Bake Sale Tomorrow!

You may remember a recent post regarding raising funds to help with Disaster Relief in the South Pacific. As part of EC Miami’s continuing efforts to help the people affecting by this terrible tragedy, students and staff are encouraged to take part in our Bake Sale tomorrow (Friday, November 22). Long-Term students (such as those preparing for their Cambridge ESOL exams) and recent arrivals are all asked to bring in baked goods to the student lounge tomorrow morning to sell to the rest of the students and staff. All money raised will be sent to relief efforts in the Philippines.

Donate Your Old Clothes!!

Many students come to EC Miami for an extended period of time. Students that are preparing for their Cambridge ESOL Exams, for example, spend around three months with us brushing up on their skills and then take the test at the end of their time. One of the perks of coming to South Florida for so many students is, other than the beach and nightlife, the Shopping. Ah, shopping. The promise of arriving in a country with two suitcases and needing Five after buying all the clothes and shoes that your heart desires. The necessity to pay extra fees on your flight going home because of all the extra baggage. Why complicate things? This year, we are collecting clothes that students and staff don’t wear any longer to donate to local charities here in South Florida. Everyone is encouraged to drop off any clothes they don’t want anymore in the box that has been placed in the lobby. Don’t worry about filling the box — we can get more!

Natural Disaster Relief — Please Help!

    Last week, Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines leaving thousands dead, and many more displaced without shelter, food, water, and clothing.  This story has blanketed the news over the past seven days, and resonates particularly here in South Florida, where hurricanes are part of the local culture.   Here at EC Miami, we have left a collection glass in the reception area.  Intensive students, Semi-Intensive students, students studying for Cambridge ESOL Exams, and teachers/administrators alike are asked to help out in any way they can, and donate what they feel comfortable with.   Our hearts and thoughts are with all the people affected by this terrible tragedy.

Movember at EC Miami!

Movember 2013 Here for your Cambridge ESOL Exams?  Perhaps just to be a tourist?  Calling all Mo Bros (and Sistas)…Movember is almost here again! All you have to do is grow a moustache (or wear a fake one if you’re a Mo Sista) for the month of November (Movember) to raise funds and awareness for prostate/testicular cancer and mental health. Are you man (or woman) enough to Mo? Join the EC Miami Movember page NOW!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Students here at our Miami English School may notice that there is a little more pink in the month of October. No, it’s not a new fashion trend, it’s in recognition of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Worldwide, Breast Cancer counts for almost 25% of all cancer cases in women. Almost 500,000 deaths each year are due to this form of cancer, and in October there are many events to raise awareness, funds, and to encourage early screenings. After all, the earlier the disease is detected, the quicker treatment is able to start. Time is, of course, of the essence. One organization, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, is particularly active in the United States during this month, organizing 5K walks/runs in various cities, including Miami. All people of all ages are encouraged to participate, and it’s all for women’s health! More information about the Miami event can be found here. And pink is encouraged everywhere! (The travel mug in the picture is mine — Mark). Participate in the run.  Wear pink.  Get checked.  Get Educated!

Student Writing – Community Service (by Leah Park)

Every month, we invite a guest to come to our school and give an academic-style lecture to the students.  Students write essays on the lecture, and a winner is chosen.  This month we have TWO winners!   Tolmage Thornhill works for Miami city regarding community service.  She gave us a lecture about what community service is, and what they do for the city.  Generally, community service is a kind of safety net.  For their city, they provide a wide variety of services both hard and soft.  Community service is provided by federal, state, and local programs.  Federal community service is done by the United States government, like SNAP, Social Security, medicare, and TANF.  State programs are done by various departments like the Department of Children and Families.  State programs also work together with local programs.  For local programs sources of funding are important.  About community service, I think the system is too complicated.  Usually people who need help are not able to find information and prepare for eligibility.  So I thought that people who are working for community services need to find actively find people who need their help.  She also introduced an interesting volunteering program that I can participate in.  Besides, she talked about the seven habits.  The seven habits are to be proactive, with the end in mind, put first things First, first think win-win, seek first to understand, then the understanding, synergize and sharpen the saw.   –Lean Park is a High Intermediate student from South Korea.

Melanie H. at Baynanza!

On April 20, several members of the EC Miami staff along with a group of students participated in Baynanza 2013 — a local project to help clean up the beaches and islands in Miami and Biscayne Bay.  Our student Melanie was one of the few people brave enough to walk out on the rocks to find garbage!!  We collected several bags and Monument Island looked much better once we left it.   Melanie finding trash in the rocks

EC is all about Movember!!

Have you seen a lot of guys with extra facial hair this month? Why you ask?? November is also known to many as Movember!! What is Movember?? Movember is an initiative that sees men all over the world growing a moustache (or ‘mo’) in order to raise money and awareness for men’s health issues, specifically prostrate and testicular cancer. How did the men get started?  It was easy!  Once registered at, each ‘Mo Bro’ must begin the 1st November with a clean-shaven face. Then, for the entire month of November, each Mo Bro must grow and groom a moustache! The men of EC got involved in this great initiative too! Male members of staff at EC Vancouver, EC Toronto, EC Cambridge, EC Brighton and EC London have all joined the cause to raise money and awareness If you wish to support this worthy cause, then you can visit the Movember website and donate for an individual or a Centre. For more information, go to