Self-introduction of Solene, our new intern at EC Oxford !


Solene, our new intern at EC Oxford introduces herself and tells us the reasons why she chose to do an internship at the school:

I am currently in preparatory class for a Masters in International Business Management in France. To complete this year, I have to carry out an internship abroad, and I have the opportunity to work in EC School Oxford.

Before to go to EC Oxford for my internship, I have already known the EC experience as a student in EC Malta, and it was an unforgettable adventure. I was really attracted by the familial atmosphere, all the staff were very friendly and helpful. I have improved my English thanks to the teachers who help me a lot. The courses are very interesting because we talked a lot about us, and at the same time, we worked on the vocabulary and grammar for example. So, we have improved our English but we have also learned a lot about different cultures of each other. It was a really great experience, I have met a lot of new friends from all around the world, we shared our own cultures and we enjoyed our time thanks to EC. Today, I am still in contact with them, they are my friends for life.

Moreover, I have never been in Oxford. I am interested by Great Britain and particularly Oxford with its famous University, its typical houses, the place of Harry Potty’s movie. For the next few weeks, I will visit a lot of these famous places.

EC School is the best place to learn English, and to discover numerous cultures of different continents. To my mind, it is very essential to mix cultures of different regions. It helps for the development of companies and for the world. For the future, I would like to work with inter-cultural teams, which are open-minded and pro-active. I think that defines EC School, and this internship is the best way to discover the work experience abroad.

It is for all these reasons, I decided to apply in EC School Oxford. So, I started the 29th February 2016 and I am in charge of accommodation and of arrivals and departures of students. I am also here to build a strong relationship between students and the staff of EC School and to create a really good atmosphere. I want to contribute in the best way for the students’ EC experience. I would like students to have the best adventure, and for them to never forgot it! So, I am looking forward to welcoming you at EC Oxford!


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