Khled’s Scotland Trip

Khled, enjoying one of EC’s ESL Courses in Oxford, wants to share his experience about his trip to Scotland. Recently, my friend who has been studying at EC English School in Oxford and I went on an unforgettable road trip to the north of the United Kingdom. In one weekend, we did 1000 miles, travelling via Hull and Newcastle to Glasgow and Edinburgh. Although the north is not known for its good weather, we were very lucky. We drove through beautiful countryside with blue skies and sunshine. I loved the winding roads between green hills and autumn trees. Seeing tall white wind turbines, spread over huge areas, amazed me.   Glasgow was bigger than I had expected. I loved the city centre which was busy and exciting with bagpipe music in the background.   In Edinburgh I only had time to see its impressive castle. It’s huge and built above the city. From here I could see the sea. It was a magnificent view. I enjoyed my trip to Scotland. Next time I visit I will go further north and see the Highlands and Islands.

EC English School in Oxford put on the play A Christmas Carol

EC English school in Oxford performs ‘A Christmas Carol’

EC English school in Oxford is very excited to announce that for the first time ever we will be putting on a play for our students of the much-loved Dickens’ Christmas tale called ‘A Christmas Carol’! The play will take place on Thursday the 14th December at 4pm in the student lounge once it is dark outside! Since EC Oxford opened in January 2013, it has been my dream for the staff of the school to put on a play for our students to introduce them to our culture through some of our most famous literary work. With an enthusiastic team of staff who love acting and being creative, finally my dream is coming true! Written by Charles Dickens, ‘A Christmas Carol’ is a wonderful tale which intertwines the warmth of human spirit with a few ghost stories as one man journeys towards redemption and the hope of becoming a better person! The result is both thought-provoking and heart-warming. ‘A Christmas Carol’ is adored by millions around the world and since Dickens penned this famous Christmas tale, it has been staged all over the world and still delights audiences to this day with old and modern film versions of the story. Currently, the staff at EC are all working hard to learn their lines and perfect their costumes. It is our hope to bring this wonderful story alive for our students and we look forward to sharing this famous tale with you all. The play should last approximately 45 minutes. We are selling tickets at £1.50 and all money will go towards providing students with food and drinks before the show. Please see reception if you wish to buy a ticket. We really hope you will come and support us in our attempt to entertain you this December and look … Read more

Farewell to our intern Ayan at EC English school in Oxford

It’s the last week for our two interns Ayan and Anya here at EC English school in Oxford. Read this blogpost to find out how Ayan experienced her internship and her stay here in Oxford. This week will be my final week here at EC Oxford. I arrived on the 11th Sept along with Anya (who I call my twin as people tend to confuse our names) for a duration of 12 weeks at Oxford. As interns in the student services team, we worked in a wide range of tasks. Our responsibilities were not limited only to student welfare, but also included accommodation and reception duties. No day was like the other. Some days it would be really hectic till the last minute while other days, it would be really quiet that it would be worrisome. All in all, an adventure. I didn’t have an image of Oxford before I arrived. I was surprised however, at the large number of students residing in the city. What I really love about Oxford is of course the beautiful buildings throughout the city. The colleges and the churches have stunning architecture and its amazing how they still withstand in their original form for centuries. Oxford is indeed blessed! I enjoyed the multicultural environment the most during my time at EC. You get to meet students from all walks of life with various age range and countries. Learning their customs and phrases in their native tongue are some of the perks you get in such setting. A lot actually as I did not have any practical skills beforehand. My computer skills developed the most here as I was always using different programs. I got to know myself better, my strengths and weaknesses and evaluate myself. I was most proud when we left in charge while … Read more

Farewell to our intern Anya at EC English school in Oxford

It’s the last week for our two interns Ayan and Anya here at EC English school in Oxford. Read this blogpost to find out how Anya experienced her internship and her stay here in Oxford. My twin Ayan (from another mother in another country) and I started our internship on the 11th September here at EC English school in Oxford. As an assistant for the student service coordinator, I had to work with the internal database, which meant downloading, updating and evaluate the needed reports. Furthermore, I had to create PowerPoint presentations, posters for the social programme and communicate with students from all over the world, to make them feel comfortable. On the other side I had to fulfil tasks for the academic side, which included uploading blogposts and printing reports for the teachers. This is just a brief overview of my areas of responsibilities, the tasks are very divers. Before I came here, my mind connected Oxford with the university and old gothic architecture. But Oxford has more to offer than this. My favourite place here in Oxford is Christ Church Meadows, because not every city has a grand park with a meadow for cows in the heart of the city. I really enjoyed the cultural diversity among the students and the small staff size here in the school. It’s not ordinary that one is able to get in contact with people from all over the world. I learned and developed lots of skills. More precisely, I improved massively my computer and English skills. Additionally, this experience gave me the opportunity to self-reflect my personal strengths, weaknesses and desires concerning my future job field. After three months living here I can say, that The UK is not that different compared to my home country. Naturally, there are a few differences … Read more

EC English school in Oxford presents a new student accommodation

Brand new to EC English Centre in Oxford, we are very excited to announce the opening of 80 and 81 Venneit Close. These are 3 bedroom apartments offering independent living with shared living room and kitchen as well as one en-suite bedroom and two bedrooms with a shared bathroom. The property itself is within a spacious and lively apartment complex where you can find other students from universities and colleges residing. It is ideally located just a 15-minute walk from the school, it is conveniently close to the city centre and Oxford Railway station. The property boasts beautifully maintained communal gardens for students to enjoy socialising and relaxing outdoors. The apartments are also close to Oxford University’s world famous Saïd Business School. The apartments are accessed from the communal stairwell and open into a generously sized entrance hall with ample storage for luggage. Off the entrance hall are three study bedrooms; one single ensuite room and two single rooms with semi-private bathroom. Each bedroom has plenty of storage for clothes and study materials. There is a light and spacious living room with double doors along with a fully fitted kitchen equipped with all the necessary cooking utensils. Students can enjoy a night in, relaxing and cooking with their flat mates. You can also enjoy high speed Wifi throughout the flat as well as all the facilities that you would expect, laundry, bike storage and secure entry system. One of our students currently living in 80 Venneit Close, Nehir, said “I like living in Venneit Close because it is very comfortable and home like. I like the friends I have made living here, sometimes we cook together and spend time together in the living room and sometimes I just have time with myself which is nice and it only takes me 10 … Read more

The Westgate- a brand new shopping centre here in Oxford

Kylie, our Student Service Coordinator here at EC English school in Oxford, promotes a brand new shopping centre called The Westgate. The Westgate is a brand new shopping centre and leisure venue that has just opened in the centre of Oxford, a short 4 minute walk away from EC English school in Oxford. This shiny modern venue offers something for everyone; high street fashion shops including H n M and Topshop as well as designer brands like Calvin Klein and Ted Baker. There’s a variety of international bars and restaurants including a vibrant canteen area that offers street food vendors which is perfect for a quick social lunch with your friends. Not only this, Curzon, a luxury boutique 5 screen cinema is set to open soon, which boats the latest Hollywood films in spacious and comfortable screens. Be sure to look out for the virtual reality area too so you can participate in a totally immersive experience. Venture to the top floor of the Westgate and you’ll find yourself on the city’s first public roof terrace. This vast terrace offers plenty of space to sit, relax and take in the never seen before views of Oxford’s famous dreaming spires. The dine in restaurants and bars in this area are open until late into the night so you can watch the sunset and enjoy the views while you tuck into your delicious meal. If that’s not enough night time entertainment for you, the first in Oxford, ‘Junkyard Crazy Golf’ is opening this December. They have three themed 9 hole crazy golf courses for you to enjoy with friends as well as drinks and snacks available for the perfect alternative night out. The spacious open-air Westgate is a pleasant place to wonder around, whether you want to shop, dine, socialise or just have a browse – check … Read more

My home town Bad Hersfeld in Germany

Anya, our intern here at EC English school in Oxford, writes about her small but lovely home town in Germany. My home town Bad Hersfeld is a festival and spa town (‘Bad’ is a german term which means spa) in northeastern Hesse, Germany, roughly 70 km southeast of Kassel. The foundation dates back to 769 when Lullus, a former monk in the Benedictine monastery of Malmesbury Abbey in Wiltshire, established the Benedictine Hersfeld Abbey. In his honour, we are celebrating the Lullusfest every year in the week of the 16th October. The Lullusfest is the oldest folk festival in Germany and was established in 825. During this week, there are many attractions and fun rides on the town square. But the most important attraction is the bonfire, which burns continuously for 7 days. Regarding this, it’s a tradition for children to throw dried chestnuts in this bonfire. Bad Hersfeld is known countrywide above all for the Bad Hersfelder Festspiele (Bad Hersfeld Festival), which have taken place each year since 1951 at the monastery ruins, called “Stiftsruine”. The Bad Hersfeld Festival is a theatre, musical and opera festival and takes place every year from mid-June to early August. The ruins themselves are said to be Europe’s biggest Romanesque church ruin. The monastery ruins have a mobile roof above the auditorium, so performances in all weather conditions are possible. If you plan to visit Germany, I can really recommend this small town in the middle of Germany!

IELTS Oxford student Hemed wrote a book review about ‘Bristol murder’ by Philip Prowse

Hemed, a IELTS Oxford student, wrote a book review about ‘Bristol murder’ by Philip Prowse. This book is about one murder that happened in Bristol. The main character, Peter Jones, worked at a company called Universal Transport Limited. While he was driving his lorry and heading to Manchester, he met a boy. The boy’s name was John Steven, and he was hitching a ride because he wanted to get away from his uncle, who was a strict teacher. John lost his parents when he was young, and from then, he was living with his uncle. One day John and his uncle got into fighting over his uncle’s strict rules, and after John hit his uncle hard, he ran away. Later he found out that is uncle was found dead and he was searched for the criminal for this murder. The newspaper said that his uncle was killed with the leg of a chair, but because he thought he was completely innocent, he started to look for the guilty person in Manchester. With Peter and his old friend’s help, John succeeded to find the real person who killed John’s uncle. While Peter and John were collecting information about the case, one person named Bob Steel played an important role in the story, but I can’t tell you about him and the ending of this book, so please read this! It was an exciting and heart warming book! My favourite character in this book was Peter Jones because he did what he was able to do in order to help John Steven to find the murderer. I liked this book because I learned that you can’t trust everybody. John and Peter trusted Bob Steel and they shouldn’t do that. You should read this book because it was exciting to read, quite easy … Read more

Academic Year Student at EC English school in Oxford Laura tells us how to get the most out of Oxford

Laura, an Academic Year student at EC English school in Oxford, passes on tips on how to make the most of Oxford from restaurants to visiting the University Colleges.   If you hear ‘Oxford is boring’, it’s because that person doesn’t know about all the activities that Oxford offers for tourists and students. I know this city is very small but doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything! Oxford is very famous for pubs and bars. For me, the best is TVC on the High Street. It’s a place with three floors and on the roof terrace of the building you can see all the city. Also, The Chester on Chester Street has delicious food. I recommend you eat beef there; another place that I recommend is Angel & Greyhound on St Clement’s Street.   If you want to have a picnic with friends or just do exercise for me the best option is the Park next to Christ Church. It’s so big and green. As well, University Parks is a good choice.   For restaurants I really like COSMO on Magdalen Street. It’s a Buffet, you just pay for your plate and you can eat unlimited food. There are lots of types of international food. Also, The Swan and Castle on Castle Street is pretty good – British food for a good price.   If you want to do academic activities, you can enjoy the meetings in the college. Just enter in the website of the college that you are interested in and see many activities that they have available for all people. With this idea you can connect with new people and enjoy different activities.   However, for more info about the activities that you can do in Oxford, you should see dailyinfo. On this website you may … Read more

Christmas markets in Germany

Anya, our intern here at EC English school in Oxford, is originally from Germany and she gives us an overview of the famous Christmas markets in Germany. In my home country Germany Christmas markets, in german called, ‘Weihnachtsmarkt’ are very popular. A Christmas market is a street market associated with the celebration of Christmas during the four weeks of Advent. The history of Christmas markets goes back to the late Middle Ages in Germany. The market is traditionally held in the town square and has food, drinks and seasonal items from open-airs stalls. Here you can buy all kinds of Christmas merchandise and gifts, especially traditional things such as crib figurines, toys, wood carvings, marionettes, candles and lambskin shoes to place underneath your traditional Christmas tree. Christmas Markets are held in cities, towns and villages throughout the country and they evoke an enchanting Festive Season atmosphere. Every Christmas market shows the Nativity Scene, you can buy Nutcrackers, candied, toasted almonds, ‘Bratwurst’, ‘Christstollen’ and tradtitional Christmas cookies such as ‘Lebkuchen’ and ‘Magenbrot’. For many visitors one of the highlights of the market is ‘Gluehwein’ (hot mulled wine). The hot mulled wine helps stave off the cold winter air which sometimes dips below freezing. It’s common to meet your family and friends at Christmas markets and enjoy spending time together.   So if you are planning to visit Germany in winter, don’t forget to visit a Christmas market!