“Put me in Coach … I’m Ready to Play!”

          … sang John Fogerty many years ago.  (“Centerfield”)   Jackie Robinson was the first African-American man to play in the Major Leagues.  Due to his legendary status, all teams in Major League Baseball retired his playing number, 42, as a way to honor him.  Every year, the MLB celebrates his legacy with “Jackie Robinson Day” — the one day of the year that ’42’ is unretired and all players wear it in tribute.  On this day, I went to Marlins Park to see the Miami Marlins take on the Washington Nationals and to celebrate the life of one of Baseball’s true heroes.   Going to Marlins Park is easy, and a great way to spend an afternoon/evening!   A movie about Robinson’s life, ’42’ is currently in theaters.   –Mark

Melanie H. at Baynanza!

On April 20, several members of the EC Miami staff along with a group of students participated in Baynanza 2013 — a local project to help clean up the beaches and islands in Miami and Biscayne Bay.  Our student Melanie was one of the few people brave enough to walk out on the rocks to find garbage!!  We collected several bags and Monument Island looked much better once we left it.   Melanie finding trash in the rocks

Sunflower Growing Competition!

ALL EC schools are taking part in the Sunflower Growing competition. What does this mean? It means we will buy some sunflower seeds (suitable for growing indoors), some compost and a pot, and we’ll seed who can grow the biggest plant. The winning school will be given €100 to donate to the environmental charity of their choice, and there will also be a ‘special prize’ for the most amusing sunflower photo. But why on earth are we having a sunflower growing competition? Well, sunflowers are a great way to bring a little brightness into our schools. They symbolise positivity in many cultures, they’re environmentally versatile (used for biofuel, cooking oil, etc.) and the seeds taste great. The competition part will be great for getting everyone engaged in a meaningful activity that raises awareness of ecology and can be used as a platform for looking at deeper issues concerning the environment. Remember, this is EC-wide, so it’s no good saying ‘I haven’t botany seeds’. Everyone needs to be pollen their weight. So what are you waiting for? Grow for it! We’ll have a group-wide planting day on Friday 3rd May. Each week, every centre will post a photo(synthesis) of their sunflower next to a tape measure, so we can track progress. The competition will end on 31st July, but this date may be reviewed depending on how green your fingers are. So let’s get the competitive spirit going and grow the tallest sunflower EVER!  

Dennis Rodman at Monty’s

Being in Miami you never know who you are going to bump into. This past Sunday I had the luck of seeing Dennis Rodman hijack the microphone from the band at Monty’s. Monty’s is a great sports bar on South Beach by the Marina. Check it out, you never know who you are going to see. For me information about Dennis Rodman or Monty’s click the links below. http://www.dennisrodman.com/ http://www.montyssobe.com/    

Baynanza Success

Saturday April 20th was EC Miami’s Giving Back day event. What an event it was! Students and staff took part in Miami-Dade’s Baynanza beach clean up. We had the opportunity to join locals in getting rid of rubbish on Monument Island, which is regularly used by boaters to have parties on. We started the day at 8am, getting registered and then set-off on either kayaks or boats to the island. Once we arrived on the island  Luis, from ECOMB, gave us a talk on the importance of keeping beaches clean. Then we got involved in the clean-up till 12pm. We collected all sorts of things including cigarette butts, plastics of all sorts, glass bottles and even a dead rat. It was a fabulous day and we certainly learnt a lot on how we can help the environment! Looking forward to the next event! Check out the pictures on our Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.562890710398159.1073741834.237184266302140&type=1&l=0e3438c291

Travel To Turkey by Munise Nilay Kahyaoglu

Turkey is a good country to traveling. You can see mix of the Eastern and the Western cultures together. Turkey’s history orijined from the Ottomon Empire in the 11th century. So there are lots of historical places and spectacular structures in Turkey. That’s why; until you see, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. If you haven’t got enough time priorty you should go to Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir and Ankara. But if you have time, besides these, you should see the East Anatolia and  the Blacksea Parts. Firstly, you should go to Istanbul. Istanbul is the most popular city in Turkey. There are many historical buildings and places in Istanbul. For example there are the Maiden’s Tower, the Grand Bazaar, two bridges and a lot of famous mosques in Istanbul. You can see very rich people who have expensive cars, in lux cafes or restaurants. Furthermore you can also see very poor people and women who cover theirselves like Arabic countries’s women. Generally, Istanbul is a safe city. However you should be careful and play it safe against from pickpocketing. Secondly, Antalya is known well with hotels. Especially cold countries’ people prefer there for travelling. We have so many clear and amazing beaches in Antalya. Antalya is in the South part of Turkey. So you can find warm weather during the year. Thirdly, Izmir is the most modern city in Turkey. It’s in the west part of Turkey. I’m from Izmir, that’s why it’s special for me. Izmir’s people are open minded, modern, hospitable, peaceful and easygoing. Izmir is popular with girls. The most beautiful girls of Turkey are from Izmir. Kordon Drive looks like Ocean Drive of Miami. You can ride a horsecart and you can do sightseeing with ships. In addition Ankara is the capital of Turkey. You … Read more

Student of the Month – April

Congratulations to Yannick Perritaz! Low Intermediate   Student’s Hometown Estavayer-le-lac, Switzerland Student’s Miami Thoughts Miami is great! I am really happy to have chosen Miami as a place to study English. Miami is very beautiful and you can do anything you want here. The people of Miami are very nice. You can meet many friendly people in South Beach and join them for a party if you choose to. So far, I’m enjoying my studies at EC. The teachers are very good and the atmosphere is really cool. The school is located in the heart of Miami and after a hard day of school you can relax on the beach. Since I’ve been in Miami, I’ve had many good moments and met great people. Teacher’s Comments I nominated Yannick as student of the month because he is always on time to class, he has never missed a lesson, and he always shows interest and participates the most in our class. If he doesn’t know or understand what we are learning, he will be the first one to ask a question. He demonstrates confidence and has been one of my biggest risk takers in class. It has been a great pleasure to have him in class thus far!

Teacher of the Month – April 2013

Chris Buchan Pre-Intermediate Teacher’s Home State Rehoboth Beach, DE   Teacher’s Miami Recommendation If you are looking for a great outdoors activity I would like to suggest taking a trip to the Everglades National Park. At Gator Park (24050 SW 8th St.), located within the Everglades Park, they offer airboat tours. This is a great opportunity for you to observe some of South Florida’s wildlife in their natural habitat while riding down the river with an experienced tour guide. He’ll share fun facts with you about the Everglades and help you to spot all those alligators lurking in the water. If you still want to see more, after the tour they offer wildlife shows with alligators. Remember not to get too close, they do bite! The night life in South Beach is plentiful, but there was always that place that I was looking for after dinner but before the club. I am happy to say that I have recently found it. The Flat (500 South Pointe Dr.) has just recently opened and is the perfect, cozy spot for having a drink with some friends. They do not have a large menu, but they do serve appetizers and amazing cocktails. They have great service, an amazingly warm atmosphere, and the mood is terrific. If you are in the mood for some delicious ethnic food, I would like to recommend our local Haitian restaurant Tap Tap (819 5th St.) They are open until 11pm every day of the week and on Saturdays nights they always have live music. Teacher’s English Tip Study hard! Yes we are in Miami for a reason and we all do love to party, but a student who reviews what he/she has learned each day and who does their homework sees more results than one who only comes … Read more

Baynanza 2013

Some of you may have heard about our Giving Back day event ‘Baynanza’. But what is it I hear you ask. Look no further! The details are here. . . Baynanza is an action-packed community wide celebration of environmental awareness and stewardship culminating in the Biscayne Bay Cleanup Day, a monumental effort involving thousands of volunteers who come together to restore Biscayne Bay, one of South Florida’s most precious natural resources. This year Miami-Dade is commemorating Baynanza’s 31st anniversary and they are extremely proud to host the festivities and this event for our community. Through environmental stewardship and hands on participation we can all make a difference and create a greener tomorrow. We have limited spaces for people to get involved so sign up ASAP!