Super Bowl LIV Events Hosted in our Building!!!

One of the most popular sports in the USA is American Football. It might be number one, actually. What do you guys think? This year in Miami we have the pleasure to host the amazing Super Bowl LIV (54), which is in reality the final game of the NFL (National Football League). The champion will be decided between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Although the “big game” is taking place in the Sunlight Stadium, we gotta let you know that the super cool vibes around South Beach are off the charts. One  of the very simple reasons why this is happening is that the awesome management in our iconic building 1111 Lincoln Road is hosting a series of Super Bowl events from January 29th to February 1st. . They are doing a really great job in anticipation to the “big game”. This kind of events  includes meetings and greetings with NFL players, such as James White, Cameron Jordan, Josh Allen, Derrick Henry, and Larry Fitzgerald. Also, there are going to be live media broadcastings, fan games, tasty food, and refreshing drinks. The best part is that all of this is free of charge for our students and members of the staff! How cool is that, huh?   Last Wednesday, though, it was the opening of this series of events, and we were all really curious about meeting the NFL player of the day, James White-a running back player for the New England Patriots (the one right in the middle of the picture below). Our students at English school in Miami were in line with a lot of excitement and expectation. To be honest, we all had waited for a little kind of a while until all of a sudden we got access to the seventh floor. … Read more

He talks about his 3 weeks adventure with EC Miami

Explore Miami as You Learn English from Jan’s Perspective

    Lets learn English and explore Miami at the same time! EC Miami provides all English level courses to their students and plan activities for students to explore Miami. EC Miami’s prime location, which is located at the heart of Miami Beach, gives students a unique and memorable experience. Jan Rothmann, a former EC Miami student, recently contacted his former EC Miami teacher, Ian Brailsford, to ask if he could submit a testimonial about his experience here. Jan, from Frankfurt, Germany, student at EC Miami for three weeks this summer. According to Ian, Jan was an eager, friendly student and a pleasure to have in class. Read below to find out about his fantastic experience here at EC Miami. This is my journey for EC Miami. I wanted to travel in the United States because I had never been in the USA before. I learned a lot in Miami. The school was perfect and the teachers are best! Ian and Gammal are my favorite teachers! The weather was perfect in Miami and Miami Beach are the best. My classmates were the best in the world. My host family was great too! I have met many people from different countries and they are very interesting. In Miami, you can buy a lot of cheap clothes and other things, like shoes. FLY TO MIAMI! You will have a lot of fun and a great experience. Jan Rothmann Frankfurt, Germany

Student Testimonial

Miami English Course from Kristin & Alexander’s Experiences

  EC Miami is unique as it is located in the heart of South Beach. Not only do EC Miami provides all levels of Miami English Course to students, we also provide interesting activities to students. In addition to that, we highlight their experiences with EC Miami and adventures in Miami. Meet Kristin Kuehnlein and Alexander Moldowan from Germany! Their friendly and charming personality have made their stay in Miami a memorable experiences. Read about their journey with EC Miami! When we had to describe EC Miami, there are three things that came in our mind; great people, entertaining classes, and beautiful beaches. We chose EC Miami because of the sunny weather, nice landscape, and cosmopolitan people. We thought our experience would be great, but it has exceeded our expectations. The whole EC Miami team is very friendly and always helpful regarding our problems and questions. Classes are always fun and instructive, so we look forward to go to class everyday. You get to meet new people from all around the world and you have the opportunity to learn a lot about other cultures Beside school, there are plenty of different activities such as playing basketball, visiting the Everglades, or snorkeling at Key West. The time has passed so quickly and we wish we could stay longer. We would repeat our time at any time! IT’S SIMPLY AMAZING!   Kristin Kuehnlein & Alexander Moldowan Germany

Students were given the opportunity to learn about different cultures through their music

Learn English and Miami Culture at Afro Roots World Music Festival

  Upon arriving in Miami, Florida, the students and staff simply assume that Miami is just a city with amazing beaches. Though the students intend to learn English by the beach, they never expect the many fascinating ways that they become truly immersed in the Miami culture. For example, recently EC Miami students went to Afro Roots, a world music festival. One of our students, Sheila Nunez, participated in the Afro Roots World Music Festival, and this is what she had to say about the event: Recently, we went to the Little Haiti Cultural Center, in the Little Haiti neighborhood of Miami, to see a small festival celebrating the evolution of African and Cuban culture. This is the 17th year that this festival has taken place. Many musicians, singers, and dancers were invited to bring and show us the traditional culture from their countries. Moreover, the group called “Los Herederos” (from Cuba) also explained us the different styles of music from Cuba, how to recognize them, and which instruments they usually use. They really seem passionate about what they are doing, and that is why, in my point of view, this type of event is very interesting and great because they do not go there to get money or sell CDs. They come simply to bring us a bit of their culture and exchange experiences. Furthermore, I really liked the Haitian food! I love to discover different types of meals from all around the world, so it was a good opportunity for me to taste it for the first time! Sheila Nunez

This student was chosen by our Teacher of the Month, Ian Brailsford, as student of the month. She talks about her amazingly unique experiences at EC Miami.

Student of the Month: Marta Caminero

  At EC Miami, a top-notch English school in Miami Beach, the teacher of the month chooses the student of the month. For the month of August, the title of Student of the Month was awarded to Marta Caminero from Spain. According to Ian Brailsford, her teacher, Marta is a very dedicated, hardworking student. She takes an interest in each class activity and participates meaningfully every day. Therefore, her English skills have greatly improved since starting at EC Miami. Marta is always positive, friendly, and helpful. She talks about her experience in Miami and fondest memories at EC Miami. “The only thing that I can say about Miami and EC Miami is that they are AMAZING!! I had never thought that this experience would be so incredible. I am learning a lot of English. There are many different teachers and all of them are GREAT. If you need something, the staff will help you. For me, EC Miami is not only English, here you will have great experiences. For me, one of the most special things of EC Miami is meeting people from different countries all over the world. Miami is a paradise. Everything you want is HERE!”   Marta Caminero, Spain

Yessica from Colombia will start-up an uniform manufacture company.

Student Testimonial: Yessica Gomez Ortiz

Yessica is an excellent, enthusiastic, and dedicated student. She sets herself a vision, and she will soon make her vision a reality. This soon-to-be entrepreneur will utilize her skills and knowledge from our English courses in starting up her own business. She dreams of starting her own manufacturing company and wants to work with her mother. When asked about EC activity, Yessica replied, “Everything!” She enjoyed all of her classes and learned a lot while at EC Miami. Furthermore, she said that the teachers, staff, and students here were all fantastic! She talks about her upcoming manufacturing company as well as her favorite memory at EC Miami. “I am going to start my own manufacturing company with my mother. My company will manufacture uniforms in Colombia. I was asked what was my favorite EC activity and why. I like all my English courses that I took here, as well as the teachers, the students, and the staff. I will remember my classes and the people that I have known the best during my stay.” Yessica Gomez Ortiz, Colombia

Otavio talks about his journey as EC Miami's Student Ambassador

Meet Otavio Luiz, EC Miami Student Ambassador

  At EC, a top-notch English school in Miami, we provide students with excellent opportunities to improve their interpersonal and leadership skills and utilize what they learn in class in the outside world. To be a Student Ambassador at EC Miami, students are required to be enrolled in the intermediate or upper English program for at least 6 weeks, have excellent attendance, and complete the application form. As a reward and our way to say thank you to the Student Ambassadors, we give the students an EC Certificate of Acknowledgement and an authorized letter of recommendation from the Center Director. Meet Otavio Luiz, a Student Ambassador at EC Miami! He is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and he has been with EC Miami for a month. Only a month in and he has been doing an amazing job as a Student Ambassador! Since being with EC Miami and becoming a Student Ambassador, he has impeccable confident to communicate with native speakers. Read Otavio’s biography below.   My name is Otavio Luiz, I am from Brazil. It is my first time ever here in the United States, and so far I love it. Miami Beach is a tourist city, so you will get to know not only about the American culture, but also the Hispanic one. I have been here since June 13th, and since then I must say that it has been a great experience. You can get to know a lot of other students from all over the world. In the classes, the teachers are very helpful and they do their best to make sure that you are learning. I am really happy for being here. I feel that my English is improving over time and now I also feel more confident when talking to a native speaker. If I could give you some advice, use the … Read more

Student Testimonial — Gigi Torsiello

  You may recall one of our Student Ambassadors, Gigi.  He’s been taking English classes in Miami since October, and is a fixture at Heat games.  Gigi would like to share his experience: Beautiful weather, beaches, crazy nightlife and the best basketball team with the best player in the world… what do you want more? I came to Miami for this reason and all my expectations were true. Since my first day, I felt really comfortable in the school, welcomed by group of friendly smiling workers. My English improved a lot in a few weeks. Thanks to great teacher and to a good class structure. We have a lot of activities and I think my favorite is karaoke. We meet new people, we have fun together, we laugh a lot it is a really great time. I used to live in different EC accommodations. Even if my host family was far from the school, it was really nice. The room in sunbrite is really close from the school and really comfortable. Also, bayshore apartment are amazing. EC School is worldwide in despite that there are a lot of Swiss people. I have now friends from Korea, France, Swiss-German and South America. I definitely recommend EC to my friend because it is a good school. You can learn a lot and people are really cool! I will remember all the smiles the joyful people have and gave to me.

New International Student Advisor — Guheon Lee!

In the past two years, our school has grown from 12 students and four teachers to a staff of almost 20 and a population of students WAY bigger than when we started.  As our school has grown so much, we have added two new International Student Advisors to help us with all the extra work that we have.  If you are taking English classes in Miami, you will need to say Hello to Guheon: Hello everyone. My name is Guheon Lee and I am a new Intern at EC Miami. I am from South Korea, and major in Business administration in Korea. I have worked as an Intern for 2 weeks now. As a team player, I am always willing to  help other teammates and create the balance between work and play. Through a variety of volunteer and working experiences, I have gained team commitment and effective communication skills. These experiences have made me able to be versatile and learn quickly in various environments.  I am very pleased and excited to work with EC family! Welcome to EC Miami, Guheon!  We are so very happy to have you here with us!

New International Student Advisor — Blake Johnson!

Students taking English classes in Miami here at EC may have noticed a couple new faces working at the front desk and in the administrative office.  Give a warm welcome to Blake: It was a couple weeks before I moved half way around the world, to study abroad in England for 6 months, when my mentor said to me, “Blake, once you get on that plane and leave this country, you will never be the same.” At the time, I was oblivious to the amount of truth that was within those words. Needless to say, my mentor was absolutely right. Traveling and studying around the world changed my life forever and ever since I boarded that plane, I not been the same.   Originally, I was born in Chicago Illinois however; I grew up in Memphis Tennessee. Growing up, I never thought about the world outside of the communities which I lived.  Seeing the world with my own eyes was a life changing experience. Through my education, travels and international experiences, I gained a great passion for other cultures and a strong desire to learn more about the people and world. Presently, I am pursuing my MS in International and Intercultural Education at Florida International University in Miami Florida. I recently started working at EC-Miami as an International Student Advisor. I am really excited to see how my experiences and education will allow me to assist my students from all over the world and become an asset to the EC-Miami team.    When I am not working or studying for a class, you might find me at the gym working out or relaxing in the sand on south beach. I enjoy cooking, (and eating of course), especially pasta dishes. I also enjoy traveling and love to trying new foods. I … Read more