Super Bowl LIV Events Hosted in our Building!!!

One of the most popular sports in the USA is American Football. It might be number one, actually. What do you guys think? This year in Miami we have the pleasure to host the amazing Super Bowl LIV (54), which is in reality the final game of the NFL (National Football League). The champion will be decided between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Although the “big game” is taking place in the Sunlight Stadium, we gotta let you know that the super cool vibes around South Beach are off the charts. One  of the very simple reasons why this is happening is that the awesome management in our iconic building 1111 Lincoln Road is hosting a series of Super Bowl events from January 29th to February 1st. . They are doing a really great job in anticipation to the “big game”. This kind of events  includes meetings and greetings with NFL players, such as James White, Cameron Jordan, Josh Allen, Derrick Henry, and Larry Fitzgerald. Also, there are going to be live media broadcastings, fan games, tasty food, and refreshing drinks. The best part is that all of this is free of charge for our students and members of the staff! How cool is that, huh?   Last Wednesday, though, it was the opening of this series of events, and we were all really curious about meeting the NFL player of the day, James White-a running back player for the New England Patriots (the one right in the middle of the picture below). Our students at English school in Miami were in line with a lot of excitement and expectation. To be honest, we all had waited for a little kind of a while until all of a sudden we got access to the seventh floor. … Read more

Meet a teacher to learn English at EC Miami : Ian Brailford

Born: Maryland, USA Lived: New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, South Korea, Mexico city, Miami Visited: Belgium, Bolivia, Canada, Denmark, East Coast USA, England, France, Germany, Japan, Luxemburg, Netherland, Scotland   *Get to know your classmates. Be sure to introduce yourself to everyone when you arrive. Don’t be shy. Let everyone know what you are interested in doing and you will be surprised how many others feel the same. Participate in EC activities, such as touring Key West or the Everglades. *See a show. Go to Micro Theater Miami and see 15 Minutes plays, limited to 15 people, inside a cargo container, with 6 plays/night. Olympia Theater has free jazz music at 6:00 on the second Wednesday of every month. *Eat, Drink, Repeat. Taco Rico, located at Washington and 15 Avenue, is famous for $1 Taco Mondays. They serve delicious “Tex-Mix” food and you can get a full meal for less than $10. One block from EC is The Abbey Brewing Co. Visit during Happy Hour(3:00-7:00pm) for some strong and tasty $4 beers. *See Florida. Remember, there is more to Florida than just Miami and South Beach. Visit Kennedy Space Center, Naples, Orland or St.Petersburg. Go to Big Apple bookstore in Ft.Lauderdale for sale weekends, $2 DVDs and books. *There’s A LOT TO DO in Miami. Visit Ninja Lounge and play basketball and volleyball on trampolines, or try the high ropes course and climbing walls. Go to Lock and Load Miami, where you can shoot machine guns.   Learn English with EC Miami!  

Gustavo Melo De Souza Perroni from Brazil : A graduate English student

Meet graduate student “Gustavo” from Brazil! He graduated from EC Miami today. He spent almost a month to improve his English skills at EC Miami. He was a  serious student that was always the first one to arrive at school every day. At this moment, and on this blog, I want him to share with you guys how he spends unforgettable and unbelievable times in Miami.   Read on to find out what he wants to share and express about his experiences in Miami!   First of all, why did I choose Miami? There’s an amazing weather in Miami! And also in my opinion, Miami is the best city in the U.S. I met some Brazilians, I was able to improve my English a lot and avoided speaking Portuguese. My agent recommended EC Miami to me.My experience at EC Miami was completely much more awesome than my expectation before I started my course at EC Miami. Because Teachers were incredibly amazing , they gave effectively reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar lessons to us to improve our English skills as soon as possible that make it so much easier than you think. And in the class, they have a fantastic atmosphere where a lot of nationalities are mixed in the class,it makes us easier to have a conversation and even make a lot of fantastic friends. Secondly, I want to talk about my experiences at homestay. Living with an American family was a totally precious experience. I could enjoy the traditional culture in Miami with my host family who took me to the city and explained me many things about it. They were very kind and friendly! Finally, There are a lot of things to do in Miami Beach . For example, going to the beach, shopping in many malls,visiting interesting places to have an awesome nightlife and lots of restaurants … Read more

Ippei Suzuki from Japan: A Student at EC Miami

We have tons of diverse students from all over the world at EC Miami. They are having fun olearning English and exploring the FANTASTIC city of “Miami” during their period of living in Miami. Let me introduce one of these students, Ippei Suzuki, who is from Japan. He has already spent two months in Miami and going to spent almost one more month here. Read on to find out what he wants to share and express about his experiences in Miami! “First of all, why I chose Miami to have a studying abroad is that the weather in Miami is totally amazing, and I can’t see and meet many Japanese people which makes it easier to make a lot of fantastic friends who are from all over the world. Secondly I am going to talk about atmosphere and style in the class. I’m seriously satisfied with focusing on leaning grammar and writing in English. Furthermore, our teachers give enough time to have a conversation with students so that we definitely improve skills for conversation (speaking and listening) in English. And my favorite point in the class is the teacher’s funny stories that also help me to improve listening skills. I definitely feel that I have been improving my English skills since I arrived in Miami thanks to great teachers and atmosphere. Finally, I want to share couple of recommendations that you can experience around Miami. My most favorite thing is chilling out on the beach. One of the most beautiful beaches in the world is just 15 minutes away from the school by walking and 3 minutes away from residence by walking. And also you can taste diverse cuisines (Latin, Caribbean, European, Asian etc…). It has awesome nightlife and more! I am completely sure that you will be able to have unforgettable experiences and memories while you are learning English in … Read more

Introduction of one of administrative staff, Alex, at EC Miami

Born: Los Angeles, CA Lived: San Diego, CA; Olympia, WA; Seattle, WA Visited: Most of Europe, Mexico and Canada   *Visit my favorite spot in town. The Perez Art Museum! The first Thursday of every month is free, and they have amazing art installations and beautiful outdoor scenery to enjoy! *Get a quick lunch near school. I am a big fan of Burger and Beer Joint on Bay Road, about 7 minutes walking distance from the school. They have amazing burger options and great drink pairings to go along! *Explore. Wynwood and the Design District have beautiful buildings and lots of great restaurants to explore. They are easy to get to with public transportation, and the price of an UBER is very cheap. *Try Buenos Aires Bakery and Café. It’s a great place to watch a soccer game, grab good coffee, and maybe a snack before exploring the parks along the beach by Collins Ave. Their address is 7134 Collins Ave Miami Beach.   Message from Alex: “Find out more about learning English in Miami by talking to me at the front desk”

New Director of Studies for EC Miami English Center

We are excited to announce that Michelle Brillouet has been promoted to the role of Director of Studies, effective Monday, May 2nd. She has jointed EC Miami since 2012, just two weeks later school opened, as a PT teacher. How amazing is it that she started as a PT teacher and promoted to the Director of Studies? She deserved to be respected! We set up a time to have an interview with her. Q1) How do you feel about being promoted to the role of Director of Studies? Michelle: I feel very excited for this new opportunity and hope that I do a good job. It is a bit of a dream come true for me and look forward to the next chapter of my EC journey. Q2) Starting from PT teacher to Director of Studies, you have made such an amazing achievement. What did it propel you? Michelle: I have been in the education industry for 15 years and I feel that this is a natural progressions in my career. It is also a testament that anything is possible and that you should always follow your dreams! Q3) What is your next goal? Michelle: Hmm, good question. I would say my next goal is to go into teacher and product development, maybe? I also like to see how life unfolds and take the opportunities as they present themselves. Q4) Do you have any memorable episode since you started working here in EC Miami? Michelle: One moment that comes to mind was our first Baynanza event. It was a perfect Miami day with blue skies and warm weather. The staff and students went and participated in the island clean up. It was really nice to see everyone get together for a common cause and have fun at the same time. … Read more

Let’s Meet Our New Intern – Ryan Nyguen

Hi, there! Let’s meet our new student intern at EC Miami, Ryan Ngyuen, who is from Vietnam. He stated that through his internship, he would like to get professional experience as a staff, improve English, and get exposed to various English accent circumstances. His dream is to own a small English school in his country as a center director. He also has English-related experience in the past. We believe that this internship will certainly give him an opportunity to build up to his career in the future! He recommended a Chinese restaurant called, Hakasan You can check its menu at following URL:  In his spare time, he usually does a jogging by the South Beach to South Pointe Beach and mentioned that students, who want to join, are more than welcome to do so. I enjoy swimming so let’s go to the beach and swim together!

Philip at the NBA Game

EC Miami’s new Ambassador: Philip

    Meet Philip, 23 from Switzerland. He is a new ambassador and when he is asked about EC Miami, he replied:   I choose Miami Beach because some of my friends were at EC Miami and they recommended it to me. I also got here because of the mostly good and warm weather and of course the parties. Here I learned a lot about the people in Miami and also about the city itself. I was also able to see my first progress after three weeks at school. I’m really happy that EC is a modern facility with colorful chairs and walls, it makes everything look comfortable and friendly. The lessons are build up in a good way and easy to follow. Currently my favorite activity was the Miami Heat basketball game. I was able to get the full atmosphere and feeling of a real American game. It was very entertaining. To the question “What did you like the most about your accommodation?” I answer without hesitation my neighbors. Whenever I walk out of my room I see some other students that I can sit to and chat. No matter if you go to the beach or to a party, there are always some students that will join you. In other words: You’re never bored at the Loft if you don’t want to. Today, my new friends are mostly from Switzerland, but also from Sweden, Turkey, Netherlands, Denmark, France, Brazil, Korea and Italy. I will remember my new friends, the activities and Miami itself.

NBA Game

NBA Game, Heats vs Nets

    EC Miami encourages students to participate in activities to enjoy the American way of life and to improve their English speaking. On Monday, March 28th the Miami Heat played against the Brooklyn Nets at the American Airlines Arena. Here’s the review of our intern, Celine from France. “I played basketball for a long time so it was obvious that I have to participate to this activity! It was my second NBA Game after Miami Heats vs Atlanta Hawks. Of course, we won: 110 vs 99. The game was tight all along. The Nets didn’t give up but the Heats were stronger. The legend, Dwayne Wade, who is also the best scorer of the Heat, had 30 goal marks and Hassan Whiteside had 27. During half-time the famous cheerleaders did the show, we also saw Flo Rida and we had the opportunity to be on the court after the game to throw some balls into the basket. We were a huge group, 50 EC Students at least! I loved this atmosphere and the American show. Anyway, I recommend this activity to everyone! You can check on the event calendar at the front desk or at your house on EC Online to see if there is one planned during your stay!”   – Celine, France

Louis, new ambassador

Learn English at EC Miami as an Ambassador

  At EC Miami, we encourage students to be part of the EC Miami Student Ambassador program as another way to learn English. As a reward, the Student Ambassador will receive a letter of recommendation and a special certificate! This week, our student testimonial is about one of the new ambassadors at EC Miami, meet Louis.   Hi out there! I’m Louis, 25 from Switzerland. The main reason I chose to be an ambassador is to get in touch with many other people from all over the world. As far as I’m concerned, I’m a very outgoing person who likes nearly all kinds of sport and travelling. In Switzerland I graduated in marketing and I will go back to university in late 2016. However, first I will enjoy my time here in Miami with you guys!