Camila: “I’m glad to study at EC Oxford”

Camila our 32-years-old student ambassador from Brazil spent 6 months at EC Oxford participating in the Academic Year Program. In her student testimonial, she shares her #ecexperience.   “I decided to sign up for an English course in Oxford because of the atmosphere created by all the students who are present everywhere in this University City. After almost six months living in Oxford I’m totally sure that I made the right decision. Oxford has a wonderful panoramic view, enclosed by churches and colleges. The advantages of living here are the great opportunities to interact with native people and also the proximity to visit London and other small cities in Oxfordshire. EC Oxford gave me all support to arrange my adaptation here, all the staffs and teachers are friendly, competent and they have a good approach to the students. In addition to the General English class, the school provide a range of others activities, including cafe chat, CV writing and pronunciation clinic. These activities provide more contact to English language and give the opportunity for students to interact more with each other. I’m glad to study at EC Oxford, and especially have the opportunity to work as a Student Ambassador during my stay here. I was able to help and support the school staff, assisting and taking part in the development of students’ activities. And I had the great opportunity to get to know people from different nationalities and backgrounds, enhancing my language and communication skills. I would like to thank especially Robert Law and Tom Hadfield, teachers who made a difference by helping me to improve my English and do their work with passion.”  

Congrats to our spelling bee Delfie!

Congratulation to our Spelling Bee Delfie!

Last Friday we had a spelling contest at EC Oxford.   Two student of each class participated in the contest. The words to spell were according the level of the students. Elementary candidate: Nilufer and Valentina Pre-intermediate: Sami and Martha Intermediate: Hiroki and Michiyo Pre-Advanced: Rodrigo and Ezgi CAE: Felix and Christo FCE: Delfie and Jeanne IELTS: Melike and Sabrina   All candidates did a fantastic job and you can be very proud of yourself. Thanks everybody for supporting and cheering up the candidates during the contest. It was a fantastic afternoon! Congratulations to our spelling bee Delfie and his class! We hope you celebrated your victory!

EC Oxford informing about plastic bags charge

EC Oxford informing about Plastic Bags Charge

Important changes for England, our environment and you! EC Oxford informing about plastic bags charge: Many years ago, when people found out how to produce all kind of different things made out of plastic, they also made something really useful: plastic bags. It was a really good invention so that plastic bags can be found everywhere around the globe. Everywhere…Unfortunately. The damage plastic bags do to our environment is massive. The production of plastic in general is always related to air pollution and the use of energy. Mostly, the factories use natural resources like coal, oil or natural gas to run the factory. But nowadays as we know the resources are limited. So to produce plastic bags, we exploit our natural resources to the maximum. Another influential factor is the air pollution. The factories produce a lot of CO2 which increases the greenhouse effect. This means for us that the climate will change massively if do not stop emit greenhouse gases. The production of plastic bags has a negative effect on the environment but it is not the only problem. It is really difficult to recycle used plastic bags. Basically, to recycle them is as harmful as producing them. Although in many countries we have recycling bins and systems there are still countries which do not recycle. Those countries have huge unauthorised dumps. This is all we know about plastic, environment and pollution. But there are also creatures on the earth, who do not go to school and learn about environment, who do not have books to read about it, and who do not have Google to explain it to them but which are affected as much as we are. Have a guess. It’s animals. Many animals die due to plastic bags. So there are plenty reasons why we should spot using … Read more

#TBT Story of EC

#Throwback Thursday: The story of EC

Do you know how the story of EC started? What does EC actually mean? The school was originally founded by Marguarite Magnion in Malta in 1905 as a small private language school. The main idea was to teach the English language and  ‘helping students succeed in a global community’ which became the slogan of the company. Until today, there are 21 language centres all around the world, mainly in the UK, the United States, Canada but also in South Africa and Malta of course. The language centre in Malta is not only the oldest one of the EC schools but also the biggest one. The locations of the school will ensure you a great time because after a day of school you can enjoy your free time to the maximum because the cities offer a lot to have a great time. Depending on your preferences, EC can offer you the school and program which suits you best. If you like to live in a vibrant city, places like New York, London or Toronto would be the best. If you prefer a location close to the sea or ocean Miami or Brighton would be the best. The abbreviation EC means literally European Centres but on the level of experience it means “unforgettable.” Although the centres are separated by their location, there is something that unites them: their hard work. Experienced teachers and highly motivated staff are always doing their best to help you to reach your goals and go even beyond. There are a lot of different factors which influence the success of learning a language. EC provides a good atmosphere in terms of learning and everything outside of the class room. The language centre here in Oxford is special because of its location. The historical and somehow magical flair of … Read more

Rodrigo shares his EC Oxford experience

Rodrigo:”I just want to thank EC Oxford for this incredible experience”

Rodrigo from Brazil shares his EC Oxford experiences: “I had four reasons that made me choose Oxford. First of them was its history which is very famous all over the world so I became very interested in getting to know it. The second is that the city is not too busy. It allows me to go to school easily without any problems with traffic or too many people on the streets. The third reason was that the city is very close to London. It means I can go to London whenever I want in a short time. The last reason was the British accent which for me is by far the most beautiful accent in the English speaking world. I’ve learnt a lot of vocabulary and common as well as how to communicate with people from all over the world. The fun environment in the classroom, helped by very good teachers, is the crucial factor for my learning in English. They know how to make us learn quicker and in a fun way, as well as preparing us to communicate well in daily life. My English wasn’t very good when I arrived in Oxford, but since I came here I’ve been able to clearly see my improvement in areas such as grammar, writing, listening reading and speaking. In the beginning I used to be afraid of speaking to other people. However, as time has passed, I’ve felt more confident day by day so I don’t have fear of speaking to people any more even if they are a native speaker. I’ve also improved my listening, which is for me the most difficult area. I’ve got two months left at EC Oxford and I believe I’ve still got a lot to learn and improve. I would say that my favourite EC … Read more

Charles Guincetre- Student Services Intern

Charles: “This internship is a challenge and an opportunity”

Charles student from France, 24 years old, intern at EC Oxford for 3 months. This internship is one part of my studies because currently I’m in a second master degree as a sales manager. Today, the English language is very important for communication, especially for my future job. This experience will allow me to be more comfortable in communication with people who speak English. I’m curious by nature, and I like challenges, and this internship is a new one in my life as a student. I’m ready for a new experience, as they say in French: travels trains the youth.   I have chosen EC Oxford to do my internship because this is a great meeting point of several cultures of the world and Oxford totally represents the English way of life. Oxford has a lot of things to do: visiting the Ashmolean museum, the famous Oxford university, sports centres and other kinds of activities. I think it is a great opportunity to do an internship in another country because it encourages you to talk with other people and to get to them. I have an elementary level in English, so my improvements began from my arrival at Oxford. During this first days it was difficult to talk because I was too impersonated by this different way of life. I came by car, it was really interesting to drive at the opposite side. But now I’m here and I can say: I love this city, people, and moreover, the EC Oxford school and my colleagues. For me, the success of EC Oxford is the staff, all of them are implicated in this job. The diversity of the activities and the patience and kindness of the teachers are the weapons to succeed. I hope that at the end of my internship I will be … Read more

EC Oxford students enjoying our new Breakfast Club!

EC Oxford students enjoying our new Breakfast Club!

EC Oxford students enjoying our new Breakfast Club! Do you know how all the different countries start they day and what they have for breakfast? Have a look on the 5 home countries of our students:   Saudi Arabia People in Saudi Arabia get their day started with an Arabic coffee and dates. Some people prefer tea which is made of dried tea leaves. Usually, breakfast is served with various kinds of items which include olives, different soft cheeses, honey, helwa (traditional soft Saudi sweet), homemade jams, fuhl, dahl, eggs and of course hot bread. Switzerland In Switzerland, breakfast typically includes different kinds of bread, butter or margarine, marmalade or honey, maybe some cheese or cereals, plus milk, cold or hot chocolate, tea or coffee. “Zopf” is a very special bread which is typically served on Sundays. Japan A traditional Japanese breakfast includes steamed rice, Okayu (rice porridge), Miso Soup, Natto (soy beans), Nori (droed seaweed), Tamagoyaki (rolled omelet), Broiled Fish, and Tsukemono (pickles). Korea A traditional Korean breakfast is like any other meal during the day. Nowadays, more Koreans and other countries as well, are adopting the Western practice of breakfast– bakery items, cereal and coffee. Many families still eat a traditional breakfast which is usually rice, several banchan, a soup of some kind, and a meat dish. Turkey Usually, the Turkish breakfast includes bread, butter, jam and/or honey, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, yoghurt, cold meats, fruit juice, perhaps eggs, and tea or coffee.   Besides orange juice and different kinds of pastry, some student brought their traditional coffee and dates from Saudi Arabia and shared with everybody. This was really nice and interesting to try something different compared to British breakfast because we also learnt how these things are made and which ingredients are used. This is EC experience! Thanks for sharing guys!     … Read more

Sebastian participating in the General English Course

Sebastian participated in the General English Course for 5 months and shares his EC experience

Sebastian our 18- years-old student from Colombia participated in the General English Course for 5 months and shares his EC experience. “Today, after five months, having this experience, I am very happy, and why not, proud to have reached this level of English. It is impossible to forget the time when I arrived. It was really difficult because I couldn’t speak English. So I had to start on the elementary level. However, I wanted to go out with my classmates, speak English fluently, and have a conversation with everyone. So I decided that I need to study hard, in class but also at home, in the afternoons and on the weekends. During the first month, everything was hard; talking to my teachers, my host family, my classmates and also people I did not know like bus drivers. I knew that I could do it! I have had the best teachers from the day I started until now. The teachers are very patient and they also have good teaching methods. I am very grateful to them but also to my host family who support me from my first day. And I would like to say thank you to my parents who gave me this opportunity. It was one of my dreams to go to Oxford and study English. Talking about the school is also talking about the leisure activities; such as the cafe chat. You can spend time with other students of different levels while you enjoying a good coffee with biscuits. I also like the free Clinics like the pronunciation clinic and idioms. The school offers a lot of trips to other cities in the UK and even to other countries. I have chosen Oxford because it is one of the most important cities in UK. Oxford has a lot of things to do and it is located in the … Read more

Stephanie from Mexico share her EC Oxford experience

Stephanie shares her EC Oxford experience in her student testimonial

Stephanie Ortiz from Mexico spent 4 weeks at EC Oxford participating in the General English Program and share her EC Oxford experience in her student testimonial. “Since I arrived at EC Oxford, my experience has driven me to discover a new world through the practice of English language and an environment of multicultural communication. I have learned many great things from my every-day practice at school and real life experience at Oxford. Before I came here, I was insecure about communicating with native English language speakers, and turned away from seemingly difficult communication challenges. On such occasions, I often made mistakes; most of which were insignificant to prevent me from communicating effectively, but surely enough for me to lose confidence on my words, and on myself. Throughout the lessons, I have gained not only self-confidence, but an eager motivation for achieving my everyday language goals, which go from learning a new lesson in class, to interact directly and most effectively with the people outside school.  One of the best parts of this experience is living in a place like Oxford, a cosmopolitan city that combines many different cultures with the  best of English tradition, all of which provide the opportunity to feel the local environment in every way, communicating with natives and foreigners from all over the world; discovering every charm of the city and learning to develop oneself in such environment. Over this month, teachers at EC Oxford have taught me the tools  and knowledge to improve my level of English and to face everyday communication challenges that now I can confidently overcome. Every day of class offers a fun and dynamic way of learning and practising, with teachers who friendly approach and motivate students to express themselves fluently and spontaneously, creating a warm and familiar environment. At the end … Read more

English at EC Oxford- CAE Cambridge Student shares his EC experience

CAE Cambridge Student Christo shares his EC experience

Christo Cheruparambil from Switzerland shares his EC experience. He spent two months at EC Oxford and participated in the CAE Cambridge Program. Have a look on his testimonial! “I was over the moon, when I got the results of my final exams. ‘Passed’ was written in bold letters at the bottom of the first page. I knew afterwards that my next step in my life would be a language stay abroad. It was always my childhood dream to learn English in UK. However, I’ve decided to go to Oxford due to its good reputation and its beautiful sights. In fact, I’ve chosen this destination because of the best language school I’ve ever heard of – The EC Oxford Language School. On the one hand, I’ve learnt how time management works concerning timetable. For instance, when you get two papers for homework on two different days, you should plan beforehand to get your homework done by the time. This doesn’t only affect your reliability but also your English skills. According to me, I’ve got to know a huge range of strange words due to the fact that I’ve done my homework accurately and I’ve paid attention to the teacher’s scheduled lesson. It contains a diversity of teaching methods such as presentation, group work and games. These things together contribute to an intriguing lesson. It’s easily said than done. To motivate 10 students to participate in the lesson is quite hard. Especially, when the people come from different countries such as Brazil, Japan, Sweden and Switzerland. EC has overcome these difficulties though by creating a familiar atmosphere with a wide range of activities. Among those, I think playing Fifa 15 was the most attractive one. On the other hand, I want to say how thankful I am to have a nice host family. I’m … Read more