EC Montreal Welcomes New Homestay Families!

Yesterday evening, EC Montreal held its second Homestay Workshops for new hosts. Although it was a smaller than usual group, the interaction with our newly recruited hosts was great!  They asked a lot of important questions and became even more familiar with all the services that EC Montreal offers, the EC homestay programme being one of the most important ones! We showed them our facilities and I am proud to say that without me saying anything they all notice that our furniture, on top of being modern and beautiful, it is also brand new! They were impressed with the size of the school and with the level of comfort we provide our students. I also wanted to thank our Centre Director, Elisa, for her nice introduction. Our new hosts left knowing that they are now part of a big organization, a school that puts its students first, and works with their well-being in mind at all times!

Henrique Munhoz From Brazil: “EC Montreal offers a friendly environment…”

Henrique Munhoz has been partcipating in EC Montreal’s General French Programme since April 7, 2014.  Tomorrow is his last day at EC.  We will be so sad to see him go.  His school spririt and positive attitude will be missed! Here is what he would like to share with all of you: I wanted to learn French and at the same time visit Canada, so Montreal was the best choice for me. And now, after two months here, I can say that was the best decision! Montreal is an amazing city, full of things to do and places to go. The school EC Montreal it’s great, as well the staff and the host family that I’m living with. EC Montreal offers a friendly environment and lots of extra activities to help the students to know each other better!

Academic Workshops at EC Montreal

Do you want to learn how to prepare yourself for a job interview? Come to participate in our English for Work Workshops! This special lesson on Friday afternoon is one of many free activities offered at EC Montreal and part of the Academic Year experience. If you plan to study ESL Abroad at EC Montreal, you will be able to practice French and English through participating in the free afternoon academic activities. Whether it is a Lecture, a movie afternoon or a French/ English for work preparation clinic – all these activities will allow you to improve your language additionally to your courses. And the best thing is: we offer them for free!

Djamel Drici Loves to Teach French at EC Montreal!

Djamel Drici has been teaching French at EC Montreal for many years!  He absolutely loves his profession and does everything possible to ensure our students have a memorable stay in Montreal! Djamel was our French teacher of the month in April!  He received the most votes and positive comments from our students! Here is what Djamel would like to share with all of you about his passion for teaching! Teaching is also learning about other people, sharing unforgettable moments and interesting experiences. I am delighted to be part of this wonderful team of teachers at EC Montreal. The opportunity to work with students of different ages and cultures is, for me, a source of personal and professional enrichment. As a teacher, I believe that supporting students in their learning is both an honor and a true pleasure. I like to help students seek, explore, build, and find their way through the language. I experience a lot of satisfaction when I see the students transformed by this process. It is a rewarding journey because it encourages them to go further while, at the same time, encouraging personal reflection. My choice to teach at EC Montreal is based on the wealth of opportunities and experiences that Montreal has to offer. Montreal has a rich history. Students can enjoy Montreal’s network of Nature Museums, visit Old Montreal and other interesting and colorful places, and experience the harmonious co-existence of the old and the modern. At EC Montreal, students will have many opportunities to soak up the local culture and enjoy the festive atmosphere that characterizes this multicultural city: The Montreal High Lights Festival, the Montreal Jazz Festival, hockey (the Montreal Canadiens!) are only a few examples of the multitude of experiences EC Montreal has to offer its students.  

Meet EC Montreal’s Newest Team Member: Rafael Alencar!

EC Montreal is proud to introduce you to our new Student Counselor, Rafael Alencar!  Rafael speaks English, French and Portuguese and absolutely loves working with people!  We are sure he will make an excellent addition to our team! Here is what he would like to share with all of you: Hi!  My name is Rafael Alencar and I’m from Fortaleza, Brazil.  I love to travel and to meet people from different countries.  Now, I live in Montreal and I chose this beautiful city to be my new home! I have a blog about Canada in Portuguese, check it out: Imigração para Canadá ou Quebec I have a degree in advertising and marketing.  I have a variety of work experiences.  I worked in retail and customer service.  My experience is from Brazil and the United States. I am very excited to work at EC Montreal!  It’s a wonderful place.  I love to help students and be in contact with them and I am already proud to be part of this amazing team!  I know that I will have great experiences at EC Montreal!

EC Montreal Participates in the First Annual Chromatic Festival!

Montreal is hosting its first Chromatic Festival on Mount-Royal and EC Montreal was there!  We began with a hike up to the summit where we found the Picnik Electronik Djs set up as well as the many impressive works of art! We toured the different installations and took in the impressive views of Downtown Montreal from the Belvedere look out point.  We then hiked through the different trails in the mountain that led to the cross at the very top! We enjoyed the beautiful sunny day and took in all the peaceful sounds and sights of nature! We made our way down the mountain and did a little walking tour of the Plateau Mont-Royal.  We stopped at Beer & Company for lunch where they serve thousands of beers from around the world as well as freshly caught game.  They have bison, carribou, austrich, deer and other wild meat. It was a pefect EC Montreal day!

EC Montreal’s Amazing Team Activity!

Last night, EC Montreal held its second team activity of the year!  The first was a sushi making activity followed by an all you can eat sushi event!  This time, we treated our staff to a Cirque du Soleil show at the Old Port!  The purpose of these events is to show our appreciation to our team for all the work that they do and to build friendships among the staff.  Our philosophy at EC is that our work colleagues are also our friends.  Enjoying each other’s company outside the work environment helps in creating a solid team! We began the activity by serving some refreshments at the school.  We served sparkling wine, cheese platters and other tasty appetizers.  Our Centre Director, Elisa, who organized the entire event for us showed us presentations from Malta, by the Executive Chairman, Andrew Mangion and our CEO, Mike Xuereb.  She wanted to inspire the team with their very powerful words about EC’s vision and future! She then congratulated everyone on our recent student evaluations!  EC Montreal is number 1 in North America and number 2 over all EC centres!  Everybody cheered! We mingled and enjoyed each other’s company before we head out to see the show!  We all took the metro together and made our way into the big Cirque du Soleil tent! We found our seats and waited with great anticipation for the show to start!  It was magical!  Kurios is one of the best Cirque du Soleil performances!  The performers were out of this world! We are very proud as Cirque du Soleil originated in Montreal!   Imagine, a street performer, by the name of Guy Laliberte, struggling to make a living, began what is now worth billions of dollars and is known all around the world…and beyond!  Guy is the first … Read more

Meet EC Montreal’s English and French Teacher: Souha Ayed!

Greetings…My name is Souha Ayed  and I love teaching!  I was born and raised in the beautiful Tunisia. I am an ESL/EFL teacher and I hold a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics and a BA in English Language and Education. My experience includes delivering intensive English programmes to groups of both adolescents from different linguistic backgrounds and adults of different fields of the labour market, tutoring children and adolescents in need of reinforcement with their school work, and helping foreign students improve their writing for academic purposes. For the past thirteen years, I have taught intermediate and advanced English courses, as well as creative writing and conversation workshops. In addition to class instruction, I have been responsible for searching and adapting material for pedagogical purposes. At present, I am working at EC Montreal, teaching English to small classes made up of mostly foreign students. My philosophy for learning is that each student  is unique, and each student learns in a different way. One of my jobs as a teacher is to help students discover their individuality and work alongside them to maximize their potential. I believe learning creatively, and learning though projects. It is my goal to create a community of learners who are committed to working hard and having fun. I want students to leave my classroom feeling confident that they can apply what they’ve learned in school to real-life situations. I want my students to feel challenged and to have an enhanced passion for learning.

EC Montreal Student Presentations…Growing in Popularity!

EC Montreal began a new initiative in 2014.  We included student presentations as part of our Academic year lecture series.  A very common fear that most of us possess is that of public speaking.  It takes a lot of courage to stand in front of an audience and deliver a speech.  This fear is amplified when you are asked to present in a language that is not your native tongue. At EC Montreal we teach our students to communicate with great confidence.  We give them the tools necessary to research a topic, prepare a presentation and then present it to a group of their peers. Students are asked to choose a topic that speaks to them so they are more at ease to present.  When they are ready, we advertise the presentation to the rest of the school.  The room is always full of students who are so happy to support their classmates and to observe the presentations! For the students attending, these presentations are intended to assist them with their listening and note taking skills! Students are approaching us requesting to be the next student to present!   It takes a lot of courage to speak publically.  We are so proud of our students’ achievements!

New Computers For Students at EC Montreal!

EC Montreal received 10 new computers for students to use!  You asked and we listened!  Students have been telling us that our computers could use an upgrade.  We want our students to feel good about EC Montreal’s facilities and don’t want them to be inconvenienced in any way! All 5 computers in the student lounge have been replaced!  They are now fast and efficient!  We also have 5 new computers in our lab found in room 2.  Students should feel free to use our computer lab for their project work and research assignments that are assigned to our Academic year students.  Room 2 is available for students to use from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday. We hope our students will enjoy this new technology that we have purchased for them! Keep your suggestions and comments coming EC Montreal students!  We are here for you!