etc.) Pound- To beat and make ‘tender’ (Meat, Fish etc.) Steam- To cook via the rise of vapor, given off by boiling water (Broccoli, Carrots etc.)

Change Your Perspective: Seeing The World From Different Angles

See, Look, Stop and Stare Watch the sun set slowly Peer, View, Squint and Glare Observe the world from Union Square, San Francisco’s one and only BART and MUNI, crowded mostly Peek at those nearest, but don’t be nosy Study your books, Scrutinize them closely Skim, Scan and don’t get dozy Take a Glance at yesterday’s test Or ask your partner, who may know best Respect your teacher and smile in class Take it from me, your face says a lot So Beam with laughter, put on a Grin… even if that joke was funny or not H. J. Smith, Sept. 2011