“Fall” in Love with EC Montreal!

This weekend will mark the beginning of fall season.  Fall is definitely the most beautiful season in Montreal!  The weather is still very comfortable with many sunny days.  The leaves are all so colourful and bursting in hues of red, orange and yellow!  Everywhere you look resembles a postcard image! At EC Montreal we are busy planning our October calendar of events for our students.  We want our students to enjoy our autumn season and to fall in love with Montreal! The calendar will include the yearly latern festival at the botanical gardens.  The gardens will be lit up with the most colourful Chinese lanterns throughout th month of October.  Students can also take a stroll through the pumpkin patch and decorated pumpkins! There will also be many organized poutine and smoked meat dinners, movie night, ice skating and a trip to the brand new Montreal Planetarium. The weekend trips will include a 3-day trip to Toronto / Niagara Falls during the long Thanksgiving weekend as well as a 1-day trip to Quebec City on October 19. The weekly free activities at the school will reflect the theme of “Haunted Oktoberfest”.  It is harvest time in Quebec and we would love to give our students a taste of Quebec wines.  We will have a wine tasting activity on October 2. On October 9, we will serve our students a pumpkin pancake breakfast!  We can’t wait to see the look on our students’ faces when they see the lovely orange hotcakes! On October 16, we will have a cupcake decorating activity!  Students will have a chance to decorate their own cupcake with a halloween theme.  There will be lots of orange and black frosting as well as some very unusal toppings! – how does dirt and worms sound?! On October 23, … Read more

Patricia Gutierrez: “EC Montreal makes you feel at home…”

Patricia Gutierrez has been studying English at EC Montreal since July 22, 2013.  Last Friday was her last day.  We are really going to miss this remarkable young lady! Here is what she would like to share with all of you: Hello everybody! I am Patricia from Venezuela. First of all, I want to say that I am really happy to have come to Montreal. My English has improved a lot since the day I arrived, more than two months ago. EC Montreal classes have helped me a lot to improve my English! Moreover, I have met great people from different countries with different cultures. I wouldn’t want to miss this fantastic experience in my life and I would definitely recommend EC to others. Come to visit a beautiful and interesting city, learn English and French at the same time and get to know many fabulous people!!! EC Montreal makes you feel at home regardless from how far you are away from your home country! Thank you for everything!

EC East Coast Fam Tour!

This week, EC Montreal welcomed the world!  We hosted an EC East Coast Fam Tour!  We had 10 travel agents representing Germany, Japan, Korea, France, Colombia, Turkey and Brazil.  They were traveling to most of the EC East Coast centres; EC Toronto, EC Montreal, EC Boston and EC New York, to familiarize themselves with our cities and our schools. EC Montreal loves to host visitors!  As Montrealers, warmth and hospitality are very important to us!  We enjoyed every minute of planning their stay as well as getting to know them throughout their visit. We felt it was important to show them the very best of Montreal!  Their journey began at Reuben’s Deli for a welcome smoked meat dinner.  A visit to Montreal would not be complete without having a taste of this very famous dish! The following day was a busy one!  The agents visited the EC Montreal school and were given dynamic presentations by our Centre Director, Elisa, our Director of Studies, Ana, as well as our Student Ambassadors, Alex and Mishal!  They even got to participate in our free morning activity, the apple pancake breakfast! They were all so impressed with our school and its facilities! We then hopped on the bus for a 2-hour city tour!  We visited the downtown area, Mount-Royal, the Plateau Mont-Royal, Parc Jean-Drapeau as well as Old Montreal!  It was a beautiful sunny day and the city never looked so lovely!  We were so proud to show off our magical city! The city tour ended at Ateliers & Saveurs for a very special gastronomy session.  We wanted them to get a taste of EC Montreal’s English or French plus programme, gastronomy.   Together, we took a mixology class where we learned how to mix 2 great cocktails; the classic mojito and a white sangria.  They were delicious!  During the … Read more

An Apple a Day…

EC Montreal has launched a new competition throughout the month of September.  The theme is “An apple a day…”.  EC Montreal hides an apple a day around the school.  The student who finds it must return it to the office to win a prize.  Each apple has an apple related question on it.  The student must answer the question correctly. This competition has been well embraced by our students.  They love taking the time to search with their friends and have fun trying to come up with the correct answers. We are giving our students opportunities to improve their language skills and to be more engaged in student life.  The student experience is extremely important to us at EC Montreal.  We feel it is essential to create opportunities for student to interact with each other and with our team! We are having a blast celebrating Quebec’s apple season at EC Montreal!

Ammar Alzuair “I am Really Happy to Have Made This Experience…”

Last Friday was Ammar’s last day at EC Montreal.  He has been an absolute joy to have around EC Montreal!  He could not leave without sharing his experience with everyone. Here is what Ammar has to say: Hi! My name is Ammar and I am from Saudi Arabia. First of all, I would like to express my thankfulness to EC Montreal for a great time studying English. I could feel that being part of EC makes you somebody special. I could really improve my English here, more than I even thought I would in only three weeks. Moreover, I met really nice people, some became my friends and I hope to keep in contact with them! From the first day on, I could see how friendly people are here, especially the staff in the office. No matter what, I have always been helped! EC Montreal is great, which is why I would recommend it to my friends! I am really happy to have made this experience! Thank you EC!

Happy Korean Thanksgiving!

To all our Korean students and friends out there : Happy Chuseok! EC Montreal is proud to be part of this important holiday, and since 12 % of our students this month are Korean, we are sure they appreciated today’s celebration. Our Korean students had a wonderful opportunity to introduce their non-Korean friends to the traditional dishes that they eat with their familes on this holiday as well as the traditional attire.  Acknowledging our student’s cultures, celebrations and holidays is yet another way students feel “at home” with EC Montreal! Everybody savoured the delicious dishes to the last bite and in between bites the students got to practice some gastronomy terminology in English and French because everybody wanted to know what they were eating! The event was catered by our Operation Manager, Reneé Lee’s  family restaurant which specializes in Korean traditional dishes!  A big thank you goes out to Restaurant Atti!

Apple Festival!

Last Wednesday, September 11, EC Montreal held its 2nd annual Apple Festival.  As the month of September is apple season in the province of Quebec, the entire month of September is devoted to the forbidden fruit. We wanted to give our students a taste of our local flavours.  We served baskets and baskets of different kinds of apples from nearby orchards as well as locally made apple pies, cookies and other baked goods.  We had the most amazing apple cinnamon tea to wash everything down. The sweet smell of baked apples filled the air of EC Montreal’s student lounge and the aromas put a smile on everyone’s face! This week, we will be surprising our students with an apple pancake breakfast! Life is sweet at EC Montreal!

EC Canada Meetings!

The EC Canadian schools made history last week.  We had our first Operations Manager meetings of the Canadian centres.  Renee from EC Montreal, Evan from EC Toronto and KJ from EC Vancouver met to discuss various items to help come up with best practices for their teams at their centres. Our aim at EC is to ensure that our main focus is our clients.  All the plans we are making are to ensure we are doing what is best for our students.  The student experience is our number one priority and we work hard every day to ensure that we are contributing to their success. It was so nice to meet all the members that make up the EC Canadian family.  We feel that our team goes beyond the EC Montreal walls and is made up of many hard working, talented and skilled employees from the East coast to the West! We hope these meetings will become a yearly occurrence!  

Meet Maria Elena Garcia!

EC Montreal is proud to introduce you to Maria Elena Garcia!  She has recently joined our team of English teachers!  We are delighted to welcome her to EC!  Her passion and enthusiasm was evident to us immediately! Here is what she would like to share with all of you:   My name is Maria Elena Garcia and I am super excited about being part of the EC Montreal teaching team. I was born in Quito, Ecuador a beautiful city in the middle of the Andes mountains and I moved to Montreal this past August. I have always been interested in languages and cultures and my first study abroad experience was when I received a full scholarship to attend a higher-education institution in the United States. I completed a double major degree in Communication Leadership and International Relations and a couple years later a Masters in Management. Immediately after college, I started working for a financial consulting firm and taught ESL classes as a volunteer in my community. I lived and worked in the USA for a total of ten and a half years. My passion for travelling and my experience tutoring languages to foreigners inspired me to make a career change back in 2010. I traveled to Ecuador to complete a Certificate of English Teaching to Adults (CELTA) and taught general English and IELTS preparation courses at a large university there for three years. What I love about teaching is being able to help students experience all aspects of the language and prepare them for real life situations where they can interact with confidence.  Through teaching, I have seen students reach their professional and personal goals and that is priceless! Why Montreal you might ask?  Well, I had always been intrigued as to what teaching and living in a French-speaking … Read more

Comicon Montreal!

Any nerds out there?!  Comicon Montreal is taking place this weekend, from Friday, September 13 to Sunday, September 15 at the Place Emilie Gamelin convention centre close to Berri metro station. EC Montreal students have been seeing posters and publicity for this event all week long and are excited to attend.  They will have a chance to meet the Hulk, Lou Ferrigno and agent Scully from the X-files, Gillian Anderson.  These are only 2 of many popular artists who will be present and signing autographs this weekend in Montreal! They will also have great memorbilia from TV shows and movies on display.  The cars from the Ghost Busters and Back to the Future movies will be the most popular show stoppers.  Anyone attending Comicon Montreal will be able to climb in and take pictures! This event is a beloved one in our city!  As we are huge in the entertainment and video games industry, there are geeks and nerds already lining up to attend! May the Comicon force be with you!