Do Not Know Where to Eat? – Yelp

  We often find ourselves struggling finding out what to eat for a meal or what to do in a new area you have never been to. Moreover, if you are not a local, you have no idea which restaurant is good or not. We are here to help you out! Have you heard of application called, Yelp? This is a mobile application that stores users’ review on specific restaurant, activity, bar and so forth. Through this app, you can grab an idea what kind of food a restaurant has and what their best-seller is. You may expect users’ honest opnion. Some people even give a restaurant only one star. The coolest part of this app is that it has a wide spectrum, ranging from food, nightlife, and beauty & shop. You can also view them as a map-view on your phone, which allows you to make sense easier and know where a closer restaurant is. See how detail information it offers is. Official website is: