Charles looks back on his time at EC Oxford

  This week is my last week at EC Oxford. As you can see on my first blog, I’m from France and it was the first time for me to leave my country to work abroad. It was a really good experience for me! EC Oxford gave me the opportunity to develop my skills, improve my English and meet a lot of interesting people! During my internship I ran the social media of the school. My duties consisted of putting pictures of the school and the students on the Instagram and Facebook page to tell a lot of things about the school and especially our events, such as punting, rounders and picnics in the parks! Moreover, I worked in the Student Services department of the school. That was a good experience to work with the students and it was very interesting because I could speak with a lot of people from all around the world, in English obviously! I also attended lessons in the school, for example the IELTS Exam Preparation courses in Oxford, it was fascinating and a good way to improve my English. I really enjoyed my stay in the city of Oxford; It’s a such a good city with a lot of things to discover, like the famous colleges Magdalen or Baliol and a range of museums like the Pitt Rivers Museum and the Ashmolean. To conclude it was a really good experience and I would like to say a big thank you to the team that supported me during my internship, I will never forget my time here at EC Oxford.

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Laetitia – Welcome to our team as our new Student Services Intern!

  Find out more about Laetitia, one of our Students Services Interns, who’s working hard to make sure our students have an amazing experience.   My name is Laetitia Bouchet and I am 22-year-old digital engineering student specialized in Management. In one year I will have my degree. I am at EC oxford for an internship for 3 months. I work here as Student Service intern. I am welcoming students, helping students and teachers and doing administration tasks. This work is interesting. I am learning many things about organization and management, I am discovering many cultures thanks to the students. My job is not just doing academic activities there are also social activities with the students during which I can learn more about them. There is also a great atmosphere between colleagues which makes a good work team.   Oxford is a great city. In Oxford there are many beautiful monuments and I really want to visit them. Also, Oxford is quite a small city, so I can go everywhere by foot. They are many things to visit and to do which I have never tried before like punting. Oxford and my hometown are different. I live in the country near the Swiss border. There are forests and many open spaces. It is a typical small village. But for the past 2 years I have been living in Evry near Paris for my studies near the campus with 3 roommates. This city is a modern city with too many buildings but with many buses and a mall. Sometimes I go to Paris at the weekend to go shopping or just go to see a show.   I am French, so my mother tongue is French. But thanks to my studies I learnt English as a first foreign language and Italian as a … Read more

Anja – Welcome to our team as our new Student Services Intern!

Our students following our English courses in Oxford massively benefit from the hard work of our interns. Find out more about our newest addition to the Student Services Team, Anja!   Q: What did you do before you came to EC Oxford? I just completed Sixth Form at my hometown in Switzerland one week before I came here. Q: What is your role here in EC Oxford? Here at EC I am doing an Internship, welcoming students and doing administrational work. Q: What have you enjoyed about working at EC Oxford so far? I enjoy meeting the students from all different cultures and backgrounds. It is great to interact with them during the workday, but also during the social activities. The EC Oxford Team is also very lovely! They are all very friendly and helpful, so I felt instantly welcomed in the Team! Also I really enjoy, that we have the opportunity to visit the courses, especially the IELTS Exam Preparation courses in Oxford is very helpful for me as I will soon take the exam. Q: What do you like about Oxford as a city? As I am a very bookish person, I absolutely love that the city is full of libraries! I also like the diversity of the city: there are so many different cultures, which results in having great restaurants with different kinds of food in every corner. Q: What’s your hometown? Can you describe it to us? I used to live in a very small village of about 2000 inhabitants in a valley. It is very idyllic, quiet and has lots of green spaces and forests. Everyone knows each other, which creates a great atmosphere and it feels like living in a big family. However, when I return to Switzerland after my Internship here in Oxford, I … Read more

EC Oxford English Centre welcomes Laurice to our team

Laurice – Welcome to our team as our new Student Services Coordinator!

Find out more about Laurice, our new Student Services Coordinator, helping our students have the best possible time in their English Courses in Oxford. Q: What did you do before you came to EC Oxford? Before coming to Oxford I was an English Teacher in Antalya, Turkey for four years and a Teacher Trainer in Essen, Germany for a year. I moved back to the UK a few days before starting at EC Oxford in June. Q: What is your role here in EC Oxford? I am a Student Services Coordinator. Q: What have you enjoyed about working at EC Oxford so far? I love meeting the students from all over the world and learning about them and their cultures. The job is so varied – no day is the same and there is a real sense of accomplishment at the end of each day. I also have wonderful colleagues who have made me feel very welcome and a real part of the team. Q: What do you like about Oxford as a city? I love the diversity – there are so many different cultures and nationalities here. You can walk down the street and hear 10 different languages and eat food from a different country for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is such a great variety of things to do for little to no cost, and every alley way has a hidden gem down it, waiting to be discovered. Q: What’s your hometown? Can you describe it to us? I was born in Athens and then my family lived in Lebanon for a few years. We moved to England when I was a young child and I grew up in Leamington Spa just north of Oxford. Leamington is a beautiful Regency town and similar to Oxford in many ways – there … Read more

Candice Gregory, Centre Manager at EC Oxford English Centre

Candice’s Welcome to the ‘amazing summery month of July’

As the sun continues to beat down on our country, there is without doubt, a positive vibe in the air. I can’t remember a summer like this with temperatures in the high twenties / low thirties for nearly a month, no rain and just constant sunshine. The positive vibe is also a result of the amazing sport currently taking place around the world. We have Wimbledon Tennis, F1, Tour de France and of course the World Cup. Can you imagine being in a better place than studying one of our English courses in Oxford at a language school when the World Cup is on? The rivalry, the jokes, the teasing, the support during sad times and of course the ability to support another team when your own goes out. As I write, England are due to play tomorrow night in the semi-final and I was impressed by the generous spirit of one of our Brazilian students, Eduardo who has decided he will now support England after his own team went out last week. The positive vibe can also be attributed to the amazing new students we are welcoming through our doors each Monday. July is our busiest month as we greet people from all over the world. Many of these students are only here for short periods of time but we love the freshness they bring, the excitement they feel is contagious, and we admire their ability to fit in and make new friends so quickly. We have also welcomed back some old faces, namely students who were here last summer and decided EC Oxford was the best place to return to. Thank you for choosing to come back and we really enjoy seeing you again. We hope you will return again next year. As the month progresses, our student numbers will continue … Read more

EC Oxford partners with UK Study Tours to create an opportunity for unforgettable weekends

Jonas’ Trip to Scotland – ‘absolutely fascinating’

As well as the English learning in our English courses in Oxford, there is also an amazing opportunity each weekend to join the UK Study Tours trips around the UK and Europe which are great value for money. Here Jonas tells us about his visit to Scotland. I set off my trip with Juan, David and Paula from Oxford to Scotland at 11pm on Friday 25 May. We were feeling tired because we had gone to a Farewell from a student. The journey took 7 hours by coach and so we arrived at 10am in Edinburgh and then we went to the most popular places. Edinburgh is so different to Oxford, because the city is much bigger and there were so many people, it was really busy. The terrain isn’t so flat like Oxford, it’s always up and down and that is a reason why they built an absolutely amazing and historical castle. In the evening we met each other at a bus station to go to the hotel. We were there just in time, because we had waited 1 hour for one drink in the restaurant. They weren’t enough waiters for all the customers! On the second day we went to the Highlands. The first stop was a beautiful waterfall in a forest, where we had the chance to take a lot of pictures. After that we went to the Blair-Athol Distillery. It was really interesting and a nice experience for me, because we don’t have a Scotch distillery in Switzerland and so it was a golden opportunity. The air from the area of the distillery always smelled like Scotch, because they were storing several hundreds barrel of Scotch in three warehouses. With a nice warmed feeling in the stomach we drove by coach to a popular place, which … Read more

EC Oxford English Centre Combo Sport Challenge

Horse Tennis? Darts-Skiing? – Can you spot the genuine combo-sport?

In the era of fake news, our Upper Intermediate Class at EC Oxford have created some fake combinations of real sports. However, one of them is actually true! Read through the weird and wonderful sports below and try to find the one which is a genuine sport! Horse Tennis Can you imagine playing tennis on horse-back? You might come up with Polo. It’s similar to horse tennis. Polo originated in Asian countries and it has been played for ages. On the other hand, horse tennis’ roots are in Dallas, Texas in the USA in 1964. It use to be played among the local people there. But it’s becoming famous these days. James Santriach says ‘The reason why it has caught attention is the root is in cow-boy culture. The players put on cowboy costumes. WHAT – World Horse Tennis Association was set up officially in the USA in 2010. Josh Nicolas who is the head of the WHAT said, ‘We’re pleased about this sport having the chance to be known. This combination between tennis and animals can create a new way to make people enjoy watching sports.’ Daniel Smith – one of the best players from Colombia – says, ‘It’s more difficult. We need a lot of skills. It’s not only riding horses but also controlling them and of course, playing tennis. The hardest part is leading the horse to the point where you expect the ball bounces and to then hit it accurately.’   Foot-Hand-Ball The match that we have been waiting for since last year is going to be this Saturday 24th June 2018. For the people who don’t know, we are talking about the new sport that has been increasingly covered in the news in recent months. Foot-Hand-Ball is a new sport which originated in England two years … Read more