Learn English as Our Student Ambassador

  At EC Miami, we encourage students to part-take the EC Miami Student Ambassador program as another medium to learn English. As a reward, the Student Ambassador will receive a letter of recommendation and a special certificate! Meet Renan De Almeida Jr, one of our three Student Ambassador, and his experience at EC Miami.   Not only did Renan talked about his adventures at Miami with EC Miami, he also talks about one of the FREE activities we held for the students. Last Thursday, he participated in a Yoga Class led by EC Miami’s own Assistant Academic Director, Michelle Brillouet. Read what Renan has to say about his unique EC Miami experiences.   My name is Renan Jr, I’m from Brasilia, Brazil. This is my second time in Miami. In my opinion, Miami is an AMAZING city because here you will have a great experience in Miami. I’ve been living in Miami since July 2015 and I love staying here! Every week, I will meet new people and make new friends. I’m certain that I have made long-life friends. If I could give you an advice, I would suggest making new friends from others countries, because not only will you learn English at EC Miami, you will learn another language through the friends you made at EC Miami. Last Thursday, we had Michelle teaching us yoga positions. She also talked about the benefits a person could achieve by practicing yoga at a daily basis. I was really interested to learn about yoga because a lot of Brazilians practices yoga. It was nice to learn about the benefits of yoga because it helps you to relax! I recommend everyone trying yoga for the first time to do it with Michelle! Renan Jr Brazil Student Ambassador

Two of his previous students wrote about their experience at EC Miami

Learn English Through Our Students’ Experience

  EC Miami is centrally located at the heart of South Beach, and we see our students create memories in the school as well as outside the school. As we said ‘see you later’ to our September 25 graduating class, two of Gammal’s previous students wrote about their EC Miami experiences. Let’s learn English through their eyes! Christine Gygax from Switzerland talks about EC Miami’s excellent teacher, as well as, the funny and friendly individuals she has met during her 3 weeks stay at Miami. Meanwhile, Hideyuki Kobayashi from Japan talks about his wonderful stay at EC Miami. Let us read about their English experience at EC Miami! EC Miami is the place to be! With excellent teachers and funny people, you cannot have a dull time in Miami. In addition to that, it’s MIAMI! Thank you EC Miami for this amazing time! Christine Gygax Switzerland   I chose Miami to learn English because I wanted to enjoy the beach, the amusement park, and baseball! I was able to enjoy everything I wanted to do in Miami despite my short stay. I had a wonderful time! Thank you so much, EC Miami!! Hideyuki Kobayashi Japan

EC Miami Center Director is back from her maternity leave

Welcome Back to EC Miami Family, Amanda Ross-Gomez

  EC Miami is an excellent English School that provides English Course in Miami for students all over the world. It’s strategic locations and fun atmosphere makes it a unique experience for students to learn English! EC Miami welcomes Amanda Ross-Gomez back to the school! She was on maternity leave for the last 4 months taking care of her second child. She is extremely outgoing and friendly, who loves to share her experiences with students! Visit her office and welcome her back to the EC Miami family. For those of you who don’t know me, I have been the Center Director at EC Miami since the school first opened in 2012.  I am originally from Chicago but have also lived in Paris, Tokyo and Los Angeles before moving to Miami.  I’ve been on maternity leave for the last 4 months taking care of my new baby boy, Benjamin.  I am very happy to be back at EC Miami – It amazing to come back to such a great team and fantastic students!  Please come stop by my office and say hello! Amanda Ross-Gomez EC Miami Center Director

Boat Safety Field Trip

Learn English with the Miami Beach Police Department

  Why should you learn English with EC Miami? At EC Miami, students could learn English the fun way! The teachers work together to create an enriching and unique study plan to learn English. In addition to that, EC Miami is located at the heart of South Beach! Last week, Kathy’s Upper Intermediate class, visited the Miami Beach Police Department to learn about boat safety. One of her students, Emiliano, wrote about their EC Miami experiences and their field trip to the Sunset Harbor Yacht Club. Read what he has to say about his unique EC Miami experience.     Miami is my first destination in the United States! I choose this residence to improve my English and meeting new friends from all over the world. My favorite EC Miami activity was Kathy’s field trip to Sunset Harbor Yacht Club. We went to the Marina Police Station. There were two police officers welcome us and talked about water safety and the guidance or rules of action on water. After, we went of a boat trip with the police officers. It was AWESOME! I definitely recommend everyone to learn English at EC Miami! The ambiance is GREAT and it feels like we’re family. I’ll remember everyone and every experience I had here in Miami. Thank you EC Miami for an AMAZING time!   Emiliano Sticca, Switzerland

Learn about Our Student’s English Course Experience in Miami

Meet two of our former students, who took two different English Courses with EC Miami. They are Julien Correvon from Switzerland and Claudio Coralluzzo from Italy. Claudio was in our Cambridge Advance English (CAE) course and he was preparing for the upcoming Cambridge Examination, and Julien was in Elementary English course. Though their were in Miami for a short period, it was definitely a pleasure having them as an EC Miami student. Their charming and friendly personality makes them memorable to other students, and staff. Read what they have to say about EC Miami and their experiences in Miami. It was a short time but I enjoyed it! There are cool students as well as awesome teachers too! Claudio Coralluzzo Italian Cambridge Advance English EC Miami is an excellent school. The teachers are highly qualified and they were our friends! Miami is INCREDIBLE! Thank you for an amazing and memorable stay! Julien Correvon Switzerland Elementary English

An ESL Instructor from Colombia

Learn English with EC Miami’s Teacher of the Month

  Congratulations to Gammal Zambrano as he was awarded Teacher of the Month! He is an English as a Second Language (ESL) Instructor and he is from Bogota, Colombia. He recommends any visitors and students to go to Flanigan’s in North Miami Beach because it is a nice place to watch sports while you can also enjoy all kinds of beer and the most varied munchies for a reasonable prices. He also implement a healthy lifestyle for the students by leading an EC Miami Basketball Club and play basketball with the students every Wednesday. You can count on him to help you learn English every day! He also awarded Thamer Aldibasi the title of EC Miami Student of the Month.

An excellent and dedicated student.

Student of the Month: Thamer Aldibasi

  Meet Thamer Aldibasi from Saudi Arabia. He brought his 1-year old daughter to EC Miami to show her around the place where he learn English. In actuality, he brought her to high-five all of the teachers who have helped improve his English communication skills! His teacher, Gammal, awarded him the EC Miami’s Student of the Month award. According to Gammal, Thamer is an excellent student and he actively participated in class. He also uses expressions and new words that he learns in class right away. Thamer also wrote a paragraph about his learning experience with EC Miami. He mentioned his wonderful experience and how he have improved tremendously upon his arrival at EC Miami.   I have a very wonderful experience in EC Miami. Thanks to EC Miami, I can talk and communicate with people and this is due to the effort of the teachers and staff. Special thanks to Jessica, Michelle, and Kristin as well as my teachers Rafael, Alexis, Chris, Gammal, and Ian. I strongly advise everyone to learn English at EC Miami. Thamer Aldibasi Saudi Arabia

Talks about her unique experiences with EC Miami

Learn English at EC Miami: Youjin Kim

  At EC Miami, students come from all over the world. Students learn English at EC Miami while they explore the beautiful city of Miami. Below is a brief testimonial from Youjin Kim from South Korea. She studied English here at EC Miami from June through September of this year. Due to her hard work and dedication, she improved her English skills greatly. This is what she had to say about EC Miami: I chose this school because I heard that EC Miami is fun and the students are friendly. I enjoyed my Miami life, and I have created awesome memories here too. If my friends would like to come here, I would strongly recommend it to them. EC Miami is the PERFECT academy. Youjin Kim South Korea

He talks about his 3 weeks adventure with EC Miami

Explore Miami as You Learn English from Jan’s Perspective

    Lets learn English and explore Miami at the same time! EC Miami provides all English level courses to their students and plan activities for students to explore Miami. EC Miami’s prime location, which is located at the heart of Miami Beach, gives students a unique and memorable experience. Jan Rothmann, a former EC Miami student, recently contacted his former EC Miami teacher, Ian Brailsford, to ask if he could submit a testimonial about his experience here. Jan, from Frankfurt, Germany, student at EC Miami for three weeks this summer. According to Ian, Jan was an eager, friendly student and a pleasure to have in class. Read below to find out about his fantastic experience here at EC Miami. This is my journey for EC Miami. I wanted to travel in the United States because I had never been in the USA before. I learned a lot in Miami. The school was perfect and the teachers are best! Ian and Gammal are my favorite teachers! The weather was perfect in Miami and Miami Beach are the best. My classmates were the best in the world. My host family was great too! I have met many people from different countries and they are very interesting. In Miami, you can buy a lot of cheap clothes and other things, like shoes. FLY TO MIAMI! You will have a lot of fun and a great experience. Jan Rothmann Frankfurt, Germany

Student Testimonial

Miami English Course from Kristin & Alexander’s Experiences

  EC Miami is unique as it is located in the heart of South Beach. Not only do EC Miami provides all levels of Miami English Course to students, we also provide interesting activities to students. In addition to that, we highlight their experiences with EC Miami and adventures in Miami. Meet Kristin Kuehnlein and Alexander Moldowan from Germany! Their friendly and charming personality have made their stay in Miami a memorable experiences. Read about their journey with EC Miami! When we had to describe EC Miami, there are three things that came in our mind; great people, entertaining classes, and beautiful beaches. We chose EC Miami because of the sunny weather, nice landscape, and cosmopolitan people. We thought our experience would be great, but it has exceeded our expectations. The whole EC Miami team is very friendly and always helpful regarding our problems and questions. Classes are always fun and instructive, so we look forward to go to class everyday. You get to meet new people from all around the world and you have the opportunity to learn a lot about other cultures Beside school, there are plenty of different activities such as playing basketball, visiting the Everglades, or snorkeling at Key West. The time has passed so quickly and we wish we could stay longer. We would repeat our time at any time! IT’S SIMPLY AMAZING!   Kristin Kuehnlein & Alexander Moldowan Germany