NBA Game

NBA Game, Heats vs Nets

    EC Miami encourages students to participate in activities to enjoy the American way of life and to improve their English speaking. On Monday, March 28th the Miami Heat played against the Brooklyn Nets at the American Airlines Arena. Here’s the review of our intern, Celine from France. “I played basketball for a long time so it was obvious that I have to participate to this activity! It was my second NBA Game after Miami Heats vs Atlanta Hawks. Of course, we won: 110 vs 99. The game was tight all along. The Nets didn’t give up but the Heats were stronger. The legend, Dwayne Wade, who is also the best scorer of the Heat, had 30 goal marks and Hassan Whiteside had 27. During half-time the famous cheerleaders did the show, we also saw Flo Rida and we had the opportunity to be on the court after the game to throw some balls into the basket. We were a huge group, 50 EC Students at least! I loved this atmosphere and the American show. Anyway, I recommend this activity to everyone! You can check on the event calendar at the front desk or at your house on EC Online to see if there is one planned during your stay!”   – Celine, France