Fit as a Fiddle

“Fit as a Fiddle” – idiom meaning to be in very good health.

Bridget Moroney, our Low Int teacher and guest AY lecturer last week, embodies the idiom “Fit as a Fiddle” as a Crossfit trainer, and if the picture is any indication, a heavy weight lifter.

Here is what our AY student Diego Cremades had to say about it:

“Nowadays people are always looking for a different kind of working out, something different, fun, with quality, interesting and something that at the same time can give them results.  Due to all these facts was created CROSSFIT to give to the people a different kind of workout.

Crossfit is a fitness activity which was created in 2006 in the US with just one gy.  There are now more than 5000 gyms around the world.  Crossfit is the combination of many elements in the fitness world, that is why, we use the word CROSS.  In this activity there are involved the most common movements from others sports that is why this is a way to be fitness or in shape to be able to any other sports.AY Lecture on Fitness

Crossfit was created by the coach George Glassman.  These happened when he was training police officers, firefighters and soldiers in the army.  By programming and working in this kind of workouts he ended up creating CROSSFIT because there were other people in this way of exercise.  These are the ten recognized general physical skills cardio, endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy.

The good things about Crossfit as a fitness activity are that all the movements have functional movements that you need in your command days, other is the intensity how the workouts are with, the more you do in less time more intense is your work out giving your more results in less time than any other sport.

Also Crossfit has developed around the wrld.  This has given the people the opportunity of make new friends and know new people.

As a conclusion we have that Crossfit is a good option for that people who want to be fitness or be in shape.  Also can be used as a complement for those who practice other sports in order to improve their performance.  Also we have that is a fitness activity that is becoming more popular everyday.”