January’s Activity Calendar Snippet!

Miami is definitely a prime location in the United States for visitors from around the world! At our English center in Miami we’re always trying to make sure our students are getting to know the hot spots in the city and definitely getting to explore some of its cultural and historic destinations. In retrospect, with a new year just around the corner, we’re trying something new! Below you will find a quick preview of our activities calendar for January. Let us know what you think of it and if we should add anything new to the events! You’re feedback is what we want to hear. *Please be advised that events seen in this version of our calendar are subject to change. Find out more about our English courses in Miami.

Cultural Diversity with Allison

EC Miami is filled with culture and diversity! The English courses in Miami are always filled with students from so many different backgrounds that they create a cultural melting pot of history and culture in just one classroom! Today, Allison,  one of our teachers decided to rejoice in the name of diversity and had a potluck with her students right in the middle of our student lounge! Students from all over the world brought their favorite dishes and dove into a nice warm dinner while sharing with all of their friends and fellow EC Staff members. It was definitely a site to see, how much better can it get? You’ve got Italian, Russian, and Brazilian dishes all in one table, and lets not forget the amazing company. Thank you Allison for making our English courses that more satisfying for us all! 

EC Miami’s Basketball Club!

In our English center in Miami, Teacher Gammal has decided to start an after school basketball club. This is an opportunity for students to interact and share in another’s cultures. Students will learn how to shoot, rebound and defend. More importantly, they will learn how to play on a team! Basketball is really popular in the USA. Almost every individual knows how to play the sport. You can see people playing indoors and outdoors, but it is mostly played outdoors along the streets. The basketball club will run every Fridays from 6pm-8pm. Of course, all students are encouraged to join. Join our English school in Miami and be part of this fun activity!  

English Courses and Art Basel? YES!

Studying English in Miami can definitely have its perks. One of the most artsy events of the year takes place in the heart of South Beach! Here, people from all over the world come together and celebrate in the name of art, culture, and all that is sculpture. Just this week alone, our English center in Miami hosted two events in which students were thrilled to walk the streets of Wynwood. Our student advisor Cristelle, whom lead one of recent tours, gave us her opinion on this jazzy event: “Art Basel is the one event hosted in Miami that showcases some of the best art in the world and draws thousands of visitors from across the globe. It has certainly put Miami on the map and rightly so as Miami deserves the recognition. I’m particularly looking forward to visiting the exhibition at the Perez Art Museum (PAMM).” With so much enthusiasm and culture, learning English in Miami is never a bore! Make sure to sign- up for all Art Basel events at the front desk!

Student Testimonials in EC Miami – Dai & Mohammed

Dai and Mohammed are talking about English courses in USA! Every week we receive new students from around the world here in our English school in Miami. Dai and Mohammed have been taking English courses with us since August and are currently taking one of our Academic Year courses. Why did you choose to study in Miami? Dai: My goal was to improve my English and I didn’t want to be surrounded by a lot of Japanese people. So I looked for an agency and they told me I should go to the EC Miami Language School. EC Miami is the ideal spot since I can speak English a lot. Mohammed: For my first time in the USA, I wanted to be in a nice city. I chose Miami because the city looked nice and the weather did too. What did you learn? Dai: I learned how to make conversation in English, how to study and to make new friends. Now, I know how to speak English for everyday life. I improved my speaking English skills. Mohammed: I learned how to express myself more naturally and clearly. Now, I can speak with other people in English, I can ask questions. I really think that my English has improved since I came here. When I first arrived at EC Miami, my level was elementary.Now, I’m low-intermediate. I’m proud of myself! What was your favorite EC activity? Dai: I know that it is not an activity but I really like my elective class, Survival English! I can participate a lot and my teacher is awesome! I would recommend the English Center in Miami  to my friends. Mohammed: I really enjoy the Chill and Chat class. It’s fun and you learn a lot from other cultures. I like to talk and to exchange with other students. … Read more