An important memory (III) – Koki

Last week, our Advanced class wrote about one of their most important memories. Here’s part 3: Koki remembers a time when he got lost in a new part of the city.


student ambassador

In usual, I tend to forget bad memories, but I never forget this horrible but meaningful day. The day is when I moved to new city and started new life alone. This was my first time to live alone and I was 18 years old. That day had heavy rain. My grandmother took me to the station by car in the evening and I took a train. However the train stopped on the way to the city because of the bad weather. So I had to change line but I was a stranger and looked it up with my iPhone. I struggled to arrive the city. Then I noticed. I don’t know how to go to home from the station because this was my first time to go there by myself. When I decided new flat, I went to there with my parents and also by car not took train. Moreover I forgot the address. I tried to remember that but I couldn’t. I just remembered the name of restaurant which is located near my flat. So I tried to look it up with my best friend iPhone. Then the worst thing happened. That was out of charge. My best friend turned to be just a stuff. It was a matter of time to get lost. The sun had already set and got dark. I tried to walk around but I couldn’t found the way. Maybe you think I should have asked someone but I was a shy and hesitated to. I felt like being in foreign country in spite of being in Japan. Few people walked in the street and it also made me more nervous. I had no option and finally I decided to ask people. It was clutching at straws and then I managed to found my flat.
This day was horrible but at the same time I realized how much I depend on technology. Through this experience I have overcome my fears to ask someone. That was worth getting a lost.


Have you ever got lost in a new city? Make sure that when you learn English abroad, you know how to ask for help!