This student was chosen by our Teacher of the Month, Ian Brailsford, as student of the month. She talks about her amazingly unique experiences at EC Miami.

Student of the Month: Marta Caminero

  At EC Miami, a top-notch English school in Miami Beach, the teacher of the month chooses the student of the month. For the month of August, the title of Student of the Month was awarded to Marta Caminero from Spain. According to Ian Brailsford, her teacher, Marta is a very dedicated, hardworking student. She takes an interest in each class activity and participates meaningfully every day. Therefore, her English skills have greatly improved since starting at EC Miami. Marta is always positive, friendly, and helpful. She talks about her experience in Miami and fondest memories at EC Miami. “The only thing that I can say about Miami and EC Miami is that they are AMAZING!! I had never thought that this experience would be so incredible. I am learning a lot of English. There are many different teachers and all of them are GREAT. If you need something, the staff will help you. For me, EC Miami is not only English, here you will have great experiences. For me, one of the most special things of EC Miami is meeting people from different countries all over the world. Miami is a paradise. Everything you want is HERE!”   Marta Caminero, Spain

Yessica from Colombia will start-up an uniform manufacture company.

Student Testimonial: Yessica Gomez Ortiz

Yessica is an excellent, enthusiastic, and dedicated student. She sets herself a vision, and she will soon make her vision a reality. This soon-to-be entrepreneur will utilize her skills and knowledge from our English courses in starting up her own business. She dreams of starting her own manufacturing company and wants to work with her mother. When asked about EC activity, Yessica replied, “Everything!” She enjoyed all of her classes and learned a lot while at EC Miami. Furthermore, she said that the teachers, staff, and students here were all fantastic! She talks about her upcoming manufacturing company as well as her favorite memory at EC Miami. “I am going to start my own manufacturing company with my mother. My company will manufacture uniforms in Colombia. I was asked what was my favorite EC activity and why. I like all my English courses that I took here, as well as the teachers, the students, and the staff. I will remember my classes and the people that I have known the best during my stay.” Yessica Gomez Ortiz, Colombia

Students has the opportunity to practice communicating in English on their Key West trip

Learn English when you visit Key West

  An interesting way for the students to learn English is by participating on student activities. Last Sunday, the students visited the Southernmost point in Florida. What made this trip unique and educational for the students? In Key West, people communicates solely in English. The students were comfortable talking to locals and a few tourist from the United Kingdom. It was the perfect day to snorkel and explore Key West. We saw dolphins swimming as we were approaching to the snorkeling site, and two of our students volunteered to raise the mainsails of the boat. The students also tried the famous key lime pie, and they absolutely like the taste.

Ian's excellent teaching skills and his dedication to help EC Miami students learn English gave him the Teacher of the Month Award

Learn English with Our Teacher of the Month: Ian Brailsford

  EC Miami staff appointed Ian Brailsford as teacher of the month. His dedication to help EC Miami run food-based activities for students made it easier for students to learn English informally. Learn more about Ian.   I am an English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) instructor from Baltimore, Maryland. Although I have a Master Degree in Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), I have a random job history which includes: civil engineer, archaeologist, barista, caterer for rock stars, and beer. If you are considering visiting Miami during the holidays, I recommend you to eat at Taco Rico on Mondays for $1 tacos. If you like beer, The Abby is a small bar which serves its own micro-brews and is located just a block from the school. The weather is nice here year-round, so you can swim in the ocean even when it’s winter.   Ian Brailsford    

Students were given the opportunity to explore the tropical wetlands in the state of Florida

Take a Trip to Everglades with EC Miami Students

    Led by our Student Ambassador, a group of EC students were given an astonishing and unique tour of the Miami Everglades. The students were able to see the exotic plantas and animals of that area. The tour consisted of a narrated air-boat ride through the Everglades and unique wetlands, an alligator wildlife educational show, and free time to walk around and explore the park and exhibits. EC Miami offers a different activity every day, including trips like this one to the Everglades on weekends. Because of its subtropical climate, Miami has lush, beautiful  palm trees and fascinating wildlife. This tour gave students the opportunity to see all of this up close. If you choose to study at our English school in Miami, you can share in these enjoyable experiences with new friends!

Lynn Herman will be apart of the EC Miami family for a year. She will be working at the front desk. Come by and say hello!

Meet Our New Student Services Intern and Residence Advisor: Lynn Herman

  Hi friends! My name is Nur Hazlin (Lynn) Herman from Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. I will be interning with EC Miami for a year, starting from August 3rd. Upon graduating from Iowa State University with a double major undergraduate degree in Economics and International Studies, I could communicate in English, Malay, and Indonesian fluently. I am currently learning French on the side. After participating a study abroad program conducted by University of Virginia known as Semester at Sea, I absolutely love getting to know people from different parts of the globe and immerse myself in their culture. EC Miami provides me a work environment that provides me the opportunity to relive my Semester at Sea experience. I love traveling. I got my love of traveling from my great-grandfather. Being blessed with the ability to study at Iowa State University and participating the Semester At Sea program, I have been to 22 countries at the age of 22. One of my favorite place I visited was Italy. The reason I fell in love with Italy was I saw what Italy had to offer, historically and culturally, when I visited the excavating site of Pompeii and the island of Capri. One day, I will walk with the penguins and it is a promise that I made to myself a year ago. I love reading as well. One of my favorite quote is written by Mary Kay Ash in her ‘Miracles Happen The Life and Timeless Principles of the Founder of Mary Kay Inc‘ book. There are four kinds of people in the world Those who make things happen Those who watch things happen Those who wonder what happened Those who don’t know that anything happened I knew from a very early age that I wanted to be first on that list!   Mary Kay Ash I am … Read more

Rocco talks about his stay in Miami while studying an English course for 6 months with EC Miami

Rocco Premoli’s Journey with EC Miami

  At EC Miami, we have a diverse group of individuals who came together to learn English through our offered English courses. One of these fantastic students is Rocco Premoli from Italy. Rocco’s personality could turn any frown right side up. I chose to learn English in Miami because it is a beautiful city. There’s the sun, the beach, and the people here are exciting and cordial. If you ask me about the school, EC Miami is the BEST! I was a student at EC Miami for 6 months. The people I met at school were nice and I made a lot of friends from different countries. The teachers are nice as well, but you do need to study to succeed! The staff were a lot of help during my stay. The staff were the BEST! Miami is a good and crazy city. Finally, it was a beautiful experience. I have learned a lot in EC Miami and at the same time had the time of my life. EC Miami is the BEST!! Rocco Premoli Italy  

An amazing opportunity to practice communicating in English, while submerging themselves with the American culture

Learning English the Fun Way with EC Miami

  Learning English does not have to be boring! Here at EC Miami, we try to make your experiences with us and your stay in Miami as interesting as possible. We organize many exciting events for the students to immerse themselves in the American culture. What an amazing way to experience the American culture through barbecue! The barbecue is a staple in American culture as a form of social gathering. It was amazing seeing the students and staff work together in making this event a success.   The staff and students came together at Margaret Pace Park, Downtown Miami. This eight-acre waterfront park on Biscayne Bay is gorgeous and welcoming for everyone. Even though there was some rain, the rain definitely did not put a damper on our spirits. Everyone enjoyed their time among friends, both old and new!    

Otavio talks about his journey as EC Miami's Student Ambassador

Meet Otavio Luiz, EC Miami Student Ambassador

  At EC, a top-notch English school in Miami, we provide students with excellent opportunities to improve their interpersonal and leadership skills and utilize what they learn in class in the outside world. To be a Student Ambassador at EC Miami, students are required to be enrolled in the intermediate or upper English program for at least 6 weeks, have excellent attendance, and complete the application form. As a reward and our way to say thank you to the Student Ambassadors, we give the students an EC Certificate of Acknowledgement and an authorized letter of recommendation from the Center Director. Meet Otavio Luiz, a Student Ambassador at EC Miami! He is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and he has been with EC Miami for a month. Only a month in and he has been doing an amazing job as a Student Ambassador! Since being with EC Miami and becoming a Student Ambassador, he has impeccable confident to communicate with native speakers. Read Otavio’s biography below.   My name is Otavio Luiz, I am from Brazil. It is my first time ever here in the United States, and so far I love it. Miami Beach is a tourist city, so you will get to know not only about the American culture, but also the Hispanic one. I have been here since June 13th, and since then I must say that it has been a great experience. You can get to know a lot of other students from all over the world. In the classes, the teachers are very helpful and they do their best to make sure that you are learning. I am really happy for being here. I feel that my English is improving over time and now I also feel more confident when talking to a native speaker. If I could give you some advice, use the … Read more

Beatriz talks about studying English in EC and writing 2 books

Student Profile: Beatriz, Accomplished Author

Beatriz, an EC Miami student, has written two books so far. At EC Miami, she took English courses that greatly helped her improve her English language skills and will one day help her translate of of her books if it every becomes an international bestseller! Below, read what she has to say about her experience.   Hi, my name is Beatriz Scudder. I am 18 years old and I am from Cerquilha, Brazil. I have been studying at EC Miami since June 29th, and I will be here until July 31st. I always liked to read and write, so one day I decided to write a story that I would like to read. That’s how O Segredo de Olivia (The Secret of Olivia) emerged. The book is a love story about a couple madly in love, but they can not be together, making the readers wonder: ‘Is the destination so powerful to be able to separate you from the only person that makes your heart beat faster?’ Now, I am writing my second book. It has been a challenge so far because it is completely different from the first book. Still, I hope that I can do this for the rest of my life because I really love this job. I chose EC Miami because I want to improve my English, and I thought that it is the best school. Now I know it! Being here has helped me as a writer because I have experiences that can be used in my books. Also, if one day my book becomes internationally known, I can help translate it!   Beatriz Scudder