EC Miami Student Recommends Sosta

EC Miami FCE Student recently tried an Italian restaurant on Lincoln Road and wrote a review for EC Students!  Great writing practice Melanie and thanks for the review we will have to check out this Italian restaurant!! Melanie wrote: “Italian flavour at Sosta” I tried Sosta for the first time two weeks ago, and I found it was such a delicious Italian restaurant.  Sosta is on Lincoln Road near our EC school. The restaurant is more modern and it has a nice ambiance outside, and you can look at the peope walking on this road.  The tables and chairs are comfortable and the waiters are very friendly and informative. On the menu you can find a wide range of fresh salads and pizzas. Every dish we had at Sosta was really tasty and seemed very delicious.  One time we were a group of five people and the food came fast so you don’t have to wait too long. The prices are acceptable wiht between $12-18 for a dish per person.  They have some pizzas which cost more, like one with truffle for $30. I tried this once and it was very special. I recommend all of you this restaurant, because the food is very tasty and it’s also perfect to go there for lunch when you don’t have enough time. FCE Student Melanie  

Where to Buy Halloween Costumes in Miami

1) Not all Halloween costumes need to be scary. Although witches and zombies are popular costumes, princesses and superheroes are also common sights on Halloween. You don’t always need to scare other people with your costumes. You could also make them laugh or smile. 2) The best place to get Halloween costumes on Miami Beach is Ricky’s, which is located at 536 Lincoln Road. Another great place to go is Party City in Midtown. Party City is “off the beach,” but it has a huge selection and is very well-known. 3) You don’t need to spend a lot of money. If you are creative and have any arts and crafts skills, it is definitely possible to make your own costume. For example, you could use cardboard paper to make yourself a postcard, a dice, or even an Oreo cookie! 4) Group costumes are always fun. Talk to your classmates and friends at EC Miami about a group costume. Try to be creative, but some funny ones are the Spice Girls, Flinstones, Teletubbies, and characters from Super Mario Brothers video game. 5) If you don’t dress up on Halloween, you will be the one that everyone stares at. Lincoln Road becomes a giant Halloween party at this time of year, so if you are not in costume, everyone will be looking at you! The holiday is for both kids and adults, so get into the Halloween spirit and wear a costume! If you want more help or information about Halloween costumes, join Elisa on Thursday at 2:45 for Chill and Chat. Start brainstorming! We are excited to see what you come up with!

Outdoor Movie Nights in Miami Beach

On Wednesday, some of our EC Miami students joined Elisa and Juan to watch a movie under the stars. The outdoor movie program at the Miami Beach Soundscape has just begun for this season after taking a break during the super hot summer months. The students watched “The Artist” on blankets in the park and brought their own drinks and snacks to have during the film. Most people enjoyed the movie, but a few people got a little sleepy because, as many of your know, “The Artist” is a silent, black and white movie. This fantastic event takes place every Wednesday at 8 p.m. in the park (as long as it’s not raining), but you might want to get there a bit early to claim a spot on the grass because it gets very crowded. These movies are popular for tourists and locals and the best part is that they are free! It’s also a relaxing way to spend a night out if you want to take a break and avoid a crazy evening at one of Miami’s famous nightclubs. Students always ask us what to do if they are under 21 and this is a great idea for a night out. Just stop by Publix or Whole Foods and pick up a picnic dinner and some drinks and you are all set! We plan to put some more of the outdoor movies on our activities calendar in the next few weeks. You can go by yourself without EC Miami’s help too! To find out the list of movies playing the next few weeks, click here. Next week is the Hunger Games if you want to watch a movie adaptation of a popular book and the fight between young people to survive. Happy movie watching!

Meet Michelle!

Michelle may not have her photo with the EC Miami logo, but she likes being a student ambassador just as much as our other two ambassadors. She may be quiet, but Michelle is full of suggestions for things to do around the city. She is also in the CAE class, so she might be able to give you information about the Cambridge tests or help with any English questions. Let’s find out some more information about Michelle! “My name is Michelle Wolf. I’m from the capitol of Switzerland: Berne. I finished High School this year and when I’m going back to Switzerland I will work for some months and then begin to study. In my leisure time I love to practice sport activities. In Switzerland I’m in a kickboxing team and I practice three times a week. I’m also a passionate motorcyclist. I’m driving the motorbike off-road and I help to organize trips with the motorbike as a tour guide. I really enjoy to teach people how to drive their motorbike off-road and I love to discover new trips several countries in Europe. I also enjoy to do other sport activities like climbing and snowboarding. The most important persons in my life are my two little sisters, Fabienne and Jacqueline, that’s why their names are tattooed on my left arm. They are not just my sisters, they are also my best friends. There are a lot of great things to do here in Miami. For everyone who likes shopping I suggest to go to Sawgrass Mills in Fort Lauderdale. It’s a really big outlet mall and you can find everything you need. To see the city I made a bus tour and a boat tour. That’s a lot of fun and you can see more of Miami. To people who … Read more

Meet Leo!

Many students at EC Miami already know Leo because of his fun sense of humor and because he is always around the halls of EC Miami hanging out, going to class, or using the computers. Leo is our only male student ambassador for Fall 2012 and we are very happy to have him in the program to represent for the guys. He has been at EC Miami since the beginning of July, so he knows a lot about Miami and he can definitely help you if you have questions. Let’s find out some more about Leo! “Hi, my name is Leo, I’m from Taiwan and 24 years old.  Miami is a city full of energy, and you can have more activity in here. There are a lot of restaurants in here that you can test many foreign foods, and you will have very special experience for yourself. Key West, Bahamas, Orlando are Top 3 places in my opinion that you should go to. After school, I suggest you to participate the EC activity, because you will have more opportunity to practice English. Or go out with friends to Downtown Miami to look how different than South Beach. If you like sports, now, you can go to see the basketball game in Downtown. Certainly, you should go to Biscayne to have a rest, and there have the good view.” Leo had a lot of good suggestions for things to do in Miami. If you want more information about any of them, find him around the halls, introduce yourself, and ask away!

Meet Rosaria!

 We have already chosen our EC Miami student ambassadors for Fall 2012 (Rosaria, Leo, and Michelle) and they are already welcoming new students and answering all of their questions about life in Miami. In a previous blog post, we told you why our student ambassadors wanted to be part of the program. Now, we want to give you a little more information about each of them. Let’s start with Rosaria! “Hi there! My name is Rosaria Horande, I’m 18 years-old and I’m from Caracas, Venezuela. I’ve been here in EC Miami since middle of September, and I’m happy to see how this course has helped me to have a better pronunciation, a wide vocabulary, and a fluency in speaking. I recommend you to go the Everglades, located at South Florida and to the Seaquarium where you will be able to see dolphins, killer whales and other sea creatures. Also, you should try out Miami Beach, which is a few blocks from EC Miami, and where you will be able to have a nice day in the ocean, take the Sun and play volleyball. Furthermore, if you are looking for malls, you can’t miss the outlets malls such as Sawgrass Mills and Dolphin Mall.” Look for Rosaria at our beach soccer event this Friday and feel free to ask her any questions about fun places to go in Miami (she has a lot of good suggestions for people who are under 21 too 🙂  

A Poem for Juan

Students in the EC Miami Advanced/TOEFL class took a break from their intensive exam preparation to work together and write a poem for Juan. They presented it to their fantastic teacher on World Teachers’ Day and actually recited it to him as a group, but we thought we would share it with all of you too. Roses are red, Violets are blue, It’s always fun to spend time with you. Daises are yellow, The grass is green, Talking about war and morals – is not as easy as it seems. Serious topics, You say you’re not funny, You manage them well- so your class is like honey. Ocean’s azure, Sand is white, Again too much homework- “Thus” I can’t go out tonight. Flamingoes are pink, Miami’s sky is clear, Too hot for football- Let’s go have a beer! -Best Wishes from your students We promise that the students in Juan’s class do their exam preparation too, but this was a fun day to try something a little different and work on rhyming sounds and pronunciation. Plus, now we know some interesting things about Juan’s TOEFL class!

EC Miami Student Poetry

Our Advanced students at EC Miami are poets and they don’t even know it! Edwin taught the Advanced class about poetry during a class this week. The students were asked to write poems using the 5 senses (smell, taste, sound, touch, hear). The activity was not only creative but also a good opportunity to work on changing between different parts of speech. For example, they learned how to change the words from adjectives to nouns to verbs (i.e. happy, happiness, to be happy). Let’s read some of their work and applaud their creativity! Hope by Ludmilla from Germany Hope is bright and colourful It smells like the first flowers in the spring It tastes like a home-made cake It sounds like laughing with friends It feels like coming home It lives in every loving heart Pride by Rosaria from Venezuela Pride is bright It smells like a new car It tastes like victory It sounds like people clapping It feels like doing everything right. Violence by Volker from Germany It smells like prison It tastes like fresh warm blood, It sounds like painful shouting It feels like there is no other way out  

Teachers Encourage Teachers

We already read about Lynnette’s amazing teacher who influenced her life. Now, we are going to read about one of Reese’s most important teachers – Professor Elizabeth Mehren. Reese met Prof. Mehren when she was undergraduate student studying journalism. Although Reese loved to write and Prof. Mehren taught her a lot about reporting and news writing, Reese decided that she didn’t really like journalism as much as she thought she did. Prof. Mehren helped Reese to finish off her degree in journalism while she transitioned into the education field. Despite her belief that Reese was a great journalist, Prof. Mehren supported Reese in her decision to go in a different direction and pushed her to do what made her happy. Without Prof. Mehren’s encouragement and support, Reese might still be an unhappy journalist, instead of a happy teacher. This is what Reese had to say about her influential and important teacher. “I was really unsure what to do when I realized that being a journalist wasn’t the right choice for me. I was afraid that if I told Prof. Mehren, who was one of my favorite teachers and my advisor, that I wanted to change and work in education, she would be angry. Instead, she was extremely supportive and she helped me to weigh my options and make the best choice possible. She also encouraged me to continue writing even though I no longer wanted to be a writer. This helped me a lot because as an English teacher now, one of my favorite subjects to teach students is writing. When I teach the important rules of writing to my students, I remember some of the tips from Prof. Mehren’s journalism classes. Thank you Prof. Mehren for believing in me and helping me to move my career in a direction that made me happy.”

Student Ambassadors Fall/Winter 2012

We are happy to announce that after receiving quite a few fantastic applications, we have chosen our student ambassadors for fall/winter 2012. We announced the winners at Friday’s graduation and they are: Leo from Taiwan, Rosaria from Venezuela, and Michelle from Switzerland. Although we had a lot of great applications, we had to pick three and there they are! Later this month we will give you more individual information about each student and their suggestions for new students in Miami. If you have any questions, these are the three people to look for and talk to! To start  out we would like to tell you why each of these great EC Miami students said they wanted to be an EC Miami Ambassador. Rosaria: “I want to be an EC Miami Ambassador because I know how fresh students feel when they are new in a course, in a city, and most of all in a country. I want to give them the opportunity to talk with someone who has been in their place. I believe I could do a good job because I like to meet new people, especially if they are from different parts of the world. Also, I like to take photographs, go out bowling, go out to the beach, and enjoy many of the activities that EC offers. Besides, my English is good and being an ambassador will help me to improve and help the new students to fell more comfortable with their new home.” Michelle: “I think it’s a good way to improve my English-speaking and to learn how to organize things and also to help other students to improve their English.” Leo: “I want to improve my English and make new friends. Also, I can introduce something for new students. The most important thing is to have … Read more