Student of the Month – Mosab Khayat

EC Miami's Student of the Month for May

Mosab Khayat


Student’s Hometown

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Student

Thoughts About Miami

“What is up? It’s your boy, Emmz. I’m reporting to you live from EC Miami, my second home, where you can find the finest teachers and staff. Miami is the first stop on my journey and I’m already loving it, homies. You gotta try relaxing on the white sands and getting a tan while enjoying a cocktail. It feels like heaven! Boy, clubs are dope here. You can find concerts from time to time. Last but not least, if you’re planning to learn English and you ain’t coming to EC, then you trippin.”

Kimberly’s Comments about Mosab

“Mosab has been wonderful ever since he arrived at our school. He has been very involved with student activities and community service. Mosab also helps other students who struggle with their English. He is very kind to everyone and has a very positive sense of humor.”

Are you ready to learn in a dynamic classroom where you can not only learn how to use slang as well as Mosab, but also perfect your Business English ? Come join us for a fantastic ESL Miami experience!