Learn about Our Student’s English Course Experience in Miami

Meet two of our former students, who took two different English Courses with EC Miami. They are Julien Correvon from Switzerland and Claudio Coralluzzo from Italy. Claudio was in our Cambridge Advance English (CAE) course and he was preparing for the upcoming Cambridge Examination, and Julien was in Elementary English course. Though their were in Miami for a short period, it was definitely a pleasure having them as an EC Miami student. Their charming and friendly personality makes them memorable to other students, and staff. Read what they have to say about EC Miami and their experiences in Miami. It was a short time but I enjoyed it! There are cool students as well as awesome teachers too! Claudio Coralluzzo Italian Cambridge Advance English EC Miami is an excellent school. The teachers are highly qualified and they were our friends! Miami is INCREDIBLE! Thank you for an amazing and memorable stay! Julien Correvon Switzerland Elementary English

Leonie and Jamie Foxx on Lincoln Road!

One of my Swiss students from my CAE class, Leonie, told us about meeting Jamie Foxx a few months ago: One day in February I was sitting with other students from our EC school in 100 Montaditos (very cheap and delicious restaurant in Lincoln Road) while someone was screaming, ‘Hi Jamie Foxx’. My friend and I were looking at each other and suddenly we got up and ran towards him. We caught the chance and took a picture with him. I was really excited and full of satisfaction. Unfortunately, he wasn’t as friendly as I had expected! However, I’ll never forget this day 🙂 You may remember another one of my students, Fernanda (from Brazil) had a celebrity encounter a few months ago as well!  When you’re looking at US language schools, think of the possible celebrity encounters you may have! — Mark

Cambridge Speaking Test on Sunday!!

  Here we see Sarah and Giulia, two of our academic English students that are currently preparing for their CAE exam.  (You may remember them!) Here we see them taking their final practice test for the speaking section, which will be in two short days on Sunday! Good luck to all our Cambridge students on the first part of their exams this weekend!!

Staff Member of the Month — Michelle Brillouet!

If you take Cambridge ESOL or TOEFL in Miami, you might meet up with Michelle! Hometown:  London, UK Michelle’s Miami Recommendation: GET OFF SOUTH BEACH! There are so many fun things to do on the mainland, why not take that leap of faith. If you haven’t already, go to Wynwood for art walk. Eat at some authentic Central/South American restaurants and see some fantastic street art. One of my favourite places to go for a late night munch is Lost and Found Saloon. Try the burritos and salads, you will not be disappointed. Michelle’s English Advice: Don’t be afraid to say something. Go to a local bar or coffee shop and strike up a conversation with a random person. You never know who you might bump into.

Student Testimonial — Vanessa Schorr

  Vanessa is one of our former Student Ambassadors.  Some of you may remember her from her skydiving adventure a few months ago.  Vanessa came here to take one of our Cambridge ESOL courses to prepare for her CPE (She passed!).  She recently sent an email talking about her experience here at EC Miami:   One word to describe my time at EC Miami? Amazing! It was by far the best experience I’ve ever had. From day one I was adopted into the EC family and it felt like home. Not only did I make friends with students from all over the world but also with teachers and staff as everybody is open and welcoming. My English got better on a daily basis because, if you do it right, you’re surrounded with lots of people who like to see you making progress and challenge you every day. And believe me when I’m saying: this is the best thing when learning a foreign language!   Thanks to a big range of activities you can be sure to never get bored! You can play many different sports, go on weekend trips to amazing places or take elective classes like Pronunciation Clinic, Chill & Chat or the monthly lectures. Or if you like to experience something more adventurous you can even let yourself get kicked out of a plane with a parachute!!! How awesome is that?!   Teachers and staff at EC Miami are warm, funny and, to be honest, a bit crazy sometimes. But exactly this makes it so special! You can be sure to have lots on fun in class, everybody tries to make it as interesting as somehow possible. Even outside of the classroom they help you with everything they can and provide you with all the information you need … Read more

Bake Sale Tomorrow!

You may remember a recent post regarding raising funds to help with Disaster Relief in the South Pacific. As part of EC Miami’s continuing efforts to help the people affecting by this terrible tragedy, students and staff are encouraged to take part in our Bake Sale tomorrow (Friday, November 22). Long-Term students (such as those preparing for their Cambridge ESOL exams) and recent arrivals are all asked to bring in baked goods to the student lounge tomorrow morning to sell to the rest of the students and staff. All money raised will be sent to relief efforts in the Philippines.

Next Academic Lecture: THANKSGIVING!

It’s that time of year! The time that Americans get together with family and friends and eat. And eat. And Eat. AND EAT!! It’s Thanksgiving!!! Of course, there is more to Thanksgiving than just food — but for some of us the food is what makes it one of the favorite holidays in the United States. Families will prepare for days in advance for the feast that comes up, and the Thanksgiving holiday is one of the busiest travel days of the year! Tomorrow, November 21, Reese and Sheila will be giving lectures to the students about Thanksgiving. Higher-level students and those that are getting ready for their Cambridge ESOL Exams will meet with Sheila, while lower-level students will get all their Thanksgiving information from Reese. All students are encouraged to go — and then prepare a Thanksgiving dinner of their own! Check back here after the holiday to see which students turn in the best essays about Thanksgiving. There will be two winners chosen!

Donate Your Old Clothes!!

Many students come to EC Miami for an extended period of time. Students that are preparing for their Cambridge ESOL Exams, for example, spend around three months with us brushing up on their skills and then take the test at the end of their time. One of the perks of coming to South Florida for so many students is, other than the beach and nightlife, the Shopping. Ah, shopping. The promise of arriving in a country with two suitcases and needing Five after buying all the clothes and shoes that your heart desires. The necessity to pay extra fees on your flight going home because of all the extra baggage. Why complicate things? This year, we are collecting clothes that students and staff don’t wear any longer to donate to local charities here in South Florida. Everyone is encouraged to drop off any clothes they don’t want anymore in the box that has been placed in the lobby. Don’t worry about filling the box — we can get more!