Thais and Claudio’s EC Oxford Experience

Students having great fun learning English at EC Oxford


Thais and Claudio studied with us at EC, an English school in Oxford. Read what they have to say about their EC Experience:

Thais is from Brazil and she studied with EC for around 2 months. Read about her experience at EC:

My exchange experience was amusing and very interesting! An excellent learning opportunity, unique and so much fun. I could learn more about the culture of United Kingdom and the ways of people lives here. I also could learn about the cultures of people all around the world through meeting the others EC students. Now I have better understanding for people of all sorts. This two months in Oxford, studying at EC, makes me feel a truly “citizens of the world”.

It was also a great opportunity to travel around. United Kingdom, especially England, is a place with so many beautiful cities and it was a pleasure and a breathtaking experience that I could travel to some of them.

At EC school I have the opportunity to practice and increase my English as I never had before. I was bombarded in all directions by english after I arrived here and the knowledge that I develop in class with my lovely teachers was amazing.

Being on exchange and learning a new language, for sure gave to me a certainty that I will keep studying and developing what I learned here. I can not feel more grateful about my experience, the things that I learned and the friends that I made, I will never forget. My friends were my family in those two months that I stayed in Oxford and what a beautiful family, right? For sure, I will never miss nothing as I will miss here!!!

Claudio is from Italy and he studied with EC for 3 weeks. Read about his experience at EC:

Before I came to EC Oxford I was only looking for a school where to improve my English. I chose Oxford for the story and the ideas it calls to my mind.

However, since the first day I found in Oxford a lovely place. The Staff was always available to help me, the students ambassadors were friendly and kind. I realized that EC Oxford was not only a school where to study, but it was a place where you may do a real British experience with great people. There I have met friends and teachers who have made that period unique.

I have learnt a lot, not only from the teachers, because everyone there was nice and supportive. My experience could be summed up in a few words,considering thatI did not stay long enough to share more. I met awesome people, had great time and improved my English a lot. I just want to thank everyone for those great three weeks!