Philip at the NBA Game

EC Miami’s new Ambassador: Philip

    Meet Philip, 23 from Switzerland. He is a new ambassador and when he is asked about EC Miami, he replied:   I choose Miami Beach because some of my friends were at EC Miami and they recommended it to me. I also got here because of the mostly good and warm weather and of course the parties. Here I learned a lot about the people in Miami and also about the city itself. I was also able to see my first progress after three weeks at school. I’m really happy that EC is a modern facility with colorful chairs and walls, it makes everything look comfortable and friendly. The lessons are build up in a good way and easy to follow. Currently my favorite activity was the Miami Heat basketball game. I was able to get the full atmosphere and feeling of a real American game. It was very entertaining. To the question “What did you like the most about your accommodation?” I answer without hesitation my neighbors. Whenever I walk out of my room I see some other students that I can sit to and chat. No matter if you go to the beach or to a party, there are always some students that will join you. In other words: You’re never bored at the Loft if you don’t want to. Today, my new friends are mostly from Switzerland, but also from Sweden, Turkey, Netherlands, Denmark, France, Brazil, Korea and Italy. I will remember my new friends, the activities and Miami itself.

NBA Game

NBA Game, Heats vs Nets

    EC Miami encourages students to participate in activities to enjoy the American way of life and to improve their English speaking. On Monday, March 28th the Miami Heat played against the Brooklyn Nets at the American Airlines Arena. Here’s the review of our intern, Celine from France. “I played basketball for a long time so it was obvious that I have to participate to this activity! It was my second NBA Game after Miami Heats vs Atlanta Hawks. Of course, we won: 110 vs 99. The game was tight all along. The Nets didn’t give up but the Heats were stronger. The legend, Dwayne Wade, who is also the best scorer of the Heat, had 30 goal marks and Hassan Whiteside had 27. During half-time the famous cheerleaders did the show, we also saw Flo Rida and we had the opportunity to be on the court after the game to throw some balls into the basket. We were a huge group, 50 EC Students at least! I loved this atmosphere and the American show. Anyway, I recommend this activity to everyone! You can check on the event calendar at the front desk or at your house on EC Online to see if there is one planned during your stay!”   – Celine, France

Louis, new ambassador

Learn English at EC Miami as an Ambassador

  At EC Miami, we encourage students to be part of the EC Miami Student Ambassador program as another way to learn English. As a reward, the Student Ambassador will receive a letter of recommendation and a special certificate! This week, our student testimonial is about one of the new ambassadors at EC Miami, meet Louis.   Hi out there! I’m Louis, 25 from Switzerland. The main reason I chose to be an ambassador is to get in touch with many other people from all over the world. As far as I’m concerned, I’m a very outgoing person who likes nearly all kinds of sport and travelling. In Switzerland I graduated in marketing and I will go back to university in late 2016. However, first I will enjoy my time here in Miami with you guys!

EC Students at Finnegan's Road

St Patrick’s Day with EC Students

  Let’s flashback to last week on March 17th. Our EC students were ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Emman at Finnegan’s Road, near EC Miami. St Patrick is one of Ireland’s patron saints and many Americans with Irish ancestry remember him on March 17th. Around 15 EC students had an Irish drink and food last Thursday. Fancy green or orange drinks to remember the Irish flag’s color, a lot of laughs and a second round of beers. This is what you missed if you didn’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! You can find more pictures on our Facebook Page. – Celine, France

Leslie at the Everglades Park

Study English at EC Miami – Student testimonial

  This week, our student testimonial is about Leslie’s experience at EC Miami School. She was a student for six weeks, and now she is an intern at Juvia Restaurant in Miami Beach. Juvia is considered to be “One of the World’s best rooftop restaurants” according to the Telegraph. Today she is going to talk about her time as a student in EC Miami.   “At first, I chose Miami Beach to learn English because of the weather, the beach and I have already visited three States (New-York, California and Nevada) and wanted a change. I had Intensive English Courses and an Elective Class: English for Work. During those six weeks, I have learned a lot about business and the way of life in the United States. I have also improved my accent and now I’m more careful about tenses and syntax. What I enjoyed the most during classes was that teachers made us talk a lot unlike in my country.  My favorite EC activity was the Miami Heat against the Atlanta Hawks at the American Airlines Arena, I wanted to see how it is like to attend an American sports game and to feel the atmosphere.  I live at the Loft and the best point for me is the location. Ocean drive is a 3 minute walk, the Beach 5 minutes and EC School 20 minutes.  I will definitively recommend EC Miami to my friends who want to study English abroad. It was a great experience. I met people from all over the world and I now have friends on five continents! I will remember mingling with students and the American way of life.” – Celine, France

Guided E-Learning

EC Online, another way to learn English

    What exactly is EC Online? It is a website where you can be aware of what’s happening at school and check your student profile. If you want to log in, you just have to go to the EC website. On the top of the screen you can see an item “Sign in”.     To sign in, you have to know your student ID number, normally you can find it on your booking confirmation. If not, you can ask the Academic office or your teacher, they can give it to you. On this network you can check your timeline as an EC Student, your attendance, the summary of your daily classes, the activities planned by the school for the month. You also find useful information about the school or ife in Miami (requests, questionnaires, accommodations, academic, tips). Finally, this web page gives you the opportunity to learn English in a different way. You will find a section called “study” on the left of the page. Here, there is a lot to do, you have different kind of exercises like writing, listening, reading and the most important is that everything is classed by topics so you can choose one that you actually like. You can also take an exam to check your level. I recommend this website to every EC Students especially to new ones because we all know that the first week isn’t easy, when you are by yourself in a new country and this website is full of tips.   – Celine, France

Heechan Chae, new intern at EC Miami

Meet Heechan Chae, our new intern at EC Miami

  Let me introduce you our new intern at school. Heechan Chae (but you can also call him Emman) is 24 and from South Korea. He will be interning for 4 months starting this week. He has a Major in business administration and will be in charge of this area at EC Miami School. Miami is not his first experience in the US: before coming here, he was first in Orlando, Fl and then in Delaware State. He chose the US to study and intern because he wants to improve his American English and also to have an international work experience. He loves travelling, meeting new people, playing pool and watching american dramas such as How I Met Your Mother. If you have any questions, you will find him at the front desk or in the office behind. A message from him to all EC Students: “Good to meet you and I would like to be a friend of you all!” – Celine, France

English learning with the other EC Students

You don’t know what to choose between a homestay or a residence? Here the opinion of a student, who lives in one of our studio in South Beach: The Loft.   “At first, I hesitated a lot between living in a host family or staying in a student apartment; I chose the second option. I wanted to stay and mix with students and I think I made the right decision. This apartment has the perfect location on Collins Avenue in South Beach. Ocean drive is a 3 minute walk, the Beach 5 minute and EC School 20 minute and all of it walking under the palm trees and the sun. The Loft occupies the most touristic place in Miami Beach so you can find what you want nearby. I have been living in The Loft for 7 weeks, a school residence, and I have met a lot of people from all over the World. The only language we have in common is English so we have to practice our English speaking. It’s like a second class after school. And I find this very rewarding because we don’t have the same English level so it’s a 100% human experience. I’ve met Italian, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Swiss, Brasilian, South Korean, Japanese, German, Saudi, Kazakh, Belarusian, Jordanian, Malaysian, Venezuelan, Swedish and Danish people and we help each other to be understood. We all have different cultures but we have EC Miami and this journey to Miami in common. Yes, I think We can say that we are a big family.”   – Celine, France