Astrid Bellmund-Soller: “I like the city and the mentality of the people living here”.

Astrid was a student at EC Montreal 4 years ago!  She is a mature student with a very young and energetic spirit!  Even though Astrid is 62 years young, she fits in so well with our group of students.   We would often find Astrid interacting with her classmates in the student lounge or in the food court at lunch time.  Her smile would always light up the room!

Friday was Astrid’s last day at EC Montreal.  Before she left she wanted to share her experience with everyone.


I chose this destination because I enjoyed my first stay 4 years ago and this time I wanted to study French.  I like the city and the mentality of the people living here. 

The morning classes were the best!  The group, the motivating teachers and being at the right level contributed to this!  My accommodation was also wonderful!

I would recommend EC Montreal to a friend!

We will miss Astrid!  We hope she will return yet again to continue her studies and her Montreal adventure!




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