Botanical Garden Christmas Fair

botanical gardens

December really is a magical time to be in Montreal!  The entire city is one festive party!  A new event this year is the Botanical Garden Christmas Fair.  There you will find over 20 exhibitors offering a selection of items.  There will be mini potted plants such as orchids and poinsettias for sale.  These make excellent Christmas gifts!

You can find organic foods on display such as blueberry chocolates, jams and port jellies.

Other vendors will be selling culinary, therapeutic and personal care products, clothing, jewellery and accessories made from recycled materials.

There will also be big ticket items such as pottery and furniture.

If you haven’t already visited the Botanical Gardens with EC Montreal, this is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the many luscious gardens and make a stop at the Christmas fair to find a one of a kind gift for someone special!

The Botanical Garden Christmas Fair is open for business from December 6 to December 15.



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