Do you know Anu?

Anu, one of our amazing teachers at EC Miami, started working here in January. This is her first month at EC Miami and she is currently teaching FCE and and Pre-Intermediate. We wanted to give you some more information about one of our newer teachers here, so keep reading to find out more about Anu! “I am very happy to be part of EC Miami. My name is Anu Madan and I am a new teacher at EC Miami.   I am originally from India. I grew up in West Virginia. While I was in college, I studied abroad in Italy and backpacked all over Europe. This trip opened my eyes up to the whole world.  After graduating with a degree in marketing from West Virginia University, I moved to Barcelona, Spain. I went to a language school to learn Spanish and work there. When I was in Spain, I worked as an English teacher teaching adults and children English. When I returned to the US, and I moved to Miami. I studied fashion in Miami and started working with a company in fashion.  I also started to work as a teacher in Miami.  I taught courses in English, Business and hotel management.    Over the years, I have traveled to over 30 countries, whether for work or pleasure. Many of these trips were to India, where I got to know my culture and my family who live there. I love learning and meeting new people.  I think part of the learning experience is living in the country that the native language is spoken. It feels good to give back students in the same experience I got to have as a student. I hope that students take that with them, during their time in Miami. As for myself, I love art, fashion, traveling, … Read more

January – Student of the Month – Giuseppe!

Edwin chose his amazing student Giuseppe to be his student of the month. Giuseppe, who has been at EC Miami for quite a long time, is from Taranto, Italy. He is now in Edwin’s High Intermediate class. Keep reading to find out more about Giuseppe! Student’s Miami Recommendation You should go to Key West. It’s amazing how many activities are available: fishing, scuba diving, water sports, sightseeing. Don’t forget to get a picture of the “Southernmost Point in the Continental U.S.” If you love clubbing, Nikki Beach on Sunday will be the right place. Edwin’s Comments about Giuseppe The first time I met Giuseppe, he spoke a few words in English, mostly “Hello” and “Yes”.  I was substituting for his class that day and as we were working I saw this extraordinary flash of intelligence combined with enthusiasm.  I thought to myself, ‘This young man is going to move fast.’  I have since had the pleasure of working with Giuseppe in more than one of my classes and have had the good fortune to be part of his learning process.  He is a very hard worker and has progressed very well. He is now conversant in English.  A ‘scruffy’ gentleman, Giuseppe is someone I can always rely on to review the grammar rules with style and finesse!

January Teacher of the Month – Edwin!

January has been a very busy month at EC Miami, so we are sorry for a belated Teacher of the Month this month. Nevertheless, we are happy to congratulate Edwin for being named our teacher of the month! Edwin, who teaches High Intermediate and Upper Intermediate, is originally from New York, New York, so if you have questions about travelling to the Big Apples, ask him! To find out more about Edwin, keep reading! Edwin’s Miami Recommendation   My favorite thing to do in Miami, other than to swim in the ocean is to visit Fairchild Gardens in Coral Gables which is the second largest tropical botanical garden outside of Singapore.  They have rare and endangered tropical plants from all over the world.  One of my favorite areas of the garden is the Di Mare Village which has a special climate controlled building which houses rare Orchids and tropical plants. The building houses a jungle and is very hot and humid inside which can make Miami seem cool.  Also, see the Native Butterfly Garden where the plants are hosts (food and shelter) to the many native butterflies of South Florida. These plants are a little eaten up but are often surrounded by hundreds of butterflies.  For some Miami-Cuban flavor head over to the Versailles Restaurant, pronounced ‘Versayes’, on Calle Ocho.  Everything is good but do not miss the Cuban coffee known as a cafecito: espresso with a lot of sugar, at the end of your meal. Last but not least, go to the Wynwood Art Walk with friends and enjoy the street party in Miami’s burgeoning arts district. Oh, I almost forgot, do your homework! Teacher’s English Tip  When writing ‘I’ in the first person, it is always capitalized; and I mean it!

Cheap Sushi Happy Hour Near EC Miami!

Tonight David will be taking some students to Doraku for the amazing sushi happy hour. This sushi restaurant is across the street from EC Miami on Lincoln Road and it has a great happy hour for dinner from 5:00-7:00 and for lunch from 12:00-2:30. Many Miami locals go to Doraku to get sushi rolls and happy hour drinks for $3-5 each.  Some favorites of our staff members are the Ahi Poke (raw tuna with spices and onions) and the Spicy Chili Tuna Roll. If you decide to go to Doraku for Happy Hour, make sure that you look at the Happy Hour part of the menu and only order from there if you are trying to save money. It is usually very crowded so get there early and put your name in for a table. Doraku has seats inside and outside and the waiters/waitresses are helpful with giving you suggestions if you have never eaten there before. Have fun tonight and we hope you enjoy trying some delicious sushi and Japanese food!

Wildlife in the Everglades

Many of our students decide to make day trip to the Everglades during their time in Miami. The Everglades is a national park that is filled with marshes and wildlife and it is extremely large. If you drive from Miami, on the east coast of Florida, to Naples, on the west coast of Florida, you drive through the Everglades almost the entire way. We have a trip planned to the Everglades this weekend and it is a good way to see the natural area without having to drive by yourself. People who go to the Everglades usually take an airboat tour. If you go to other locations in the Everglades, such as Shark Valley, you can also go biking. Reese, our Assistant Academic Director at EC Miami, went to the Everglades a few weeks ago and saw a crazy sight. She saw an alligator trying to eat a turtle! The alligator wasn’t successful in breaking through the turtle’s shell, but it was like watching a nature program. We can’t promise that you will see something like this when you go to the Everglades, but it’s always possible. In the Everglades, there are obviously alligators and turtles, but there are also many varieties of birds. In addition there are snakes, fish, and there used to be the Florida panther. The panthers are now very rare and visitors don’t get to see them very often. If you go to the Everglades, make sure that you take pictures of all of the exciting wildlife and post them on our Facebook page!

EC Language School in Miami

Happy Birthday EC Miami!

We are happy to announce that EC Miami recently celebrated its one year birthday! We opened about one year ago with our first group of 11 students. A LOT has changed since January 2012 and we are very excited that we welcomed approx. 80 students in January 2013 and we have more than 100 students at the school right now. It’s amazing how fast EC Miami has grown! Our first group of students will be happy to know that we  have a coffee machine! We want to thank all of our students past and present for making EC Miami a great place and we also need to thank our teachers and staff who do a great job of keeping the classrooms fun and educational!  EC Miami hopes to continue to grow in 2013 and we would love to welcome some of our previous students back. You can always come study more and soak up the sun on the beach. 🙂 This Friday at EC Miami we will have a celebration for our school’s birthday. Come join us in the student lounge for a birthday party and cake!