A group of students participated the Youth Language Link; a partnership between EC Miami and City of Miami Beach

Miami Beach Senior High School Learn English at EC Miami

  On August 20th, a group of Miami Beach Senior High School students completed EC’s third round of the Youth Language Link, a program which is a partnership between EC Miami and the City of Miami Beach. The program is meant to provide recently immigrated students with the chance to learn English for communicative purposes and prepare them to better succeed in school. Throughout the course, the students studied grammar, expanded their vocabulary and practiced speaking. The final project of the course required students to use photos from social media, the internet and their phones to present about their lives. We learned about each other’s home countries and cities, families and friends and interests.

Claudia’s English Course Experience at EC Miami

  This week’s student testimonial was written from Claudia Chiovoloni. She is from Italy. She talks about her English course experience in Miami with her boyfriend, Edoardo Giubelei, by her side. They’re extremely friendly and outgoing too! One of their favorite EC Miami activity was the weekly Basketball Club led by Gammal and Christopher. Let’s read about her experience at EC Miami!  I chose EC Miami because I’d never been to Miami before. I have improved my speaking and vocabulary skills and I think I improved sufficiently. I met new friends from Brazil, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany. My favorite EC activity was the basketball club. It was led by the funniest teachers in the school, Gammal and Christopher. In addition to that, the monthly Food Truck and Music Fest was worth it! I would definitely recommend EC Miami to my friends in Italy!   Claudia Chiovoloni Italy

Three lucky students and our DSO got to be on the Miami Marlins Field

Let’s Go Out to the Ballgame!

  At EC Miami, we encourage students to participate in activities to further their English course experience in Miami. Students watched the Miami Marlins VS Philladelphia Phillies Baseball Game at the Marlins Park. Our Designated School Official (DSO), Kimberly Kelso, and three lucky students were given the opportunity to be on the field for the opening of the game. In addition to that, one of our students who watched the game, Felipy Pereira Vale, got to deliver the Rosin bag to the pitcher’s mount. The Marlins Park is located approximately 2 miles (3km) west of Downtown Miami. This stadium was designed in a neomodern form of baseball architecture. In fact, it is the sixth Major League Baseball (MLB) stadium to have a retractable roof and the third smallest MLB stadium with a seating capacity of 37,442 people.

Learning Outside the Classroom in Miami Beach

Learn the English Language the FUN Way!

  Recently, the students went out to a local café to have coffee and practice using their English in a comfortable, relaxed, enjoyable setting. The students talked about their future plans after EC Miami. In so doing, they demonstrated the excellent communicative skills they learned in Kathy’s Upper Intermediate English Language Class. EC Miami is located in the heart of South Beach on Lincoln Road, home of Lincoln Road Mall. Therefore, there are many opportunities for students to practice their English while shopping, having coffee, eating dinner, or just hanging out with friends. These rewarding opportunities mean that EC Miami students improve their learning by speaking both inside and outside the classroom.

Students were given the opportunity to learn about different cultures through their music

Learn English and Miami Culture at Afro Roots World Music Festival

  Upon arriving in Miami, Florida, the students and staff simply assume that Miami is just a city with amazing beaches. Though the students intend to learn English by the beach, they never expect the many fascinating ways that they become truly immersed in the Miami culture. For example, recently EC Miami students went to Afro Roots, a world music festival. One of our students, Sheila Nunez, participated in the Afro Roots World Music Festival, and this is what she had to say about the event: Recently, we went to the Little Haiti Cultural Center, in the Little Haiti neighborhood of Miami, to see a small festival celebrating the evolution of African and Cuban culture. This is the 17th year that this festival has taken place. Many musicians, singers, and dancers were invited to bring and show us the traditional culture from their countries. Moreover, the group called “Los Herederos” (from Cuba) also explained us the different styles of music from Cuba, how to recognize them, and which instruments they usually use. They really seem passionate about what they are doing, and that is why, in my point of view, this type of event is very interesting and great because they do not go there to get money or sell CDs. They come simply to bring us a bit of their culture and exchange experiences. Furthermore, I really liked the Haitian food! I love to discover different types of meals from all around the world, so it was a good opportunity for me to taste it for the first time! Sheila Nunez

All activities and classes planned for EC Miami in September

What to Do in Miami While You Learn English

Every month, EC Miami plans fun and interesting activities for students to explore Miami while they learn English. We have a variety of activities that consist of different sports activities, trips throughout Southern Florida, food events, and FREE English classes. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, we provide students with free English classes to help students maximize their English skills. In addition to the free academic classes, we provide students fun activities throughout the week while they learn English. We give the students the opportunity to watch a baseball game (an American pasttime), enjoy unique cuisine through our potluck activities, stay active with a weekly basketball game, and many more. Check out these fun activities we have planned for you and sign up at the front desk!

Gammal's Basketball Club

Basketball Club with Gammal

Every Wednesday, the students participate in a friendly basketball match led by an EC Miami English teacher, Gammal Zambrano. According to Gammal, “Basketball is a very complete physical activity. Everybody plays football (soccer) … Why not break the routine? Try something different!” Gammal decided to create the EC Miami Basketball Club to encourage students to live an active lifestyle and learn something new. The students who join always say they have a great time! Last Wednesday, two EC Miami English teachers and their students played basketball at Flamingo Park. This beautiful park is located in the heart of South Beach, within walking distance from the school. The teams were divided into Team Gammal and Team Chris. (Chris is another EC Miami English teacher.) Each month, EC Miami plans various activities for students to be a part of Miami’s unique melting pot of cultures, while they learn English. Each activity gives students a chance to interact with other teachers and students, while helping them to improve their English. Come join our school and have some fun while learning English!