Great Deals! – Groupon Miami

Hello, Students! Studying and staying in South Beach might be a little bit expensive and put a financial pressure on some of you. However, there are always ways. Try use Groupon and save from 20% up to 90% The website URL is On the website, you can find options based on categories starting from food to shopping, pretty much everything, to activities. You should do activities that you can do particularly in Miami such as paragliding, snorkeling, and so forth. Plus, you can view a wide range of your options with a map, helping you find out which deal is more convenient and closer to you in an easier way. We highly recommend to you to use this website. =) Please, read the instruction meticulously before & after purchase a coupon.     GROUPON URL:    

Studying English – CNN Student News

Many people decide to study English through various source. Listening or watching a famous news such as CNN, ABC, NBC and so forth is one of the common examples. However, for the beginner or a person who just starts studying English, those news are too challenging for them. Therefore, I, personally, would like to introduce this application as a method of studying English. It is an application called CNN Student News. It basically has 10 minutes non-commercial and deals with various topics around the globe and the target of this news is middle or high school students, which we believe it is an ideal for ESL students. You can simply download this application on your phone, or alternatively, you can watch it on your desktop at:   Try to listen to this news as much as you can. For example, when you are having a meal or on your way to somewhere, you can put it as a background. Look at the transcript and build up your lexicon. The more you expose yourself to English, the better your English will be.  

Miami Public Transportation Application!

Do you want to get around Miami with public transportation method, Not Uber or Lyft? With Easy card, you can use every public transportation method in Miami for $7($5 for the fare and $2 for a bus card) for a day. However, it is sort of challenging if you don’t know how to get somewhere. There are two main applications we would like to introduce to you. 1) MDT Tracker This application is the most trustworthy application we believe. It has every public transportation method, including Bus, Metrorail and Metromover. Tho coolest part of this app is that it has System map that shows you every bus’ route in Miami.         2) Transit You want to know a particular bus’ whole route? No worries! There is an application for that, called Transit. It also has real-time bus tracker, but this real-time bus tracker service is only limited to a bus with little antenna above bus number on this application. It also displays Citibike stations near you.     If you know better application, please let us know so that we can update our posting. Thank you!

New Director of Studies for EC Miami English Center

We are excited to announce that Michelle Brillouet has been promoted to the role of Director of Studies, effective Monday, May 2nd. She has jointed EC Miami since 2012, just two weeks later school opened, as a PT teacher. How amazing is it that she started as a PT teacher and promoted to the Director of Studies? She deserved to be respected! We set up a time to have an interview with her. Q1) How do you feel about being promoted to the role of Director of Studies? Michelle: I feel very excited for this new opportunity and hope that I do a good job. It is a bit of a dream come true for me and look forward to the next chapter of my EC journey. Q2) Starting from PT teacher to Director of Studies, you have made such an amazing achievement. What did it propel you? Michelle: I have been in the education industry for 15 years and I feel that this is a natural progressions in my career. It is also a testament that anything is possible and that you should always follow your dreams! Q3) What is your next goal? Michelle: Hmm, good question. I would say my next goal is to go into teacher and product development, maybe? I also like to see how life unfolds and take the opportunities as they present themselves. Q4) Do you have any memorable episode since you started working here in EC Miami? Michelle: One moment that comes to mind was our first Baynanza event. It was a perfect Miami day with blue skies and warm weather. The staff and students went and participated in the island clean up. It was really nice to see everyone get together for a common cause and have fun at the same time. … Read more

English and Food Activity at Gyu Ka-ku

Did you also know that we organize activities not only for sports, but for food activities, too? This time, we hit the Gyu Ka-ku, which is world-known Asian food and has more than 10 brunches in the United States. You can check its menu and locations at!locations/cjkn Our activities are great opportunity to get to know your classmates and practice your English with them! Now you have one more reason why you have to come to Miami. Come to EC Miami and try a wide range of food starting from Cuban coffee to Asian food. You would be impressed with the spectrum of food categories.