Chocolate Lecture Essay Contest Winner

EC Miami kicked off its lecture program last week on Thursday with a lecture by Nicoletta about the history of chocolate. The students who attended learned that lectures are not always boring things at university, but they can also be very interesting and a way to improve your listening skills. After speaking, Nicoletta challenged the attendees to use their lecture notes to write an article for our blog about fascinating or interesting facts that they learned about chocolate. We are happy to announce our winner – Omar from Italy – who has won chocolate. What a surprise prize! Omar’s winning article is titled: Looking for a happier life? Chocolate is the answer! Read the rest below, see the pictures on Facebook, and check the calendar for our upcoming lectures! Chocolate:” a name, a world success…known as the “food of Gods” in the Ancient Greece hundreds of years ago, nowadays it’s undoubtedly the sweetest temptation of millions people all around the planet. All of us probably eat it everyday, even without knowing its fascinating history and fantastic properties! In fact, the “cacao tree,” originally of South America, was discovered and use for the first time by the wealthy empire of the Aztecs (thousands of years ago). Only in the 1517 A.D. chocolate arrived in Europe thanks to the Spanish Hernan Cortes. At the beginning, it was a food for rish people only and it was quite fat! (about 50% of fat). IN addition, solely drinking chocolate existed. Fortunately, in the 1847, the first “chocolate bar” was created by the English company Fry & Son and from then on the chocolate-mania started. Over the last 150 years there have been lots of innovations and changes, so that now you can eat it in lots of different flavours and use it in lots of different … Read more