Baynanza Success

Saturday April 20th was EC Miami’s Giving Back day event. What an event it was! Students and staff took part in Miami-Dade’s Baynanza beach clean up. We had the opportunity to join locals in getting rid of rubbish on Monument Island, which is regularly used by boaters to have parties on. We started the day at 8am, getting registered and then set-off on either kayaks or boats to the island. Once we arrived on the island  Luis, from ECOMB, gave us a talk on the importance of keeping beaches clean. Then we got involved in the clean-up till 12pm. We collected all sorts of things including cigarette butts, plastics of all sorts, glass bottles and even a dead rat. It was a fabulous day and we certainly learnt a lot on how we can help the environment! Looking forward to the next event! Check out the pictures on our Facebook page!