EC OXFORD student book review

The purpose of this review is to introduce my favorite book ‘Far From Madding Crowd’. It is a tragic love story and it was set in the wonderful countryside of the south of England. One thing I really like about it is to be able to see the development of the main character through the whole story. Although she’d been a silly girl who married a stupid handsome man, in the end she found how worthy the man who had always helped her is. Also, it is worth reading the book because the set if the scene and the characters are obvious so that you could concentrate on the world of the story. One thing that could be improved is that the author didn’t refer to the generous woman who has supported her all the time. As she is quite an important character, she is worth being happy in the end. Overall, I highly recommend reading the book. You’d be able to escape into a romantic world when tired of real life !! Sayaka